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How to stay the cycle tourist, or Actively you will not forbid to live!

Usually, passing in the bus or in the car by cyclists, we involuntarily watch them, we watch leave until they disappear.

We try to understand that attracts them in this sport Driving among steams of cars, minibuses, dangerous turns, dust in a face, fatigue in legs, inconvenient sitting - all this that comes to mind at thought of cycling.

Quite recently my view of this sport cardinally changed. Before me the world of a cycle tourism opened absolutely new, and incomparable.

Incidentally on the Internet I came on the website of cycle school. Beautiful photos - landscapes of lakes and the woods - drew my attention, and an opportunity to hire the bicycle attracted even more. Today not each srednestatichesky inhabitant is able to afford to buy the professional sports bicycle.

Especially drew attention Cool round passing by locks, churches and suburban sights of Kiev. All this in one day, without excess collecting, backpacks and everything burdening. With professional maintenance and technical support. For the beginner, in my opinion, just right.

Having registered as the participant of a trip, I could not wait for days off, so there was already a wish at way.

The beginning of a trip was planned at 10 in the morning. In the 8th weather did not please at all, strong wind blew, the drizzle broke, and the best forecasts promised nothing. But, as they say, not for nothing we woke up in such wound in day off . Having overcome the laziness and unwillingness to go outside, all of us got out to a start point where the team of cyclists and the prepared rolling bicycles for us already waited.

Acquaintance to team and instructors was very pleasant as all were young, vigorous and cheerful. The cycling instructor started business at once - stated us a short course of use of bicycle, brakes, the switch of transfers and showed several signs of cyclists which can be necessary (turn, a stop, and others).

Weather did not cease to afflict, wind blew in a face, hands froze, thoughts still fell down, and it was absolutely not clear that expects us ahead Having made a little warm-up circles on parking, we started at way. Ahead the instructor, for fun - " went; Ivan - Susanin he well knew a route of a trip and always was on the alert whether lagged behind who group. The instructor who did not allow to be frightened that it is possible to lag behind group closed group too, and in general gave to confidence.

It was very terrible to me to go on a route roadside. The rushing trucks and cars frightened therefore I tried not to lag behind the guy going before me, so it seemed more safely.

The most interesting began at departure out of the city when the freshness, a smell of herbs and the spring bulked-up kidneys struck in a face Besides there was a sun! Gradually I increased speed, without being afraid of passable cars any more, and relaxed. By lakes, fields, trees rushed, and it became warm and cozy by bicycle under the open sky. Having deeply sighed and having felt freedom, I could forget about everything and merge in a single whole with the road, bicycle and wind

After the first 10 km of thought of fine began to disappear somewhere, and there were a wish to stop and have a rest. As the legs which got used to sit on office chair or on sitting of a minibus and the subway began to be indignant from such loading, to ache a bit, cry and be tired. Probably, instructors understood everything because they made the first halt and conducted to us small tour about a beautiful cathedral and convent.

As this day there was Easter, we got just for that time when priests watered all with holy water. We got up directly with bicycles and asked to devote us, bicycles and our first round. It was very cheerful, wet and is unusual.

The few residents know that is created beyond its limits and how much new and interesting it is possible to see, having left on only 30 - 50 km.

By a lunch we arrived to the finish - the high mountain on which flights on paraplanes are made. Unfortunately, weather and speed of wind did not allow us to make flight. Therefore we hid from wind and densely ate. Appetite outdoors amplifies, and even usual sausage and cheese sandwich seems the most tasty dish. Well and, of course, all took with themselves Easter cakes and the painted eggs.

Though the spring yet not absolutely came, and there were not enough greens, we could not admire a view from this height. Private houses, fields, mountains, the city in the distance and the blinding sun - this picture for a long time will remain in my memory.

The way back is always heavier. Therefore also halts become more, and speed decreases, and cease to soar absolutely. It seemed to me that in my fifth point was imposed stones, and all of them press on me. And the seat became more inconvenient, already more firmly. On one of halts it was especially cheerful. All already very much were tired and hardly shuffled the feet therefore they were glad to such respite. Bought on ice cream who beer who juice - and began to communicate as old acquaintances. Laughed loudly to an upad and could not stop, in the company it appeared fully funnymen and clever men so dispersed outright, and there was no strong wish to go further.

But home all - was time to come back, and we started at way. By lakes and people flew by, motorists askanced from a window at girls by bicycles, residents of neighboring villages stopped, seeing off us views. And I thought that they think as well as I, looking in a window at proyezhayushchy cycle group. Involuntarily smiling, I added speeds and decided to receive the last kilometers of pleasure wholly. Country air excited and did not want to release. Batteries on the camera sat down, and it was possible just to admire landscapes When we reached by

the finish and descended from the bicycle, only then I felt that I made a feat. Legs did not obey as if they hardened. Gait reminded steps of the tired cowboy. But this fatigue was such languid and pleasant, and a trip so impressive that purchase of the bicycle included in my next plans.

I advise all at least once to try, and to spend what is cycle tour remarkable day in nature. I think, as for health it is very useful.