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How to prepare a victory over the Arsenal (we rewrite the recipe-book)?

to Take two - three Brazilians. It is desirable directly from the national team. Brazilians have to be well well rested, it is desirable not involved in preparation of other dishes. It is also necessary that they well moved without ball, well understood each other and marked at saucepans of other culinary specialists.

Further to add all the rest, by the principle everything that is in the " refrigerator;. A special secret of preparation of the dish having such juicy taste and unique aroma - a special apportion of ingredients. On a bottom it is traditional to put a vorotchik without special defects, having thoroughly covered it with defenders pogabaritisty. Further to add three halfbacks of the defensive plan, having stamped on the center. On each side to thrust fast-growing bunches of krayk, and it is admissible if the right flank in the course of cooking sinks on a bottom. From above to lay out Brazilians. To add the field half-and-half and fans to taste. From 25 thousand and more. To cool up to the water crystallization temperature. To fill in a saucepan with motivation that hid all ingredients which are in it. to Deliver to

a dish on slow fire. To prepare, constantly stirring slowly. At the correct preparation Brazilians have to emerge up and move freely on a surface. In the course of cooking to remove the emerging positive result and to spread on a dish which will move on a table. Through 45 - 47 it to pass to remove a pan from fire. To merge motivation, to cool vegetables, to fill in with fresh motivation.

to Heat, increase intensity of stirring. Not to bring a dish to boiling. In about 80 - 85 minutes to get Brazilians from a saucepan, previously having exploited from them. To add couple of Croats, on extreme a case very young Serbians or Russians will go. To shout, wave with hands, bringing to readiness. Exactly on 94 - y to minute to remove from fire and to cool slightly. Before giving on a table to lay out on it is red - a blue plateau. For surroundings it is possible to decorate a dish with petrodollars and tiny (that it was not visible to UEFA) Roman Abramovich`s portraits.

Bon appetit!