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How to improve the self-assessment?

our self-assessment consist of visualizations about itself, about the world which surrounds us, and all concepts which were created for all our life. These representations so took roots in our subconsciousness that live in itself, and we do not realize that they were created, and also we can easily change and transform them, at desire.

Each person for certain will agree with that opinion that the good and healthy self-assessment is very important and necessary for it, but very few people understand how to achieve actually own importance.

Our self-assessment begins to develop with children`s age when values of the person are for the first time put. We absorb ideas of ourselves from parents and from the people surrounding us. Of course, when the child gets love and support from the parents, having become the adult, he will treat himself with the same love and respect. Otherwise, when it derided and even humiliated, further at this person less low self-assessment will be developed and he will treat himself, of course, respectively. Even when we become adults and we begin to lead separate life and to gain from world around a lot of new knowledge and information, all the same our basic representations and the attitude towards themselves received from children`s age will influence us during all life. Of course, sadly, if the person got used to give too much attention to vital disappointments, for certain disappointment will become significant part of its image in the future.

If we want to change really ourselves, then it is necessary to pay worthy attention on the concept vanity . It does not belong to ambitions and arrogance at all. Correctness of such criterion is the fact that we, loving itself, do not cause to surrounding people and the world any harm and discomfort.

We often hear such words: love the neighbor as itself, and the accent becomes on love the neighbor . To love the neighbor, at first it is necessary to learn to love himself. The stronger we love ourselves, the stronger we can fall in love also with others. It is necessary to follow the principle: I am good such what is actually ; also it is not necessary to be someone another. Paradoxically the fact that, having accepted itself it what you are actually, without effort you can change yourself and to become another. Work over the image and make it image of the strong and confident person. You have to be pleasant to yourself and to become the best friend and the companion for yourself.

Give yourself forces and confidence, become strong, healthy and loving. Of course, it is difficult to fall in love at once with himself after a long time of uncertainty and antipathy, that part of consciousness which approves and allows to progress further, it is hidden deeply in subconsciousness. You, having only accepted itself it what is, you will be able easily to find those qualities which to you will help to reveal and progress with life.

Learn to perceive, please, yourself seriously. If not to look after the car, then it, of course, will break then. If not to keep order in the apartment, then the disorder and chaos will turn it, I do not know in what. In the same way it is necessary to care also for the self-assessment if you want to be strong and self-assured.

In life there are any disappointments and troubles which hang over us. If not to be attentive, then they can ship us on an ignorance bottom and by that to underestimate our self-assessment and vital optimism. There is a need to constantly strengthen and support a self-assessment. It is possible to try to obtain it, adjusting our consciousness on the positive, inspiring, bringing sincere joy thoughts of own importance. Include here dreams which were not carried out yet. For example: you can represent yourself the owner of a prestigious car or the head of some large company (if, of course, you have it in plans) and to try to behave as such people would conduct in these or those situations. It is necessary to remember that subconsciousness will accept any reasons if they are sincere, not very well, the truth it or not, for it all the same. Well and, eventually, such behavior will become an integral part of your vital image, and over time, will surely show the real fruits.

Only you are responsible for creation and preservation of a certain attitude towards yourself. Your thoughts will create your qualities:

Strong thoughts create the strong person.

Weak thoughts do the person weak.

Thoughts full of enthusiasm - vigorous.

Shy thoughts - shy.

Impracticable - impractical.

Helpless - helpless.

Successful - successful. Always develop

, support and cultivate positive thoughts of yourself.

And still I suggest you to become the sure and strong personality. Do not count on smaller, be convinced that you are full of energy, you can achieve everything in life if you wish it. Belief - it is truth, and truth - it is also your reality. Do not concentrate on last failures and disappointments, live today`s pleasures, and you aspire to future opportunities. Having believed in itself and the forces, you with ease can find a way out of current situations. Having changed, you will see how the world around you changes. You you remember - everyone lives in that world which created the thoughts.

Only the clear and fair idea of the one who you are and that you want actually in life, stimulates and gives hope for creation of new reality. You remember, you are waited by the magnificent life full of opportunities and joyful events. In your hands everything that you will wish, it is ready and waits for you.