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Political ballet. Free admission.

Theatre at the microphone

the Ballet - the opera “ King, etc. “.

Three actions and two intervals.

Roles are played:

Putin - the people`s artist Benetsiarov (benefit performance).

Berezovsky - the honored artist Guskov.

the father Hamlet`s Shadow - the actress Varfolomeyeva - Stepashinskaya.

Putin`s Colleagues are supporting actors.

the People - corps de ballet of theater.

First action. Royal castle. Putin in a mask goes on the rope lying on a floor.

- I am a clown, I am a circus actor. And that.

surround Me grandees.

Approaches a round table and sits down at the head.

- Well and ugly faces. Have a look at Zurabov. whether

not to cut off to us an ushika at small.

Colleagues chorus:

- In the lock did not become even analginum.

Everything hid, mean, mean, mean …


is not necessary further, the people will understand.

analginum is not necessary to the People. From the head another is necessary to it. give Zurabov`s

to the executioner. I will pay.

I Joke, I joke, I joke.


Ha - ha. Ha - ha. Ha - ha. And Gref at the same time. All were bothered by his colorful tie.


to Dismiss for a suit? But it is bad manners.

Colleagues. He the Homeland in Davos sold

. To Americans at retail and wholesale. Besides he is Masson. And your Majesty abused the other day in a lock smoking-room.

Putin thoughtfully: I do not love

of Smokers. I love fighters. Which I put one on a tatami to another a close formation. The executioner, take also Gref. And ZhEKs take the leader. It bothered me from Baltic far. In total. Let us call it a day. I want to eat. There is enough work to the executioner.

Interval. Actors in buffet drink beer. Benitsiarov beats with a vobla the table edge.

- Guskov, I will not understand. Why one are changed for others.

- Process. In the movement everything put. Stagnation - to any king death.

- Yes, the king is played by suite.

- At ours faceless it. Students of a final year. Any national is not visible. Besides all from the lock patrimonial.

- the Second call. To us to the third to manage to rise by a scene.

- We to the third will be in time. Here to the king for the third term in any way.

- the People will ask - will be the king. We go on a scene, the public whistles and Action the second stamps legs …

. A tavern in port. Putin in a kimono listens to Berezovsky appearing on stage under a soundtrack. That does several pas - - and has a bass on three octaves.

- Oh, Russia unfortunate mine.

your wonderful countries wallowed in chaos and fornication.

I as became vile people,

Living in your counties.

Especially with my departure!

On a scene the father Hamlet`s shadow appears. Rises on pointes and sings a small soprano:

- Over Canada the sky blue.

Between birches rains slanting.

is So similar to Russia.

Only nevertheless not Russia.

Tries to make fuete, falls on hands to Putin. That pretends that he catches. Thoughtfully:

- Cherries in a garden at the uncle Vanya kept up.

A instead of cherries one cheerful laughter.

There is a corps de ballet (people). Sings polyphony:

- We the same want, we want too.

Putin clamps ears. Berezovsky (on three octaves lingeringly):

- Figs to vaaaa!

the Applause in the hall. Shouts “ Bravo “. Putin does to

twenty three fuete in a row.

the Hall bursts with delight. On a scene flowers fly. People:

- You are our idol. Pridi and Volodya, time so you are able.

Berezovsky goes in a squating position:

- And I could.

People: “ Ha - ha. Ha - ha. Ha - ha “.

Putin, a polozha a hand on Berezovsky`s head:

- to be or not to be. Here in what a question. The constitution is sacred?

father Hamlet`s Shadow: “ The Prime minister be, times the president do not want to be “


- the People keeps silence?

Corps de ballet: ________________________________________________________


- Precisely?




- Polonium traces in buffet. I die. To tea, tea!


- And me, the waiter, cognac. It is necessary to celebrate a victory. Hamlet`s shadow of the father, you are glad?


- Who, I?


- You are a shadow. Only shadow, though big person. Not to us couple. The suite at mine or at all has no shadow, or small it.

Berezovsky: “ About times “! Falls on a scene. Dies.

Shadow (maliciously): “ Chubais was given the country “ …

Putin (severely): “ Was. Now mine “. Does fifty three fuete in a row. “ Fradkov cannot also to five “!

People: “ Nobody can, only you, you, you “!

Putin thoughtfully: “ I Love “ Dip perpl “. Now we will sing “ The Child in time “.

People: “ Be famous, famous … “

Putin: “ It is not necessary further. And it is so clear to all. Happen also on the sun of a spot “.

the Hall, having jumped from chairs: “ On ours is not present! No! Is not present “!

Shadow: “ Ha - ha “.

Putin darted a glance at the Shadow.

Shadow: “ Neeeeeeeeeet “!

Curtain. Interval.

In an interval actors drink beer in buffet again and watch TV. In news show congress “ United Russia “. Just Putin declared himself at the head of the party list. A delight storm on faces of United Russia party members.

Actor Benitsiarov:

- I will not understand In any way why so to admire. Guskov, you remember Ilyich?

- Which. That in the mausoleum? there is no

- nearby.

- I Remember, I played it. In Uryupinsk, and that from that? there is no

- anything. Would pay more, it is ready to play any. Or not to play if will not pay.

- Those, in the TV play.

- Those clap. Play above. And Action the third is time for us on a scene …

. Royal palace. Putin, having stuffed up hands for a back goes on a scene. Sings:

- Why to me all this. Lived quietly playing a supporting role. Around one lies and acting.

I cannot Leave, remain too. The successor the person is invisible.

father Hamlet`s Shadow: there is no

- Kohl anybody here - appoint me.

- You? Only shadow. And I do not even wash! I will be

for ever - yours.

- is not necessary For ever, it is necessary for a while. Then you will disappear forever.

- Yes, yes, yes, a daaaaaa! I agree to become the first person.

- You will be the first. Right after me. To you to replace a surname. - Thinks. - Medvedev, Ivanov … Zubkov! A toothache for long four years to my enemies. You will be devoted?

- If I do not betray!

There is a corps de ballet. The orchestra plays “ Flight of a bumblebee “ Rimsky-Korsakov. The shadow, razlegshis in a chair sips " cocktail from a straw; Bloody Mary “.

- With what to begin. To bawl subordinates out or to banish whom to Sakhalin. All this small - but to Ljubo`s people...

Scenery change. Tchaikovsky`s music sounds. On a scene Putin`s colleagues appear. They, having joined hands represent dance of little swans. Putin on the place of the conductor wags with a conductor`s baton and sings:

- to Couples, couples, a pararara. Paraframes, paraframes, paraframes. In total - in eight years achieved tremendous coordination and unification of movements. Only in the Belarusian theater dance better, it is necessary to recognize honestly. Though the director at them is a little prostovat. - Knocks a stick on a lectern. - Everything, will be enough for today. It is time to be divided into groups. And that is sick all of you as like as two peas. And the public loves a variety.

Is done several ballet roles. To whom the public claps more, that also will dance further.

Shadow thoughtfully:

- the Actor and the director in one person. Ryazanov with Mikhalkov have a rest. Takes a uniform fruit and, having divided into parts, it different receives assortment! What it is focus?


is life. You, a shadow, do not know how the world is arranged. The public is blind. To inflate it it is short if she is ready to be inflated. You remember Shchukar to whom Roma inflated with air a mare behind. Also sold.


Ha - ha. The plug dropped out - a mare and fell.


Here you and that will hold a plug. So far I am a king here.

All participants of a performance step on the stage. Chorus together with the audience:

the King did not die. Long live and the king is well and is well!