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How to grow up an abutilon?

the Abutilon (Abutilon), or a room maple, belong to family of malvovy (Malvacea). The homeland of this plant are damp rainforests of Africa, the Southern Asia, South America. The sort unites more than 1000 types widespread in tropical and subtropical areas of the globe. Representatives of a sort - grassy plants, bushes, it is rare - small trees.

In room culture the abutilon hybrid, a bush, or a small tree up to 1,5 m high is usually grown up. Its graceful carved leaflets in the form remind leaves of an ordinary maple for what it also got at us in the people the tender nickname klyonik . The abutilon single or gathered till 2 - 3 drooping flowers similar to hand bells, blossoms on thin long pedicels.

Coloring of flowers varies from snow-white to ognenno - red. At good leaving it blossoms practically all year. There are plants with is white - motley leaves against which bright flowers look very effectively. Thompson`s abutilon is especially beautiful with it is yellow - motley leaves and terry flowers.

Conditions of keeping . The place for an abutilon is chosen very light, slightly protected from direct sunshine. During active vegetation, on an extent - summer months, plentiful watering from podkormka complex fertilizers of times in 2 - 3 weeks is necessary for the veseena. In the fall watering is gradually reduced, but watch that there was no full drying of the soil. Because when redrying an earth lump there is a dropping foliage and buds.

In the winter watering is reduced even more and reduce contents temperature to 12 - 14 C, but the place still has to be well lit, with scattered sunlight. For increase in humidity of air the abutilon is periodically sprayed boiled water from a sprayer. In the spring after getting out of winter rest it is useful to make cutting of krone then plants strongly branch and more plentifully blossom. The cut-off shanks can be used for reproduction.

Change and reproduction. The Soil for an abutilon has to be nutritious and is formed approximately in the following proportions: 2 parts of the humous earth, 2 parts of the cespitose earth and by 1 part of peat and sand. This plant differs in quite rapid growth therefore at an opleteniye roots of all earth lump make transfer in more spacious ware.

The abutilon a cherenkovaniye and seeds, except for poecilophyllous grades which breed only a cherenkovaniye breeds. Cut off small shanks, put to the damp friable soil, cover with a can or a film and put to the warm light place for rooting. It is possible to implant the cut-off escapes and in water, having put them in lightproof capacity. After growth of backs 1 - 2 cm long young plants put to the easy nutritious soil for further growing.

At reproduction by seeds they are sowed in the spring to the easy soil on small depth and, having covered with glass or a film, place in the warm place for germination. Periodically carefully moisten soil with warm water. Shoots appear in 2 - 3 weeks. At seed reproduction of a plant blossom approximately in 6 - 7 months from the moment of emergence of shoots.

Possible problems.

Leaves turn pale, are displaced - from - for drafts, the low air temperature, rotting of roots from excess watering in the oseena - the winter period, defeats by wreckers. It is necessary to modify conditions of keeping to optimum parameters. When rotting root system to take a plant from the soil, to cut off all decayed roots, to powder with pounded coal of the place of cuts and to dry a little. Then to replace to the fresh soil and further carefully to water, to an absolute recovery.

Yellowing and dying off of leaves - at a lack of nutrients of the soil, from - for dry air indoors. The defect of food is easily eliminated with the help podkormok flower fertilizers. And humidity of air is increased by spraying of krone or having placed a pot on a tray with damp expanded clay.

At the edges of leaves the brown dry border - from - for dryings of the soil and too cold air appears. It is necessary to adjust the watering mode and to transfer a plant to other place where more warmly and there are no cold drafts.

From wreckers a plant louse, shchitovka, a web tick, mealy chervets most of all harm an abutilon. As a rule, wreckers appear at gross violations of conditions of keeping. With them combat the help of the corresponding preparations.