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How to help the child to choose a profession? Part 2.

So to prepare the child for future profession, to help it to make a right choice - one of the major tasks for the loving and far-sighted parents. This long work has to include two main stages:

1. Identification of talent;

2. Development of talent. by

At the first stage makes actually the choice of future profession or at least the general direction (sport, science, culture etc.) . At the second stage there is already purposeful preparation in the set direction - necessary disciplines are profoundly studied, the child is engaged in profile circles, plays the developing games, gets acquainted with elements of the future business, finds useful communications in the area, the parent " prepares for receipt in profile higher education institutions; fish around to possible places of work, other strategic courses become.

At the first stage it is extremely important to try everything - the talent of your child can lie in the most unexpected area. Actually, both schools, and higher education institutions try to do it, it also caused such motley variety of the studied objects, but here it is very important that there was a good mentor, the teacher, the teacher. The negative experience in some discipline caused by intense communication with the teacher can fix subconscious rejection of the discipline at the child. Who knows, can in it and the main talent of the child lies? And so it can remain to lie forever earthed.

Therefore if your child says that he does not love, say, mathematics because bad teacher it is necessary to try to acquaint him with mathematics by means of other good, talented teacher. And so on everyone problem to discipline: though gradually, but the child has to try in each direction of human activity something tasty . If interest arose, it should try to be developed, however you should not do it violently at all, trying to justify invested funds is one of the main mistakes in professional orientation of the child. We were spent, bought you a piano so sit and play!

From respondents of 10% would react painfully to sharp change of a course from the child provided that in vocational training were invested heavily. However, the vast majority would belong to it quietly and with understanding. the Choice can consider

taken place and to pass to the second stage when:

the child has a steady interest in a certain business;

the child has encouraging achievements in the chosen area;

it is engaged in the chosen business with pleasure;

he does favorite thing himself, without urging on from outside.

At the second stage

preparation purposeful development of the child in the chosen direction begins b, but it does not mean that it is necessary to limit all other interests sharply. Can still exchange, and not once. But the accent gradually, is smoothly displaced on the chosen business, and all other directions gradually go to the background mode. It is quite possible that main directions first there will be two. Very few people are capable to be put fully in two main directions at the same time. Practically always one of the directions becomes the leader, pushing aside all others in a background, it is quite reasonable, and sooner or later the person should make the choice to what favourite business to give preference, in this case the choice is especially difficult.

Now we will pass to practice of development of talent. First of all, it is the developing games, the choice of circles and courses, strategic investments (purchase of a piano, for example), selection of books, search of communications, setting of acquaintances and many other things.

Results of poll Whether vocational guidance of children Is necessary?

of All voted (at 5 forums) 101 persons (number of votes is approximately equal to percent of answered).

The child Should allow to try everything, and there itself will solve - 41 voices;

Yes, and the earlier, the better - 21 voices;

It is rather simple to lead sometimes discussions on this subject - 21 voices;

No, he has to find the way and break through - 10 voices;

It is necessary to acquaint with the profession and to focus a personal example - 6 voices;

I Find it difficult to answer, did not solve " yet; - 3 voices;

Let schools and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS " be engaged in it; - 1 voice;

What else orientation? I feed, I dress, I sponsor and enough! - 1 voice.

In what the help of parents in development of talent the child can be expressed to ?

In brief I will list the main, most popular methods:

1. Conversations about professions;

2. Record in circles and sections;

3. Acquaintance to professions and professionals;

4. Strategic purchases;

5. Selection of literature, music, movies;

6. Selection of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and help in receipt;

7. Selection of a workplace and help in its receiving;

8. Magic kick .

Now we will in detail sort each method.

Conversations about professions is the simplest, cheapest and most popular method. 21% of respondents in general offer them and to be limited. It can be begun with the earliest age when the child only begins to learn the world.

At a stage why-askers parents just tell who in what is engaged what interesting moments in each profession are, read Mayakovsky`s verses with the child. Then begin to place accents slightly. For example: Here, the uncle did not want to study, now works as the loader...

Being guided by tendencies of the child, by the revealed talents (during conversations and supervision over his behavior and game), there is more detailed story about professions which seemed to it interesting. At teenage age it is possible to outline versions of vital scenarios for each of professions interesting to the child: You like music? You want to become the musician? For this purpose it is necessary to graduate from music school, then - school and, at last, conservatory. Though it is possible to go also on other way: you will be engaged in musical self-education and will create the band (or you will enter in someone`s). Anyway, you will need to master the musical theory and it is good to seize some type of tools (string, keyboard, wind or shock) . Here it is possible to tell about great composers, musicians; to recommend music, books on music, movies etc. of

of the Mug and section are already more advanced a stage in vocational guidance. Thanks to circles and sections the child masters elements of professions, takes the first independent steps, communicates with friends on interests, receives skilled mentors... How many magnificent, dizzy a pit began with some circle! Read biographies of the famous people: many actors began with a school theatrical circle, great athletes - with regional section etc. First it is possible to write down the child in several circles at once and to change them, as " gloves;. Thus it is possible but to try a lot of things.

Washing 10 - the summer daughter with pleasure goes to regional dancing club and achieved considerable success in dances. Besides, she is engaged in club of English Mr. Inglish . Now it has two vital strategy: either to become the translator, or to devote the life to dances. What she as a result would not choose, each of these directions will not prevent another. English very much is useful for the international performances, and dances - for development of feeling of a rhythm, harmony, self-confidence and communicativeness.

(To be continued)