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We do not need the coast Turkish? And Africa? (Experience of the previous generation).

in the light of the taken place Tymoschuk`s transition to the Zenith (and according to its not transition to the western club) there is a wish to rummage in historical experience of overseas success of players of the former Soviet Union. Whenever possible even to understand what small fish and where exactly can be pulled out. And than native holes it is worse now. And whether in general it is worth going fishing to the places separated from the homeland by striped columns.

At once I will make a reservation that the great players of the present making success not here and now (and such whole one), we will not touch. Also the whole layer of the players sticking on football plantations of the second-rate championships and whose football destiny passes considerably only for fans of domestic statistics is not of a particular interest. Let`s sweep aside as well nice representatives of the Georgian school because it is the separate, and, by the way, not most sad song. And here players with the Russian and Ukrainian passports of level of the national teams (the USSR, the CIS etc.) moved off in searches of the better lot after crash of the USSR championship, we will try to watch, especially, as speak, it was the last football generation, valued at the international level as representatives of the Soviet school and pupils still of great then clubs so far.

In what only perdyakh did not play that generation which took a sip of freedoms of lack of pre-game collecting, deficiency in shops and existence of convertible money. Only fans of football managers know names of such clubs as the Spanish Logronyes, Kompostela and Castellon, the German Dynamo from Dresden and Dusseldorf Fortuna, the French Toulouse and Cannes. And themselves such igrochishch as Salenko entered in their history, Dm. Popov, Dobrovolsky, Cherchesov, Hidiyatullin and Pavement respectively. Yes, each case was special, but almost all of them visited there practically peak of the career. From exotic cases long business trips of Protasov in the Greek Olympiakos and Tatarchuk to the Czech Slavia are known.

To the contrary, ours went and to superclubs - Zavarov and Aleynikov in Juventus, Kanchelskis in the MU, Shalimov in Inter. But almost at all it did not develop by and large. Andrey Atanasovich Kanchelskis who became a milestone of superclub in times quite nice for this purpose can be considered as an exception and having moved to the Everton was an outstanding figure and passed into the Fiorentina in the status of a star.

Generally target group for domestic players were the sound clubs which were propping up leaders, sometimes also becoming leaders, sometimes and due to efforts of these football players. Characteristic examples - the Selta of times of Karpin and Bridge, the Werder with Beschastny, Sampdoria with Mykhaylychenko, Zaragoza with Radimov. Or the frank middlings over time quitting the high society - hikhonsky Sporting (Kosolapov, Nikiforov, Cheryshev), Oviedo (Onopko), Karslrue (Kiryakov), Foggia (Shalimov), Redzhina (Simutenkov), Bochum (Yuran). Or almost unconditional leaders of the championships Benfica with Kulkov, Bridge and Yuran, PSV with Nikiforov and Khokhlov, Glasgow Reyndzhers with Mykhaylychenko and Kuznetsov.

I will note that the most beloved clubs of Post-Soviet guest workers were the Portuguese Benfica and the Spanish Espanyol expropriating at various times even 5 compatriots (Paper bags, the Pavement, Ovchinnikov, Yuran, Karyaka in the Portuguese nrand and Galyamin, Korneev, Kuznetsov, the Moss, Rats in the Spanish middling person).

Everything etosposobstvut to the fact that that generation is integrated into the world football industry, becoming the for managers and football players of the countries where still perceive Russia and Ukraine as the place, wild and unattractive for work and life. It is important. Without it never to come to the European level of soccer, even having enough money to buy and pay a salary to any football player of the world. And if today Karpin - the sporting director Real - Sosyedada, and Cheryshev`s son plays for junior Real Madrid, then tomorrow our trainer and our player can be liquid and free at the choice of club and vice versa our clubs attractive to the western personnel. Besides, it is necessary to play abroad for more prosaic reasons. Not to perceive loss from the high-rating national teams and clubs in pley - off the international tournaments as worthy inevitability. Such level of a collectivism which USSR national team had, never to reach any more. Means it is necessary to gather additionally experience, experience of communication and game with stars of world soccer, experience of conducting combat operations at higher speeds and, of course, experience of communication with the mentors who are not speaking in Russian. That, by the way, is useful to many Russians soon;)

the domestic football player is, as a rule, choosy and proud Today. Of course, provided that to be proud is than. Players from a top - clubs of Russia and Ukraine demand not less, than participation of the potential buyer in Euro cups (and getting there from the three of the leading championships), and proportional (well, naturally, with a natsenochka) with house a salary. To look for most often on the bottom of adventures to our player at all it is lazy. Especially as for the last three years the level of salaries in clubs of Eastern Europe significantly grew. They say that also the standard of living grew. Level of soccer and level of claims of domestic clubs too at the level. For anybody not a secret, for example, that the size bonus to football players of CSKA for a victory in an UEFA Cup made about one million dollars on soul. In recent years the European football world, commensurating all these factors, the football player from Russia and Ukraine does not favor. Practically always nearby football players of Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, hungry to prosperity and achievements, whose clubs are not always able to compete even with outsiders of the Western European superiority yet.

The example of that, not called, shows that:

It is necessary to play, of course, stronger.

As bequeathed to V. I. - to play, play, play.

Then will come both Feenorda and Reals

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