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How to invest in gold?

to Keep the earned money - requirement and poor, and rich people. Just scales at them different, and a task - one. Much more well-tried remedy of an investment is gold. And not only in the long term from - for growth of need for it.

Even for the last year, from October, 2006 to October, 2007, dollar rate decreased from 27 to 25 rubles (-8%), euro exchange rate increased from 34 to 35 rubles (+3%), and the price of one gram of gold rose from 500 to 580 rubles (+16%). All sizes are a little rounded, but the difference in dynamics of the prices impresses.

The simplest - to buy a measured ingot of gold. They are on any pocket - 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 grams. It is easy to find the banks trading in gold ingots in the Internet. But at sale levy from the buyer still a value added tax (VAT) of 18%, and redeem at established price. Therefore it makes sense to buy real gold ingots only for many years.

It is possible to arrive more simply - not to take away real gold from bank, and to open the so-called the depersonalized metal account (DMA). At this VAT does not undertake, and the placed money is recalculated worth its weight in gold which is fixed on the date of a contribution. And then its monetary size will change with the change in price of gold. You can withdraw part or all money at any time. Or to buy in addition gold at the price on the date of purchase. This method of an investment of money is more favorable, but is less reliable as the state insurance does not extend to compulsory health insurance.

Therefore comparable on reliability I consider storage of gold on the Internet. In electronic payment service providers which exist many years and are rather reliable. I already wrote in article about system of electronic payments WebMoney Transfer that I since summer of 2007 except ruble (WMR), dollar (WMZ) and other purses, appeared gold (WMG) there.

Besides, there is the international electronic system of payments of E - Gold which is initially focused on gold and its price. Any brought currency automatically is recalculated for a current rate of gold. Then you can observe how the sum changes in real time there. And the contribution can be removed in any currency at a current rate of gold. Unfortunately, there are no rubles there, but it is possible to exchange currencies both in electronic, and in real exchange offices for cash, WebMoney or other electronic bank notes. It is better for E-Gold to use for medium-term storage of money as every month the small share of percent of a contribution for its storage is removed there.

I use these two payment service providers more than four years, and so far they did not bring me. There are also other electronic payment service providers which description can be found in the Internet.

Pay attention to gold as means of preservation and enhancement of money. And it is better to store it in several ways - for reliability. Some prefer to buy jewelry or gold coins, but it is more difficult to store them, they demand a large sum of money at once, and it is not always possible to turn them quickly and favourably back into money.