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How to become the radio host?

me are not left Already three years by desire to try as the radio host and if more precisely - radio of di - Jay. The desire remains desire so far. It seems both inclinations are, and opportunities were, but it does not develop.

So if all of you still read my article, so you have a secret desire, to get to this fantastic world - the radio world. I will make a reservation at once that on radio not only the radio host, but also the correspondent, the musical editor, the sound producer, the employee of service of regional development, the radio broadcast copywriter, the program director can get. However it will be a question of how to become the radio host of the musical program (DJ).

We will begin with requirements:

1. Of course, one of the main requirements for the leader is an accurate competent speech, a pleasant timbre of a voice. It is given someone by nature, and someone is deprived of this advantage. If you got to the 2nd category, then be not upset - it is business reparable (tongue twisters - really help). However, from you assiduity and patience will be required.

2. However, a good voice it is not enough. The leader has to be the interesting person, to be a personality. If you possess a pleasant manner of communication, a broad outlook, are able to express accurately the thoughts, then consider that you almost passed a test for the prof. suitability.

3. It is very important to be able to find a way out of any difficult situations. Speed of reaction is very important. I admit to you that exactly inability to quickly settle a difficult situation closed to me the road on one radio station (and happiness was so possible).

4. The knowledge of the computer is obligatory! Knowledge of the studio equipment, but it not the obligatory requirement is also desirable (almost all my familiar radio of di - Jay was trained on production )

If you have all listed advantages, so to you a direct road in studio! As all - to get to a chair of the radio host? There is no definite answer, but a number of councils for the same dreamers as I, am given below.

1) Choose radio station at which you want to work. Catch its wave and listen, listen, listen. Analyse behavior of leaders, define the general spirit. Your manner to speak, to communicate has to correspond to a format of radio station. Most often format manner friendliness and self-confidence is.

2) Record of your voice on the ordinary tape recorder will become the following step. Write down a greeting and the announcement of several songs. Quality of record does not matter, and here the text should not contradict a music line. Demokasseta and the summary to carry on radio station.

3) Try to send also the e-mail with the demo (mp - 3) to a box of radio station (or e - mail program the director - he is engaged in selection of shots). As a rule, this information can be found on the website of radio station. Leave the phone and the address.

4) If you were invited to interview, then be ready to show the ability! Most likely, you will be asked to read something in the microphone, to present itself or some performer, to talk to the listener. Of course, it will be not the air, and as listeners permanent members of staff of radio station will act, however on listening much depends on your behavior. As if strongly these improvised listeners did not attack you, behave in, sharp attacks are excluded, goodwill and sense of humour your main weapon! I admit honestly this the most difficult, on that failure listening I could not cope with it.

5) If you passed selection, then to you, most likely, will suggest to conduct only several hours of night or morning air, besides, at a low wage. Do not refuse, this trainee time. You will teach to use the studio equipment, it is correct to behave on air, to communicate with listeners (if it is provided). You will accumulate experience, besides at this time your mistakes will be noticed by the smallest number of people.

Well, and after certain time you will be let out in free swimming and who knows, your voice can, I will listen in the mornings, gathering for study, and I will envy you, still dreaming of work on radio.

C you was Assol Green. See you soon! Also remember, dreams come true!

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