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Which of babies the mail carrier in the bag could bring the first?

on October 15, 1897, 110 years ago, occurred two events which at first sight are not connected with each other. In Europe somebody Aaron Samuel Bloch, the mail carrier, decided to facilitate to himself work and asked the wife to sew a special bag through a shoulder that it disturbed it less when walking. That was a little lazy: took a linen bag, and since two ends of a pritorochil to it a usual leather belt. It turned out not God knows, but very much it was pleasant to Aaron. Now keen edges of envelopes did not stick it on hips during fast movement and weight left hands on shoulders. It was possible to go and whistle a song, without being bent in three arches. It is even more innovation was to the taste to Bloch`s colleagues. They quickly estimated all advantages of a new pochtalyonsky bag, and soon the novelty began to creep away on the world as the Colorado beetle during a May season of love.

At the beginning of the century pochtalyonsky bags began to use also in Russia. And a bit later the well-known poem appeared: Who knocks at the door to me with a thick bag on a belt? . I do not warrant for authenticity, but the essence is approximate such is. Yes, with the advent of a belt the bag became more, and is thicker, in it it was possible to transfer even babies

meanwhile if to assume that Bloch would decide to test on October 15, 1897 the bag on mladentsenoskost could offer it quite the newborn boy in Odessa. This day in a family of the accountant Arya Benyaminovicha Faynzilberga the boy who was called very difficult for the Russian ear was born: Iyekhiyel - Labe. However, it is known to us on to the conformable name - Ilya.

It is quite admissible that to Bloch that day had no time for Odessa. And if it got to it in seven years and seven days, it would find the newborn girl who was called Marusya in a family of the baker Tarasenko. There is still a song such: I Met Marusya on a sea sand .

How you think what communication between Ilya Faynzilberg and Marusya Tarasenko? Everything is very simple: to this girl future author Twelve chairs and Gold calf wrote letters gentle, full of love. And they got then in a thick bag on a " belt;.

However, they got acquainted much later for now Arya Benyaminovich came to full grief with sons. The eldest son, Alexander (for convenience we will give to guys the Russian conformable names at once), at insistance of the father came to commercial school. But became the artist. Average, Mikhail, went in the same way, arrived there and too was fond of drawing. To give also the third, Ilya, in commercial the father just did not decide, you see, if children drew chervonets, another matter, and so three artists in a family vsezh - search. By the way, Ilya suggested the friend Zhenya to try in many years Ostap Bender`s hand in drawing

I it that years later the daughter of the baker Tarasenko, how ended a gymnasium, seriously was fond of drawing should happen. And she said names of elder brothers of Ilya Faynzilberg with aspiration. And, according to the writer`s daughter, she admitted love to the modest young man the first. Because it was as it is sung in the song, shy and timid such . In any case in relation to the first beauty of Malaya Arnautskaya Street (about the street I joked, I have no data on what street she lived).

Ilya and Marusya met when it, to greater pleasure of the father, worked as the accountant in Oprodkomgube (in other words, the food commission of the province), and here guys with modest surnames became his colleagues: Berlaga, Kukushkindt, Lapidus and Pruzhanskiye. Quite known then to all country as workers from " oat-flakes; in Gold calf . But Arya Benyaminovich not for long listened to sweet-voiced music of sirens: the younger son, contrary to will of parents, goes to Petrograd. Dreamed the Boy that he became the great poet - the honored accountant was distressed then.

And here between Ilya and Marusya correspondence breaks out. For incomplete five years, from 1923 to 1927, they will write each other several hundreds of letters. They corresponded even then when they lived in one city. Because Ilya Ilf (for convenience he took such surname) could splash out on paper what in real life decided to state not always. And really, let`s try to make small youthful experiment. Try the beloved, and it is even better - the beloved wife, to say on one breath: My dear girl, unless you do not know that all huge Moscow and all its one thousand areas and towers - are less than you. All this and all rest - is less than you. I am expressed incorrectly in relation to you as I am expressed, all it seems to me incorrect. The best is to arrive, come to you, to tell nothing, and to kiss long on a mouth, your lovely, cool and warm lips .

As a last resort, for it this tirade will seem strange. Why to speak if it is possible to take and kiss? And if these lines to re-read on paper every time when it is sad, apparently, that the beloved is ready to put to your legs the whole world

Or try to say it: I Kiss very much, very much, fingers, lips, a bend on a hand and a thin lovely knee in a blue stocking with holes. And a blue dress, on which too holes. Also I remember a white shirt in which you were at the station. My small, I very much love you . How the beloved looked at you?

It is a pity, but their love was not fated to blossom eternity. Hungry youth, restless youth, wearisome work and serious illness (lung tuberculosis) very much early sent Ilya Ilf to the grave. He died on April 13, 1937. And his Marusya all life kept love to the husband. In spite of the fact that she was a beauty and a subject of worship of many people who are given at that time, she did not marry. She lived long life and quietly rested in 1981. All these years it stored the pack of letters which is tied up by a tape which it and her Il (so she called him) exchanged in the twenties.

The daughter Aleksandra, to the big chagrin, found this pile after death of mother. On some letters it found the additions made mother`s hand much later. When after death of mother of Alexander Ilyinichn found these letters, she found out that to some letters of the father mother attributed on some lines. And, very pressing. For example, It is very boring for me without it, it is boring long ago since it is absent. This the last of words about what I feel from its loss. It is a lot of, it is a lot of words about it in my soul, and here now when there passed many years, and I read his letters, I pay that I did not kill myself, having lost it - the soul because it was my soul

But we will not be about sad. Unless the person who had such feelings can feel unfortunate?