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Whether you know a legend of the noble Crimea?

Twelve million years ago from abysses of the huge ancient ocean Tetis rose the amazing peninsula. As if the giant woke up from long hibernation, became straight, leaning on the continent one hand.

Lifted up eyes to the sky and plunged into a Universe chasm The Crimea was frightened, it got used to live at the bottom, knowing each corner and all underwater inhabitants, and, having seen so much novel, decided to return back.

But here heard as the surprised seagulls, soaring over the earth, shouted: - Remain

! Remain!

Dolphins, joyfully jumping out of water, smiled, chirred:

- Hi, the kid! We welcome you!

Ancient people, running on the continent, exclaimed:

- Hurrah! Novaya Zemlya!

All and all rejoiced to emergence of a new miracle!

Decided the Crimea to stay for a while on a surface, to learn life out of water, and even to take root on the earth for the benefit of all persons in need in it. He looked around, saw the sun, the sky, clouds giving water, and the wonderful country under them created by gods. The genial sunshine warmed it beams.

He considered from height of mountains, luxuriating in sunshine as waves of the azure sea on the horizon are smoothly poured in the iridescent sky. He admired a crimson decline and crimson dawn. For a giant everything was big opening!

Mountains directed up. Noisy falls turned into the rivers, and sometimes calmed down quiet lakes. Acacias, chestnuts, wistarias blossomed. In the sky cypresses lasted, palm trees threw out large leaves, pines tickled clouds fluffy branches, letting out aroma of needles. The fantastic fern in the woods grew, and mushrooms and berries satisfied hunger of inhabitants of the peninsula. In the valley lions, elephants and giraffes strolled. Proud peacocks shook tails - fans, creating a cool in hot days.

There were people. They were glad to the new earth. Also decided to master its open spaces. Grew up gardens, built housing. Thanks to their work the magnificent city grew from white marble on the seashore. Columns and statues of gods decorated it. The only problem all living on this earth was that there was not enough fresh water. And all living on the peninsula shared with each other last straws. The sort increased, and water did not increase.

And then people chose the strongest, brave and courageous young man and sent him to sky depths to constellation of Aquarius. Bitterly mother and the girl began to cry, but there is nothing to do: for good things of life on the earth released native and favourite. The young man sat down on a winged horse of Pegasus and rushed off to stars. Reached constellation of Aquarius and asked water for inhabitants of the Crimea.

- Well, I will satisfy this request, - the owner of constellation answered, - but only in exchange for service One I. Also there is the only person who can be near me in all centuries: this is the girl born for the benefit. Call its Noble. The young man who this girl understood.

- This girl - my bride, - took courage and he told, - but there are girls and with more beautiful names, such as Kind, Sympathetic, Disinterested, Native, Favourite...

- I need the girl with the name Noble, - Aquarius told.

The young man condoled, but there is nothing to do. Decided to go down on the earth and to take away the noble girl from the peninsula.

- is good, let will be as you want, I will bring to you this girl!

As soon as he said it, Aquarius scattered from the gold jug three times, and on the peninsula water zazhurchat, new falls, the rivers and lakes appeared:

- Thanks, the person, for your bravery, courage and... let Noble and other girls live on the earth. And for the fact that you offered also yourself and darling, I give you water not simple, but curative and all who will drink it will be always healthy and happy.

Since then much water has flowed under the bridges, but our times were reached by a legend of the courageous young man and the noble girl. From century to century people retell this history which developed into a legend about the Noble Crimea . And Aquarius still one dominates in the constellation, shines people and pours healing water on the earth.

Remembers this history and our giant - the peninsula of Crimea!

He rejoices that gave a shelter to so many living beings. Endows with riches, plentiful harvests and warm weather. The giant when on the Crimean earth hostility happens frowns and punishes, sending a drought, earthquakes and the fires.

It compares itself(himself) and the person. In many respects they are similar. Very little heat, kindness, diligence is necessary to remain to live for the sake of life on the earth under a dome of the star sky.

From three parties caresses the coast of our peninsula Black Sea, and from the fourth party - Azov, and only a thin Perekopsky isthmus as if the friendly hand, connects our peninsula to the continent.

And the people living on it study the underwater world, life on Earth and all Universe.