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How there were names Lev and Roza? One of versions.

Once, walking on park, I heard as the old pink bush told young escape a strange story.

Davny - long ago when the sun shone brighter, trees were higher and I was younger, there lived a young man, beautiful and strong. It was not more brave than it in all the district. The hvatkost it was similar to a lion. He lived in the palace, protected the tsar and the people from a different misfortune. There was no way to enemies on our earth!

Force inhuman appeared at the young man when it protected the Homeland. The nature helped it with fight. Both animals, and birds, and plants. Said that the king of beasts was his father. And called it: Lev, lion son. For victories, bravery, that it in fights gave itself(himself) completely, without feeling sorry for life, holding up heart kind, fair, Lev`s gods awarded with immortality.

In the palace there lived the kind tsar, and it had a daughter Roza. Fresh, as dew. Gentle, as soon as the dismissed bud. Tender, as kitten. Where there was a girl, flowers of surprising beauty grew on that place.

The father began to notice as the daughter`s cheeks at the sight of the young man flare. It became joyful at it at heart. The daughter grew up. Without mother raised the flower, worshipped.

Only it became gloomy, gnaws heart melancholy about the daughter, the father as the child began to think to save. For his life, as if the daughter had not to pay for love.

When there was he young, fell in love with the girl similar to a rose. Without it did not see light of life. There was she the daughter of the tsar of flowers. But a different century at the person and at a flower. The tsar began to ask gods to help it with the grief. Gods heard a request and took pity on it. Instead of one year, seven years lived lovers in peace. But also seven years for the loving hearts past quickly. When darling thawed in night, the tsar came to ask to gods for the daughter the only. Again gods helped it: also daughters human gave a century.

Roza`s beauty won the heart of the strong young man. He could not live without its aroma, without beauty unearthly, without words of its tender. He asked in marriage the beauty. The father told the son-in-law about the trouble. Also Lev told:

- There is no life to me without Roza. How many it is given us by gods, it is so much and we will be together.

Seven days and feasted nights. In seven years they had already three sons and one daughter. Sons play as young lions. The daughter laughs as if the streamlet ringing is poured, sun beams with her are amused. The nature - her godmother.

But also here the century comes to an end. Quickly years flew. And when Roza`s life ended, Lev gracefully settled at an entrance to the palace a lion and as if hardened.

Children of the parents repeat, their destinies are very similar.

Roz on our Crimean earth is a lot of. And Lions always on guards of our Homeland.

From year to year, from century to century is replenished our earth with beautiful Roses and noble Lions. And gods help us with it! - it is proud the pink bush finished the history.