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The nature has no bad weather or How to stand in vital storms?

are Well sung in the known song. Weather does not choose, to be it bad or not. It it is simple to eat. And people already define it horoshest or plokhost . Someone can be indignant concerning an incessant autumn rain: Faugh, what nasty weather! And to another for happiness: Oh, as fine that rain! I will sleep off .

To what it I? Similarly occurs also in our life: a light strip - a dark strip. People would like to live only in light strips when everything well develops, the sun shines, on the head does not drip. Without clouds, without wind, without rain. But so it will not turn out: dark strips were, is and will be. Happen even multi-day, and even multiweek long rainy seasons .

I think that all events are not casual. Struggles of life have to strengthen the person, but not crush even more deeply. Interesting supervision. Someone shouts from a small cut of a finger and forces all to run around it. And another bleeds profusely, being on the verge of death, and will not even peep that at it highest wave in life.

I want to share four principles which personally help me in non-flying days .

Keep the correct relation to the events.

Very first what it is necessary to pay attention to, - on HOW you react THAT occurs in you, but not around you. If circumstances cause the wrong internal reaction - it is problems of internal character. Do not complicate the relation with the people surrounding you at all and whenever possible keep calm.

In non-flying days when state fog in the head, emotion rage, and the logic has a rest reaction and acts of the person become more dangerous, than a problem. There is a high probability of a huge number of incorrect decisions.

Remember that bad weather will not last eternally. Usually it seems to

that better will not be any more, and until the end of life will be as now. Many people are completely absorbed by a problem, and their thoughts are often painted in color of the taking place events. In difficult situations it is difficult for person to think of tomorrow - he is completely busy today`s.

Though hard times strongly exhaust, but in most cases it occurs not from - for weights of a problem, and from - for its duration. I often speak to myself in such time: Everything will pass. Tomorrow there will be a sun. It is not eternal to be to a rain . This short statement attracts hope: Everything will be OK! And then I many times noticed how the second wind opened, forces and a pacification came.

Do not neglect the help from the outside.

Being in difficulties, it is not necessary to pull out itself for hair like Myunkhgauzen. It is heavy to be chosen alone. An indicative example with the pilot. He at emergence of the slightest problem first of all asks about the help with radio. Having got into an adverse situation, he is not capable to land safely, does not know to what party to fly and at what speed. And the dispatcher will prompt everything to him. Here where in the field one not the soldier. The help is necessary - be not proud and accept it.

Make important decisions during the quiet periods of life. can quite be avoided

of Many difficulties if to plan the affairs in advance. Clear business that not to provide everything. Struggles of life possess improbable ability to appear as if from nowhere. Our life consists of take-off and falling. But for some reason one people from one big holes get to another, still big. And others - jump from one considerable success to another.

It appears, they at different times make decisions. The one who makes one wrong decision behind another does it during the recession periods, in rainy season . And others - are able to take useful, learned to wait, there will not take place recession yet. Important vital decisions should be made during the periods favorable when in the sky a cloudlet and nothing foretells a rain. Often I am guided once by the found interesting formula of decision-making:

the Wrong decision in the wrong time is equal to trouble.

the Wrong decision in the correct time is equal to a mistake.

the Correct decision in the wrong time is equal to undesirability.

the Correct decision in the correct time is equal to success.

And the last, than I want to finish article. Long ago I saw the following picture in the imagination. I even wanted to get same physical, written by the gifted artist. In the heaviest times this picture rose before my eyes and gave forces.

And I saw the storming ocean where dark waters raged like mad, waves as though were enraged, ready to snatch at each other in deadly fight. And in the middle of this fury of elements - the rock rather a rock top, on it a nest with baby birds. They peacefully slept in the shelter, and careful mother - a bird, having spread the enormous wings, tried to cover a nest with the body.

I long reflected on what was seen and tried to find logic in actions of a bird. Why a nest in such unusual and dangerous place is built? Why such big strong bird will not transfer baby birds to more quiet place? And the more I thought, the found less explanations. Then understood that a bird, a nest, baby birds are a prototype of the person, his life, acts And waters, whether quiet, whether storming are circumstances which are not subject to the person.

Periodically passing hard times, I every time remember this bird with open wings over a nest among the raging ocean waves. It returns me tranquility, the world and sensible mind soberly to react on storming circumstances in my life.

If the bird is not afraid, then why I or you have to be afraid? Person more perfect being, than some bird! Excellent example of firmness, isn`t it?