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How to learn to live cheerfully, despite everything?

Are such magic word - Simoron . Outlook on life through Simoron`s prism changes everything around: learns to see in any trouble good and to thank the lucky stars for all troubles which fall on your head! It is easy to tell? When the computer does not work, someone got nasty or affairs &ndash are not glued; it is simpler to bryaknut a strong mot. But if you do not become embittered, and will smile in reply - in it nevertheless there is the logic.

You remember the movie Armageddon ? The enormous meteorite flies towards to Earth. NASA makes the decision to shoot according to it. Shoot with all the dope. And the meteorite does not decrease, and on the contrary - becomes twice more! Evil comes from evil. And in Simorona. Your destiny - this is such unpleasant clodhopper (the spiteful old man, new Russian brother dirty hryun - as want!) which checks you for durability. Let`s conditionally call his Wan. And further - we communicate as with the insane the person: accurately, gently and with a smile.

For example, you strongly hurt a leg (fie - fie, of course!) and at once you speak: Thanks a lot, Vanechka, could break in general! I Will agree, a little absurdly, but it is ridiculous! And the smile, as we know, changes us. And then, if sincere forces allow, mentally present to this Vanya some gift. He tries to take away from you health - means, he needs a bathtub with a sea resin or a big suitcase with medicines now. If you break the &ndash equipment; safely you give this insatiable a miracle - yudo - the unit etc. Of course, if you talk with Ivan Ivanychem aloud, will hardly look at people around on you on - kind. But who prevents to commit the thoughts to paper or to speak them mentally?

Transfer a problem to a chastushka. Compose some absurd text. Present that you are listened by a small group of mice who right there begin to hop. Or think that upon termination of the working day you will go outside and you will see pack of the rolls flying on the sky. The world before your eyes will just change!

By the way, information to reflection: we attract only what already is in us. In other words, if it seems to you that around it is full of ugly and spiteful people, means you a little …

of People grows, taking with itself in adulthood children`s offenses. It with bitterness picks old wounds also makes the same mistakes. The most difficult, simoronets say, to release all this. Problem, illness, uncomprehending you person - to release! Pretty often parents do not want to weaken control over the grown-up children. Wives indefinitely saw husbands for boozes - parties. We with pleasure go on doctors, trying to find even more perfect medicine for the sores. Friends, it is necessary just to weaken pressure! It by the principle of a loop: the stronger you escape, the stronger it overflows you.

Relations with close people - special subject. If there is a strong wish to check as far as you are dear to the friend - refuse to it something. That is consciously create between you a barrier. If after that he does not take offense, and your relations will only become stronger - means, everything is all right. If the person was gone and does not want to understand why you suddenly refused to him, so these are not those relations which should have been kept. Only do not begin to put barriers before all friends at once. Leave some backs. Otherwise friends will just leave in the world of the lost things !

Offenses and complexes can live in us for years. Over time you, of course, learn to forgive offenders and to forget troubles. Try to repeat after optimist Duremar: Five thousand More buckets - and gold our key! . All del - that!

Main: in your life the love surely has to appear! At all not to the spouse, children or a dog. Very strongly it is necessary to be got to fall in love! Speak to yourself in love of the house in front of the mirror, make to yourself small gifts (walk in park, the favourite magazine, a meeting with friends), smile to yourself. And further - as on written: to envy nobody, every day with a smile to meet the sun, to care for weak, to trust friends and to help all living beings on the earth. Good luck!