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Assessment: for or against ? There was a wish for

that psychological literacy of the population grew. And she grew up: new prejudices blossom in the terry color. When I suggested to notice efforts of the child in time, parents suddenly answered with a stream of the indignant remarks.

Far not at once it became clear

by i that it was the answer on sounded in we wash an appeal the word assessment . It appears, they acquired that communication has to be bezotsenochny and the mention of an assessment as about something desirable or even necessary served as a sign of nonprofessionalism and even impassable ignorance.

For me stereotypic statements and groundless denials are a sign of ignorance, but to speak about it there is no sense, ardent opponents of estimates already put down the mark and to change it as it often happens, did not gather under no circumstances.

Approximately the same occurs also on the Internet: supporters of a bezotsenochnost so estimate the offer something to estimate that it is necessary only to stop and from now on never to stammer on this subject.

It is obvious that estimates anyway are present. And if a mark is not given aloud by other person, it does not relieve of guessing of his feelings, and it is an assessment too. The future gives the most sensitive mark results.

If the person does not see communication of any present quality with the probable future which he wants to avoid or if his will works in general, but passes particulars, then relatives can help it to operate themselves estimates, it is simple and very effective. In certain cases. (It is the special reservation for those who are ready to explode the facts about horrors of estimated terror at schools. I know, I know, I know everything. But understand also you that any deviation not an occasion to reject in general in what deviations were allowed.)

A story about a fire brigade where could not leave on a call in time in any way met. And then the chief arrived simply: first run out an award for the account of means of the last. For several days learned to leave in only a few seconds.

The assessment has to fix deviations. To the best is an award, to the worst - punishment. If to speak about estimates in points, then normal all have to be mediocre pupils and receive neutral well . It is like not to have an assessment, it is that praised bezotsenochnost. And then on this neutral background both someone`s supereffort, and an attack of sloppiness to which it will not be allowed to develop into chronic will brightly be allocated. At everyone norm - the three, any excellent students. Only three one is a masterly skill, and three another are the some actions corresponding to its modest opportunities. And any comparisons by estimates between people.

People, for which self-education - not the empty word, the personal systems of estimation think out, and at them council often repeats to compare itself today`s to yesterday`s. It is obligatory to encourage itself for success in self-overcoming, never to leave unnoticed laziness, not to give it an opening. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to keep in readiness pie on a shelf on the one hand and the torment tool with another, it is enough to put figure in the personal magazine - an assessment. It is possible to paint over a section in the certain color, it is possible to put balls in black and white glasses - anyway it is an assessment, the instrument of will.

Of course, the estimates oppressing one and ennobling others are not for the kind world in which it would be desirable to live. But also indifference not for it. And distinction if there are criteria, is already an assessment. And let there will be a thin and wise estimation - good that it realized the necessity and was approved, and bad that it looked for ways to develop into good or was removed itself without cruel measures when the community or mankind is already forced to be protected.

Any trifle created by people can fit excellent addition into the existing traditions, but can seed chaos at all the horoshesta. Who the first apprehended this trifle, that signals to people around about that, it is good or it is bad, to protect it or to counteract. The signal can be wrong. Nevertheless, it is necessary to signal. In ambiguous cases it is worth discussing, it is good or it is bad why as well as what can be corrected.

But bulky discussions and clearings let will remain for special situations, the ordinary enough simple fast estimates. Let there will be also words from nightmare to it is delightful and points, and all - all - all. Our business - not to lose reason when we estimate or we draw conclusions from estimates.

The assessment is a tool. Among tools there are both thinnest pipettes of microbiologists, and huge hammers of smiths. The ridiculous idea to destroy pipettes on the ground that other tool, a hammer, it is possible to break anything comes to nobody to mind. We easily distinguish a pipette from a hammer.

But believe that the mark given by the spiteful fool also differs from an assessment of the wise teacher and the shrewd psychologist as a hammer from a pipette.