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We descend on a visit to the composer?

Tikhvin - the small town of the Leningrad region. Extent of its main street makes only 4 kilometers.

But greatness of the city is not measured by its sizes. And our provincial town has the glorious and surprising past.

It is enough to tell that it is monastery of the Tikhvin wonder-working icon of the Mother of God, and also the small homeland of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. Almost in an original form the house in which the composer spent the childhood remained. Now in it there is a museum.

We will walk on its halls and we learn a lot of new about life of a surprising family Roman - Korsakov. Everything reminds of the genius here.

Nikolay Andreevich was a late child in a family and, likely, therefore parents with such reverence treated everything that is connected with their dear Nika. And it is no wonder that baby`s undershirts which were carried by the little boy, a ribbon by which parents measured growth of the son, his children`s drawings remained All this can be seen in an exposition of the museum.

A lot of things remember the owners here: the modelled eaves on perimeter of rooms, furnaces which remained up to now a parquet. And in each room - fresh flowers as it was when here future composer grew up.

Here an office of the father composer Andrey Petrovich - the surprising uncommon person. Here he worked, kept records, read spiritual and fiction. The most interesting exhibit of this room is Voltairian chair. It was made for Andrey Petrovich by his serfs.

The following room which visitors - the dining room enter. The round oak table costs in the center. And on a wall portraits of ancestors, memory of which was carefully stored in a family, weigh. The Roman - Korsakov belonged to the family of great antiquity originating since 1390 in Lithuanian Ventseslav Korsak. Later the surname became Russified, was added to it Russian the termination - ov . But in the XVII century lineal descendants of Korsak appealed to the tsar Fedor Alekseevich to add the " prefix to their surname; Roman . Thereby they held in remembrance the ancestors - natives of the Roman Empire.

The red room the most ceremonial in the house. Here all family and their numerous guests - the Tikhvin intellectuals gathered: carried on talk on fine, played music, read aloud. All this formed outlook of the boy, promoted development of its abilities.

With special feeling we enter the neighboring room where there is a grand piano of brand of Becker. It was not in this house, but behind it Nikolay - Andreevich composed the most part of the works. Also on it composers from " played; The Five pupils and composer`s friends. Even P. I. Tchaikovsky himself executed behind him the well-known final of the Second symphony. And such surprising exhibit is stored in Tikhvin! He was given to a house museum by the composer`s descendants.

In the museum it is possible to see the room of mother, brother Voin, the exposition devoted to years of the doctrine of Nikolay Andreevich in St. Petersburg. And it is possible to visit in the summer the second floor where in the room with an attic there was a bedroom of future composer. From here the beautiful view of the monastery and the river to Tikhvink opens. And what magnificent it was 200 years ago when on the river there were steamships, barges!

Rimsky-Korsakov lived in Tikhvin only till 12 years, and in 1872 came here last time. But the Tikhvin nature, a quiet life of the ancient city, national songs and customs, a bell ringing remained in souls of the composer forever. All this sounds in its wonderful music which glorified Tikhvin in centuries.