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Network marketing - the tool for realization of dream?

to Live, doing favorite thing, earning for it worthy reward - dream of many people. But only not much manage to realize it in practice.

Ya I proceed from the principle - when the person dares to do favorite thing, Life supports him and gives it all necessary. The help comes to us in the different ways. But these ways are created by people. Yes, tools by means of which Life helps us are created by people, besides, with its help.

Today I want to tell about one of them. About network marketing. I expect the disappointed views of some readers. And this there! And it is valid, opinions on network marketing the most various, from sharply negative to enthusiastic.

Be not afraid, I am not going to agitate you to buy treasured jars and to saturate the organism with Dietary supplements. An essence in another. In those opportunities which are opened by network marketing for spiritual growth, for occupation by favourite business. Let`s be frank

if at the moment you are concerned still by a subject of understanding and realization of the dream, the subject of creation of the business, means that that on this way goes not as you would like. there is some problem which is at the moment not solved, from here and feeling not of satisfaction. How to solve this problem and to take the following step in the development?

Network marketing is constructed on the principle of a dublitsirovaniye, that is repetition, copying what is copied? Personal qualities, technology of success, and finally and way of life of some person, as a rule, one of your mentors. You want to be such as these people, you want to live as these people. You adopt an image of that world, that life which is created by these people. But you differ from them, you cannot become just the same as they, without forcing itself. Life does not need process of cloning, it needs Creation process.

History of each network company is success history. History of success of whom? Her leaders. Those people who created this company found a unique product, managed to find and lead people, finally created the school because each company possesses the identity. You not just blindly copy their actions, but being inspired by their example, adopting their skills, cultivating in itself the qualities necessary for achievement of success, you make the Life, history of the Success.

There are great works of art, they are stored in the museums and private collections, the many people wish to join them, many are ready to pay considerable money to look at them. There are people whose image is us an inspiration source, these are great scientists and actors, athletes and travelers, writers, musicians and artists. Sdelayete from the life a work of art. What your example would be a source of inspiration of other people, and called at way. As Jacques Cousteau`s example, Tura of Heyrdal, Nikola Tesla, Albert Enstein, Jacques Mayol, Fedor Konyukhov and many others are inspiration sources for many. Tell a story of the success. And if people, are open and that is sincere, going on your feet, they eventually will come to themselves. Approximately just as Ivan the Fool in the Russian fairy tales went for Vasilisa fine, and on the course and Vasilis found also Himself.

I am sure, you can tell the, fascinating and unique story of success and inspire new following you on own fulfillments! Let stories about wonderful stories of treatment and enrichment will consign to the past - I trust everyone can reach much bigger! Get the most cherished dream from consciousness back streets! It does not fit there! It key to your success! Money is not given just like that, Life as if the skilled investor allocates funds and energy only for new and specific projects. What project is offered by you?

What is necessary to realize the Project of your Life?

Why you did not make it still? If you did not realize the project yet, so something disturbs you if that disturbs, you do something not so to achieve success it is necessary to begin something to do in a different way.

Network marketing can become the unique tool for own development.

the Key to success in network marketing lies in desire and a possibility of the person to change, rejecting the old, become obsolete stereotypes .

your mentors - catalysts of these changes, your business this that space in which these changes become possible. Their task - to help you to begin to do what you did not do earlier, to leave a habitual track. Doing something for itself new, you are updated. You become another. What? It what you chose to become. Healthy, happy, free, loving and darling.

Network marketing, in the most advanced option, is continuous training, unique by the opportunities. Training in the conditions of as close as possible to reality. Good training costs much presently. Any work has to be paid. Also it would be fair if the team of your mentors earned worthy reward for work with you. Also there are two ways. The first - you just pay for training, participate in it, then shake each other hands and leave. Perhaps, it is correct and convenient. But at the same time, your trainers absolutely are not responsible in any way how you acquired and could use information obtained from them whether they could inform of it you so what you would learn to use in its way, optimum for you.

There is other way when your mentors earns the reward depending on your progress. If they could convey information to you, could initiate you on necessary process of transformation, process means began, you gradually begin to Live, and Living to be an inspiration source for other people. It is all the same what to hang up the big round " badge on a breast; You Want to LIVE - ask me as!

Original mission of network marketing - to help you to begin to Live and enjoy Life. And if you could open more fully the talents and opportunities, you become an example.

Is those who live on the roll, there are those who are inspired by their example, and there are those who are successful in helping others to saddle this wave.

Together is a Team.

you are ready to become her full player?