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Comment of the expert. Investments into.

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Attention! Your education is got more than a year ago. To load updates? - in the future the address of the computer which tests the level of your knowledge so can look. Education - continuous process because any sphere of activity develops and changes constantly and with the increasing speed. Investments into itself as a combination of investments monetary and a manpower, it is the only way to keep up and be on a front line.

From where I know that I know nothing? V. Ardentov

in the conditions of the market to all is the price, even to the person whose market value can be found out in the average size of a salary of his profession. Professional freedom is that he is the asset and can independently operate the market value, making a start from the education which is available for it and in addition gaining necessary knowledge and skills.

such statement of a question is unpleasant For many, is even immoral, but business in essence represents process of creation of assets and management of them for generation of profit. Everyone wants to receive

more. The active part of the population seeks not to receive, and to earn more. And it is possible to influence salary size in the company, having only increased the powers in this company: to rise by level above, to undertake more responsibility and tasks. Any level of the management implies a certain professional competence which consists of many components. To take one more step upward and to be effective at this level, it is necessary to fill up a set of the knowledge and abilities corresponding to this situation. The position is higher, the scale of tasks which should be solved is wider, and it demands including reorganizations of habitual stereotypes of thinking. The effective expert, having received the head`s position, it can appear it is not ready to think more widely, than got used within a former position. The management of people demands other skills, than we will tell at successful sales though all is about the same skill to communicate. Company management in general, and need of strategic planning open so wide horizon of tasks that it is impossible to outline a cycle of knowledge and abilities which at the same time are necessary. The western managers, for example, consider that one of such factors is Charisma!

is traditional in any company divide professional and career development, and what way to choose depends only on personal preferences of the person. For example, if you are engaged in design and see yourself in it, all aspirations can be directed to improvement in this area, i.e. professional growth. Career development in this case is the wider level of competence and there can be in the future a management own design - studio. Investments into themselves are necessary to develop, becoming more effective in favourite business. If you do not love what you do, no investments will help.

One more aspect of training consists that new knowledge saves time. Every day in the world the huge number " is invented; new " bicycles; and education allows to use what already someone thought up instead of anew to invent the " bicycle;. For example, emergence a time - management and special popularity of its tools caused in many shock and delight because before it was necessary to everyone alone and not always successfully to fight against affairs which steal from them time.

For effective investments into itself needs to solve the following problems:

1. Is more attractive to determine what growth for you - professional or career. Naturally, it is possible to change a vector of the movement from time to time.

2. To allocate the desirable level of competence to which it is planned to pass.

3. To think over what knowledge and skills will be necessary for you at this level and to compare to what you already have.

4. To choose such training program which as much as possible would answer your purpose.

should Estimate any education first of all based on the ratio of its cost, time of training estimated of the spent efforts to that effect which it will give you, those opportunities which it will open (and whether will open in general?) . It is possible to have several higher educations and not to connect the ends with the ends that says only that you have big freight of dead unclaimed knowledge. Therefore everyone should most define where he or she will be able to sell the gained knowledge and who their potential consumer. It is very useful to ask in this case to itself questions - And what is actually necessary for the alleged consumer? Would I like to be actually that expert at whom this training program is aimed? It would be interesting to me to read the book on this matter in the day off? How valuably for me what I can lose if all my evenings are taken with study? Whether it is possible to construct the schedule of my training more flexibly? How training at my environment, at my relatives, friends, darlings will be reflected? May it help me to make me happy?

of Investment into itself mean the following:

1. First of all active inclusion in life of the company, investment into the appearance, a contribution of the forces and resources in maintenance of the necessary and sufficient relations with colleagues, with subordinates - in many respects is investments of personal energy, emotions and the time which, certainly, will give return. What are necessary abilities and skills here that needs to be changed for this purpose in itself, everyone solves.

2. Additional education has to become a habit as continuous continuous process of which the purposes are at the head. What for? What will give me personally and the company in which I work receiving the second or third higher education by me? What income it will bring in in money? It can be both the short-term training seminars, and communication within professional clubs, conferences, or, there can be training abroad.

3. Trainings, trainings, trainings - as personal growth (transformational) on which the psychological base of such level is given that the person can change to the best any contexts of the life, and the trainings directed to working off of certain skills - negotiations, sales, the conflicts, creation of team, public statements, manipulations and opposition to others influence, etc. In conditions trainings that baggage of abilities (and already then knowledge) which allows to receive in addition to education tools for achievement of the purposes and realization of conceived is acquired.

What turns out at the exit? At least - your updated image, achievement by means of the gained knowledge, skills and experience of the objects set for themselves. Education should be considered as the lever helping to solve a problem necessary for you in own favor. And approaching education from the point of view of investments into itself it makes sense to do it first of all from the point of view of payback and term through which this knowledge will bring in you the income, and also own strategy that it was clear how this education will help with the most important issue of your life which, certainly, you or already have, or you prepare for it.

Vyacheslav Ardentov, the Expert on business - to communications (to ardentov@yandex. ru)

Comment of the expert.

The Century live, a century study - the fool you will die when it is still told, and the thesis not only did not lose the relevance, but gains nowadays nearly paramount value. It is connected first of all with scientifically - information revolution of HH1 of a century. The volume of knowledge for desyalety increases twice, and already your deserved who argues, knowledge is outdated, as well as you, in labor market. Young and perspective overtake on abrupt turn, and business (an essence - generation of profit) does not know mercy. we were ready by

In Soviet period for education as protection against roughness and rudeness, let and the price of a low wage. However in a century of total deficiency and general poverty money played a supporting role, it was more important to keep, oppositional the existing power, outlook, to protect itself as the personality, to save the inner world.

Nowadays an obrazovanshchina becomes nonsense. The person is estimated on three positions: What knows What is able As realizes! Acquisition of real craft becomes the main thing: from the bricklayer to the foreman, from the cleaner to office - the manager, from the programmer to the head. The paradox is that successful bright people do not need diplomas, they also are so constantly demanded and necessary, study in practice, every day really responding to requirements of time - step ascension, step by step. In HH1 a century study for emergency, on the future, is unattainable luxury. While you wipe trousers in audiences, someone moves ahead on service, masters craft subtleties, studies reefs, fills cones, gets experience, the son of mistakes difficult, takes a place in the sun, and here when you entered with a happy smile and the diploma labor market, suddenly?! it becomes clear that you are necessary to nobody. The range of explanations is wide: from for one beaten give hundreds - thousands unbeaten to better known and habitual, than the visiting hussar from which we do not know as to wait . Whose blood you will be? - What means?! - Whose lackey, I ask . And you will argue on equality and a brotherhood in cafe over a glass of tea the Mistake is concluded by

in division of professional and career development. Prichinno - investigative communication of these concepts is comprehended from the point of view of the Principle of Causality: growth of professionalism is the reason, and growth of career is a consequence of your development of which you become capable owing to education and education in general. And under Parkinson`s law you will be able to reach only that step of career at which your competence, all comes to an end. You can sigh and worry " later; injustice of life as is wished, but, as S. Dovlatov, " fairly noticed; do not ask from God of an additive it was necessary to think earlier. About what?

Transition to one step of career not it a stunning event, as a rule, therefore an essence of a problem is hackneyed, lost in daily routine. Let`s consider a task not stagewise, and poetazhno: you subordinate and you head, you member of herd and you shepherd.

1. Inner world. Ideal subjective world. Loadings lay down on all trinity of the person:

A). Psychological loadings from responsibility and still big from the opened opportunities - the fear to commit follies is natural and necessary for maturing of future head. If the enterprise is ready to go to such costs, then can provide you the field for activity, it meets extremely seldom, and you should not count on similar godsends . Standardly heads prefer to receive the professional who committed follies somewhere on the party, for example, at competitors and to entice / appropriate him while competitors expelled him kicks under fanfares.

B). And wait for intellectual loadings from the huge volume of the arriving information which needs to be analysed and issued the synthesizing decision to subordinate / herd which, in turn, stand with an open mouth, gloating over: let`s look what this is capable the upstart of. And if your sphere of Competence already of objectives, business is initially unpromising. Will deal with you later, but first of all with a crash the HR manager because the recommendation you and, as a result, decrease of sales volume - its mistake will take off! And the behavior of the person is in many respects unpredictable, that is why HR managers are so demanded and why in the afternoon with fire not to find the pro even for huge money.

B). Physical activities are connected with expansion of a sphere of influence. Now you as the head / shepherd are responsible for all herd, in fact you expanded the opportunities on all collective, and everything in it the events are reflected in the head of the enterprise. Before aspiring to higher position, you have to check the physical health. Pay attention as facial muscles of the president / governor / mayor / head of any rank within the first year of service towards toughening and severity change - realities of management are that. If it is heavy to maintain oxygen starvation, do not get to Everest!

2. Outside world. Loadings of the same trinity, but in the real objective world.

A). Nobody understands you, and do not sympathize with you because hungry rich does not understand, as well as full poor. You one odineshenek with all the problems, tasks. The role of the senior companion who already passed your steps is invaluable and can sympathize at least fallen down you, suddenly, to happiness of promotion . Its recommendations are invaluable. Another matter, we remember that you for it the competitor and to trip you up - lovely business, life - a severe thing: nowadays each interest caulks .

B). You are individual and therefore who knows, the recommendation made to you will how exactly be distorted, therefore go for trainings, consultations and learn all, your responsibility, you the head - to you also pay for responsibility. There is nothing here!. and it is correct: others mind you will not be full.

B). Social communications are torn, the officer has nothing to talk to the soldier, geese with geese, and women with women, it is the fact. For example, change by businessmen of wives and companions at rapid career development. The question is in whether you will be able to offer close relations or not. Dialectics in operation: the lying stone acquires a moss, but also he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. Choose, or you with the friends and relatives in a social bog, or you are capable to overcome stability of existence / destiny and to escape on a surface. Of course, one, Everest it is impossible to subdue with a family feed bag behind shoulders in principle. Could - the good fellow, it did not turn out - means, it not your business, the fact is the fact, hi sends you self-knowledge - learned?!

Any head - the most lonely and most silent position on the earth, we remember: Everything told, it will be used against you!!! I guarantee it to you.

In collective is simpler to get lost a gray mouse to whom that / each to their own / destiny etc.

of the Lord! The free and Independent Choice before you, stake, misters!!!

Charisma! Ridiculously! Companions, apples the skorospelok in life does not happen, behind each person who achieved success there is not one person betrayed to it who always appears in a shadow. Still example: the director, as a rule, behind the scenes, on a scene one actors. In business any information is commercial information, it is just necessary to know who and that should sell, and such clever men it is a lot of - well, everyone earns, as well as than can. And so, we see only what to us is shown, the person as a comet, rose on tops of glory and success, and the director and support group, to you never to see investors. Moreover, in case of your idle curiosity long and incessant neurosis can raise a simple question at you, long tongues very quickly shorten. As the expert I recommend to readers - businessmen remarkable to a method which will allow you to protect itself and the business, will keep your forces and time so that any a time - and did not dream managements. Ask idle time in the genius a question: And why it interests you?! The clever interlocutor will become silent and from now on will begin to conduct with you correspondence in which the problem (see Training - course MShSP " is designated completely; Contours of management of decision-making ) run away from fools and idiots or dismiss under any pretext, that you have no choice: better with clever to lose, than with the fool to find!

So. If as the fates decree someone prepares wolf cub to storm, we will also see a wolf in all his charm, a show truly fine, as well as all professional in the nature. If the person as Chatsky, makes the way itself, then we receive a show unpleasant, causing fastidiousness, better he in peasants would move, but would not wriggle before competent people, would keep human dignity, and it is the most important a pit and financial means.

I last remark: for any growth owing to trinity of the person (The main thing that the suit sat!) it is necessary to change the Way, the Image and Lifestyle at each step. Almost completely. The phone conversation can train the manager, eventually, and the hare is learned to smoke, but, for example, rudeness human as a trait of character not to etch, and this quality is a failure guarantee already on start that Destiny... It is necessary to run about at courses and trainings and other consultations - perceive as Predesign preparation (The person is the project!) - so far you will not find Complete system of life which is responsible for attitudes, outlooks and as synthesis, the complete world view of the personality, is possible that then you are waited by success in self-realization.

Will meet the company which purposes and tasks will coincide with yours, well, it was lucky for a while. No, so not, look for! If not you, then who, and if not now, then when?!

is possible, possible, impossible is not present who knows you and your claims to the world

your rates, misters good!

Mikhail Shchelkonogov, www. sunwayacademy. ru