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What is an adiantum and as to look after it?

the Adiantum (Adianthum) belong to family of pterisovy (Pteridaceae). The homeland - the moderate, subtropical and tropical regions of Eurasia and South Africa, South America, Australia and other areas of the planet.

The sort Adiantum includes about 200 grassy perennials. In nature grows in crevices of calcareous rocks, on coast of the rivers, in the woods, in mountains, at falls. Adiantum Venus hair meets in a wild look in the Caucasus and in the Crimea. This is one of the most beautiful representatives of this family in room floriculture.

The adiantum received the name from Greek adiant ( and - not diant - to moisten ) . The matter is that leaves of this plant are not moistened with water, droplets just roll down from their surface.

The adiantum has creeping darkly - the brown rhizome from which the long thin small stalks covered with lace of gentle depart is bright - green small leaflets. Different types differ with the sizes of leaves (from 5 to 60 cm), degree of their branching and a structure of small leaflets.

In room floriculture several types of an adiantum are known: adiantum wedge-shaped (Adianthum cuneatum), adiantum beautiful (Adianthum formosum) (up to 1 m high), adiantum melkoopushenny (Adianthum hispidulum). But the type of Adiantum capillus - veneris is most widespread.

Conditions of keeping . An adiantum, as well as it is necessary to the real fern, does not love direct sunshine. Under the sun its appearance worsens, leaves strongly turn pale and hang. It is better to support him in a penumbra at scattered lighting. Well east and northern windows approach. Drafts and sharp cold air, tobacco smoke and dust affect an adiantum perniciously. Therefore in the summer the room should be aired regularly.

It is better to place this plant in moderately - the warm room and far away from heating devices. Optimum air temperature for an adiantum is not above 20 C, and in the winter in a dormant period he feels more comfortably at 15 C. Lower temperature at plentiful watering leads to rotting of root system, the plant strikes a fungal disease gray decay. At high temperature and dryness of air leaflets dry, and the plant can die. Therefore it is very useful to spray it every day twice boiled water from a spray. It will increase humidity of air and will protect a plant from subsidence on its leaves of dust.

It is necessary to water an adiantum all the year round, constantly watching that the soil did not dry up. And only in a dormant period watering is a little reduced. Water for watering has to be soft, room temperature, not contain lime. In the veseena - the summer period twice a month an adiantum feed up solution of fertilizers.

Change and reproduction. the Adiantum does not demand big ware for the placement. It long enough grows in a close pot. And only at obvious narrowness when its growth stops, and roots fill all pot, it is necessary to replace a plant in larger capacity. Earth mix has to be easy, friable and it is good to pass water. Because stagnation of water for an adiantum is unacceptable. At the bottom of a pot existence of a drainage opening and good layer of a drainage is obligatory.

The optimum composition of mix includes by one part of peat, the humous, sheet earth and sand. If the soil more dense and heavy, young leaflets, vay, are not able to break through outside. It is useful to add to the soil large (2 - 3 cm) pieces of bark or expanded clay, it is a little moss of a sphagnum and pounded charcoal. Unlike other types of ferns prefer neutral or alkalescent pochvosmes.

Make multiple copies an adiantum generally vegetativno, dividing the adult expanded plant into parts. It is better to do it in the spring or at the beginning of summer. At division of a rhizome to be careful - a plant very fragile. When landing young plants in a pot it is necessary to watch that the root neck was not buried. The damaged and absolutely old leaves in the course of leaving accurately cut out.

Possible problems.

Drying of tips of leaves, an usykhaniye and fragility of stalks - the reason in too warm and dry air near heating devices, in draft. It is necessary to create more suitable conditions of keeping, to remove the dried-out leaves and an adiantum again will recover.

Leaves lose intensity of green coloring, become faintly - yellow, dim - the reason in influence of direct sunshine, too plentiful watering in the absence of a drainage opening, or in a lack of food. It is necessary to clean a plant in a penumbra, to settle the mode of watering or to feed up solution of fertilizers for dekorativnolistvenny plants.

Yellowing of leaves happens at insufficient watering and stagnation of air in not aired room.

If practically all leaves dried , it is necessary to remove them, to put a pot in a penumbra and regularly carefully to humidify the soil. At live roots the plant will soon let out new leaflets.

Faded and sluggish leaves - too plentiful watering at the lowered temperature, can arise rotting of roots.

Adiantums - very gentle plants therefore adverse conditions (a lack of moisture, dryness of air, remoistening, bad air exchange, low or high temperature of contents) can become the reason of their death.

Wreckers very seldom are found on adiantum leaves. It is caused by a specific chemical composition of leaves of ferns. Sometimes it is possible to find on them a ferny plant louse, a shchitovka. They are on the lower party of leaves. Leaves become brown and perish. In that case apply the corresponding preparations to pest control.