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How much is soul?

six years ago he was an ordinary average fellow from an ordinary average family. Moderately clever, moderately decent, moderately frivolous - all moderately.

The only thing that distinguished it from hundreds of same young men - directly - pathological commitment. It sometimes frightened because it seemed that for the sake of the purpose it will go on the heads, without reckoning with anything. And the purpose to ridiculous was banal - to become the rich. And not just rich, and very rich.

However, there is no wonder. The boy who grew up in a family where from a salary to a salary was hardly enough for bread where on purchase of boots money was raised half a year, and furniture in the house it was invariable since the great-grandmother, - unless there could be it indifferent to the fact that age-mates roll on magnificent cars, have dinner at restaurants, and worn belongings do not restore infinitely in workshops, and just throw out in a musornik? Of course, no.

But it is necessary to pay it tribute - for achievement of the purpose he chose a difficult way. It simply round the clock worked, refusing to itself(himself) everything. He did not go to discos, did not hang around in bars, did not visit movie theaters - he plowed. Plowed at the nights, plowed on holidays, plowed, without knowing a respite. The benefit, the health which is not loosened by excess food allowed.

I knew it then. And not just knew - it was pleasant to me. Very much. And I to it too. But its eternal employment was an essential barrier to the personal relations. And we left almost without serious consequences. Simply remained friends . recently he suddenly remembered

A this friendship. Called and invited me on a visit. Very stunned with this invitation, is in so many years! - I, nevertheless, agreed.

However, with some shyness because about it it had heard a lot. The owner of several workshops, the good apartment in the downtown, expensive car whether weight in certain circles

Yes to me, with my bohemian vital disorder to climb in so elite society?! But, there is nothing to do, the debt of friendship obliged.

Having rejected towards doubt, I not to fall face down in dirt before the newly made representative of oligarchs, got the most expensive rags on this world, spent essential part of finance for a new hairdress and manicure, and - is ready! Well, not Sharon Stone, of course, but is acceptable .

Became clear that I went all out in vain. Representative of oligarchs arrived for me not on " at all; " Lexus; and on the most ordinary to the six . Also it was dressed in a shabby jacket and in so shabby boots of five-year prescription. I was surprised, but refrained from inquiries. The dog knows it, the earth usually fills with rumors, and rumors not always happen reliable! Perhaps it is also not rich absolutely, and any certain circles about it also do not know! What does it change? We are friends!

And I was mistaken again. No, not that friends. It nevertheless was not poor. In any case, the apartment pulled on several hundreds. Hard currency, of course. Magnificent such mink, with all modern frills. And a hozyaechka in this to a mink - young, long-legged and big-eyed. Friendly hozyaechka, well-mannered. I even regretted that I did not buy it flowers - very gentle girl, defenseless and pretty. However, slippers on a hozyaechka - old, fragmentary, and the child on hands - thin, serious Daughter.

- Valerka! - I shout reproachfully, - Why about the daughter did not tell?! I would buy a gift!

It confoundedly smiled and pushed me forward. - Give

, give, at a table!

It was impossible to call a table refined, but abundance - is available. Hozyaechka and the child ate greedy and quickly. The owner leaned on alcohol. Strange, earlier it to strong drinks treated with disgust!

Ya was silent, guessing, - I - that here what for? Well, he would not be married - clear! Began to miss on the past, the loneliness tortured and you never know!

A here - the wife pretty, the daughter small, money, it seems, are found Why then this past, unclear!

the Tiresome dinner, at last, ended.

the Owner is fairly drunk and wishes to have a heart-to-heart talk. I suspect that for this purpose and got drunk. The wife takes the child and hasty goes to other room.

- I here, why to you! - it begins, seeing off her eyes, - Let`s be on friendly terms!

- That?! - I drop a fork.

Such offer can be regarded somehow! Speak, the rich have whims! Perhaps the harem was necessary for it from where to me the nobility!

- Well what you panic, silly! - grins rich with whims . - To be on friendly terms - means to meet. Often. Families. Aha.

- Yes, please! - I calm down. Very much pleases that the owner did not disappoint.

- You, of course, think that it is a whim! - it continues. - But not a whim it! Melancholy!

- Why?

- Yes so! I have something! Yes it seems everything that wanted! A Well, there is nothing, Olka, understand! Anything! I trust nobody! To neither friends, nor the wife - anybody! Pleasures any

- You were simply tired, Valera! - I try to calm him, - Go where - nibud, have a rest!

- Where? Where you will go - work! Leave them - will begin to steal! You know how many money I will lose! Everywhere control is necessary, everywhere!

- What control, Valera? Who - to steal? Really all thieves? Entrust somebody for a while the business!

- All! - knocks on a table a fist, - All! Even wife! I trust nobody, nobody! You think, she married me? Yes, as! For my money! And here shish to it, but not money! I concluded the marriage contract. Everything that I have - only mine! To the child, if that, I will help, of course, and it - pipes!

- They are the academician. Well, and I - that, why to you? To be on friendly terms, you speak Families It will be easier for you?

- is easier. You - as my past. It When trusted someone. However, I do not trust you too. You want to know why? Because I now - not that poor boy from slums! And all who around me turn know all this so they try to please! And when was not enough for a piece of bread - where all of them were, and?

I am extremely angered by this monologue. In - the first, I knew it just here the subjects poor boy in - the second, was not going to turn around it, and appeared in this house not on the whim, and, in - the third, his wife - very lovely and silent creature which, despite the heartless marriage contract, nevertheless married it! Also walks in fragmentary slippers now! the Wife came up

from the neighboring room, is guilty looking at me.

- drank Much! You do not take offense!

- Who drank? ! - it is drunk the owner is indignant, - I drank?! Talk still! In general on bread and water I will put! You who? You are cheap stuff, I in a tatter took you! Here brought! Dressed, put

She silently takes it by an arm, and, despite resistance, takes away to other room.

Ya I rise, being going to leave so hospitable house.

- Wait for me! - beggarly the girl whispers, - I will lay it, and I will return! And that he will swear then!

Ya obediently I fall to a chair. In a minute she comes back, sighs and sits down nearby.

- you excuse it! He just drank And so it anything Quiet!

It suddenly sobs and turns away.

becomes grudges it for me. The poor thing for certain counted on a happy marriage!

- You long ago with it? - I ask to calm a little.

- Four years, - answers, wiping tears, - At first we just met. It such was not! Cheerful was, sociable! Only worked hard! And then, when money appeared - as if changed! Greedy became, angry! All suspects, even mother! Began to drink! And, as will get drunk, cries for some reason Speaks, life was not successful. And I feel so sorry for him, it is so a pity! What life, to it only thirty! I sometimes think - why to it all this, better than would veins as all...

- All All differently live. Happens, is not enough for a piece of bread!

- Well and let! When is not enough - one and when is enough, and you for this piece are reproached - another!

- So divorce if reproaches! - reasonably I advise, - All the same nothing belongs to you!

- Left already, - she sighs, - Only it for me comes. Cannot without me. And I without it cannot. Without that which it was earlier. Perhaps, will still return? How you think? She with hope watches

at me.

- Perhaps, - I thoughtfully answer, - Everything happens. Probably, therefore he to me also called. Such nostalgia on, lost Well, well, thanks for reception, is time for me! no

- you there will be with us?

- What for?

- you speak - nostalgia. Perhaps it will change!

Ya I laugh. Naive girl! To attract the former sympathy of the husband for cooperation - a thing, certainly, dangerous! If not this circumstance, I would try to help, out of any doubts!

But, however, laughter out of place. To it it is really heavy. And to it, seemingly, too.

- I will come, - I say to it. - I will surely come! I will call and will come! Well?

- is good! - she agrees. - Only it is obligatory! I will wait!

I left home, without having decided whether it is worth coming still. Unless I will be able to return it what left irrevocably in a stupid pursuit of money?

Once, hundred years ago, it was the cheerful handsome guy capable to rejoice each trifle Now he is not glad to anything. Whether so the desired purpose was repaid?

Money selected soul.

A can be, did not select? For some reason he called! One is clear - wellbeing did not bring it happiness.