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Tutankhamun: the greatest opening or falsification of a century? Part 3

In two previous parts (part 1 and part 2) we considered the circumstances accompanying detection and excavation of a tomb of Tutankhamun. Now we will talk about not less known Pharaoh`s damnation .

The Death fast paces will overtake the one who will intrude upon leisure of the dead governor! - such inscription was found in Tutankhamun`s tomb. And these words came true: within eight years after excavation of a tomb all who were involved in this event died. By 1930 only Howard Carter survived.

A legend about Pharaoh`s damnation appeared in the first year since the beginning of excavation. As the reason the mysterious death of the main sponsor of this expedition of the lord of Caernarfon in 1923 when he died of blood poisoning as a result of careless shaving served. Then suddenly died Archibald Reyd doing the x-ray analysis of a mummy; A. K. Meys which opened a tomb together with Carter; young secretary of Carter lord Vestburn. The lady Caernarfon died of a sting of a mosquito. Several participants of excavation committed suicide: the stepbrother of Caernarfon Shave Herbert, the father of the secretary of Carter lord Vestburn is senior the Version which was heard from Carter seems to

unconvincing: he called it a chain of accidents. But how there can be accident a death of one behind another of 21 person who were taking part in this well-known excavation? It is somehow not similar to just fatal combination of circumstances. Carter was the main profaner of a tomb and, proceeding from Pharaoh`s damnations would have to die the first. But it did not occur, the death overtook only other direct witnesses and participants of those researches.

More than 80 years scientists fight in search of an explanation of the reasons of these death. Someone believes in mysticism, considering that this damnation all - worked. Someone insists that in a tomb there were pathogenic bacteria which ruined researchers. The consensus is not reached today. But everything can be much simpler: witnesses of possible falsification were just eliminated in various ways.

Perhaps, Carter himself also started rumors about Pharaoh`s damnation to distract public attention from the strange circumstances accompanying excavation. It is not excluded that the skilled archeologists and researchers who took part in them began to doubt at some moment authenticity of the found Tutankhamun`s tomb. And then hitmen or even intelligence agencies of Egypt could come to the rescue of Carter.

Results of this excavation as it was already told earlier, were favorable to both G. Carter, and the government of Egypt. He became the first Egyptologist of the world and decently earned from the opening. And the government of the country was enriched for millions of dollars, having sold out the majority of values of Tutankhamun`s tomb for fabulous money in the known museums of the world. Only the small part of the treasures found in this tomb is stored in Cairo. And if to consider what profit and until now is brought in treasury by the numerous tourists from around the world attracted with desire to look at Tutankhamun`s tomb, then becomes obvious that benefit from this business was not single. It is quite probable that organizers of possible falsification for the sake of such prospects could go for several murders.

Eventually, the one who counted on obtaining excellent dividends and could finance such action. It is unlikely the English aristocrat lord Caernarfon would begin to risk the reputation and situation in society for the sake of similar doubtful fraud. Therefore it is no wonder that authorities of Egypt could become the ally and Carter`s sponsor.

Unfortunately, still nobody was engaged in careful studying of all strangenesses and disagreements accompanying searches and excavation of the well-known tomb of Tutankhamun. And close examination of all these circumstances yes with application of already modern means of scientific researches could answer all questions and is final dispel the arising doubts.