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Secret of an old dolmen

They are much more senior than the Egyptian pyramids, to them it is more than ten thousand years. Mossy plates keep in themselves many secrets. They are very different, these mighty stone giants. At everyone - the soul, the character. One the tender and gentle, extending around themselves thin aura of love, harmony and pleasure. Seek to approach them closer, gently iron hands rough and as though warm plates. Others - strict and severe give forces and confidence, from them blows as immutable justice of the original soldier. There is a wish to stand just quietly nearby, to think. They are called by dolmens. The ancient megaliths scattered on all coast of the Black Sea and Adriatic Sea, which are found on severe slopes of Great Albion and far in the north.

As it often happens, having faced one secret, find the road to comprehension another. And riddles of dolmens open the road to depths of other, much more important secret, secret of human soul.

People follow to dolmens health, a consolation, the solution of everyday problems, in search of darling, the place in lives. But like the treasured room, from Tarkovsky`s movie Stalker the dolmen works with the most intimate questions which are born in himself by the person. The answer not always comes in the form of words. Often it happens the whole chain of events, meetings which change outlook and destiny, helping to reveal our soul. Very often, in turmoil of small affairs we miss something important for the sake of what we actually and were born. Travel to a dolmen allows to understand, rethink and let in the informal, not expressed as words form, to answer for itself that main issue on which solution the success of our life on this earth depends.

According to many researchers after a while after visit there comes the intensification of vital processes, and not only at the physiological level, but also in external circumstances. Consequences of our acts are shown quicker, results become brighter, obvious. If it is good luck - big if a problem, requiring the urgent solution. As a result, the person in unit of time has to accept for himself the bigger number of the vital decisions, and it demands reconsideration of many vital values, allows the person to gather quicker experience, to study. And still, a lot of things depend on a spirit, intention of the person who visited a dolmen, by the experience I can tell that most of all changes happen in that area of life to which the attention of the person is directed.

Several years ago very few people knew about wonderful properties of dolmens. Rare visitors could hardly connect the changes happening in the life with some stone constructions. The attention to these megaliths was drawn by Vladimir Megre`s books. The legend told Vladimir by the taiga witch doctor Anastasia fascinates. Davny - long ago, more than ten thousand years ago people were able to live in harmony the nature, they had knowledge of Great laws of the universe and held sacred and carried out them. But suddenly something occurred, the mankind gradually to lose the principles organic communication with world around. But there was a way the vivifying source of knowledge allowing these people to keep. The best of people retired to specially created constructions, dolmens, indulging in eternal meditation there. By power of their spirit near a dolmen the channel on which those who aspired could obtain vital information remained. This channel remained in the millennia. But there was time, who knew many of those about wonderful properties of dolmens died, gradually began to forget about these surprising constructions. And here now by efforts of many people, those who were inspired by this legend dolmens began to carry out the role again.

Researches of dolmens carried away me. It as the most interesting travel during which your ideas of world around change and together with these representations you change and you are. If to trust a legend, in the history of mankind there were periods full of secrets and riddles which remained far outside attention of modern science. It forced me to look for information from other sources which at least are indirectly concerning this area. To compare the obtained data, to draw conclusions. Results are very interesting.

From where there were dolmens what their history, how they are connected with other areas of human activity?

And so, the dolmen is a megalytic construction, the name comes from the Breton tol - a table, men - a stone, as a rule it is difficult from four stone plates put on an edge, and covered with the fifth plate, usually plates are adjusted very densely. Thickness of plates is about thirty centimeters, the cross sizes of one and a half two meter. The dolmens executed from an integral piece of a stone, and also put from stone blocks meet, but it is much more rare. In front part there is an opening, diameter about a half a meter which is closed by a massive stone stopper. Traffic jams usually found near dolmens or directly in an opening. Multiton plates from which put a dolmen outside are almost though sometimes plates are decorated with an ornament not processed, but from the inside, forming chamber walls, are carefully leveled, sometimes almost polished. What is interesting - around places where there are dolmens - odinochno or group, become swollen soil; landslides break, mud streams rush, but it was never necessary to find out any violations from these terrible and dangerous phenomena though sometimes the brow of failure of a landslide settles down all in ten meters from a dolmen. And on places of ancient landslides the destroyed parts of dolmens never met. This fantastic forecast for the millennia forward - is truly surprising! Locals note that megaliths always built in good places where it is possible to have a rest, think, relax, to find water.

As a rule as material for dolmens served quartz sandstone which sometimes it was necessary to deliver to a site for many kilometers. In this regard the hypothesis made by the Gelendzhik researchers is interesting. Most of all dolmen reminds model of Absolutely Black Body, a such ideal radiator, dolmen material - quartz sandstone, the mineral possessing very interesting properties, in particular, ability to generate electric current as a result of compression (pyezoeffekt), and also to maintain constancy of fluctuations (stabilization of frequency). Its application in radio engineering is based on it. Under the influence of electric current crystals of quartz generate ultrasound (the return pyezoeffekt). It is established also that at mechanical deformations quartz is capable to generate radio waves. Crust breaks near which dolmens under certain conditions are located are capable to play a role of wave guides, dolmens then can carry out function both receivers, and radiators.

We will assume that before a dolmen there is a person, its radiation can be caught by a dolmen, is transformed to ultrasonic fluctuations and directed on a break - a wave guide to other dolmens, at the same time if near them there is a person who is adjusted on the same wave, then he can apprehend the transferred information. Moreover, it is possible to assume that this information can collect and be stored in this system somehow. That, possibly it is global information system of ancient times.

Also other fact, despite the extreme prevalence is interesting, dolmens meet only near the coastline, it is few of them in the depth of the continent. Coast of the Black, Adriatic, Mediterranean seas, Ireland and Great Britain, allegedly some regions of the North of Europe. What the culture stretched so widely and at the same time attached to the sea coast is?

Turns on itself and time of presumable construction of dolmens of 10000 years BC. On many legends there was a crash of legendary Atlantis at this particular time. It have in the Mediterranean Sea, in various regions of Atlantic, in the Black Sea. But all these points somehow fine remind areas of distribution of dolmens.

are not creators of dolmens the remains of the people of Atlantis? In favor of this version also the legend indirectly testifies. If to address some esoteric sources, then it is possible will study the theory according to which the mankind passed several stages in the development, races during which one of the principles of human consciousness developed. Our race - Aryan, its main objective to develop the mental principle, to learn to think, analyze, trace regularities. The previous race Atlantic - developed the astral principle, the principle of a chuvstvovaniye, perception. For the person - Atlantis the world was live, complete, knowledge of its regularities was not output in the logical way, and just stayed in consciousness of the person as a reality. And here, just about ten thousand years ago, succeeded the Atlantic race Aryan, developing the principle of mind. Mind - analyzes, compares. That is the complete, tableau vivant breaks into dead fragments. The person temporarily stops being a harmonious component of world around. This that also forces to take serious measures for preservation of the remains of ancient, complete knowledge, to build dolmens.

Certificates from absolutely other area are interesting. According to anthropologists many thousands years ago most of people were lefthanders, that is at them dominated the right, figurative hemisphere, and about five thousand years ago the bulk of mankind became right-handed persons. By the way, such creative persons as Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Picasso were lefthanders The people striving for synthetic perception of the world. It is symbolical that this subject arose now on Hera Vodoleya`s threshold when the new race arises, awaking with its purpose to master the new, budkhichesky principle, the principle of synthesis. Complete perception of the world of Atlases, (our roots) and possibilities of analytical mind ariyev have to merge.

What knowledge ancient civilizations had? On reached us to fragments, legends, assumptions it is difficult to construct an exact picture. Data of an obryvochna are also scattered on different sources. In particular, the researcher of knowledge of druids Douglas Monro in the book 24 lessons of Merlin mentioned that Stonehenge and other megaliths besides supervision over heavenly bodies had a huge role and in so-called ritual of a threshold - opening of a door to other worlds, other measurements. For ritual a peculiar stone gate - P - a figurative construction from boulders was used, but such sign can often be seen in the form of a convex relief on a dolmen facade. How dolmens can be connected with ritual of transition to other measurements?

My attention was drawn by Sergey Volganov`s article published in the Internet also devoted to riddles of dolmens. It draws a parallel between rituals ancient seeing, described in Carlos Castaneda`s books. The technician dreaming travel were a basis of these ancient. The consciousness of the person under influence defined the practician could leave a body and travel around various worlds. Such travel could take considerable time. And what body? The body needed to be kept. The massive chamber of a dolmen protected from all directions, located in the place, impregnable for elements, approaches for this purpose as well as possible. And one more moment how it was already mentioned, dolmens are capable to generate the ultrasonic radiation modulated by low-frequency sound vibrations much likely various priborchik for meditation or a relaxation are known, in them the sound vibrations modulated on the frequency of 4 - 12 Hz close to an alpha and a theta to brain rhythms whether the same effect was used here are used? As a power source for operation of such generator energy of micro pushes of crust as dolmens are in zones of the increased seismic activity could be used.

All this allows to assume that not only the dolmen exerts impact on the visitors, but also the person is part of this difficult system. It is in this way interesting to track what consequences can have the process of revival of dolmens started by Megre.

To dolmens there are people inspired by Anastasia`s ideas those who wants to make the homeland happier, life - joyful, filled. They strive for the solution of the problems arising on this way. All this leads to the fact that around a dolmen the field of aspiration generated by people to love is created, pleasures and harmonies, this field interacts with the field of a dolmen, under certain conditions there can come the resonance, energy of love repeatedly amplifies. If the hypothesis that all dolmens are connected among themselves through breaks of crust is right, then it is broadcast on all other megaliths and perceived by surrounding space and people. Those who visited near dolmens carry away with himself a piece of this energy, carries away ability to perceive and be adjusted on this energy in any other place.