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How to become the competent writer?

we Will be defined at once: the speech - about literacy, about the correct writing of letters in words and words in offers. All of us in some degree - writers, only our literacy is various.

Sadly to see the texts abounding with spelling and syntactic errors. In most cases authors of these works passed high school, study in higher education institution or already graduated.

It is difficult to believe that at final and entrance examinations they wrote: navryatl to get to the bottom (from to dig), patamushto allocated with commas a participial phrase before the defined word, and also reflexive verbs of an uncertain form deprived decent to them of a soft sign before - sya . Several such mistakes - and a failure at examination (on introductory, at least!) it is provided. If through an examination sieve of people broke - a certain literacy behind soul was available.

Where got to? It is lost, indistinct, it did not become necessary... Others understand own written illiteracy as a problem, others coquet: I do not see the mistakes! .

Not cardinally, but at least partially the trouble can be helped if it is correct to adjust a text editor. I work with Word - ohm, about it and the speech will be.

Word gives us the chance to adjust verification of the text under the requirements and opportunities. That check became possible, choose at a toolbar in the " menu; " Service; " team; " Language; in it To Choose the " language; - Russian.

In the same " menu; " Service; choose the " command; " Parameters; in it the " tab; Spelling . Attentively look at all appointments which are made there by default - whether accept them you? Perhaps you will consider something necessary to change under .

Then press the " button; " Control;. And here look attentively at everything that is offered to you by the program. You can appoint strict check in a set of rules - and look how your text will be estimated.

An inspection is carried out double. If at you on the " tab; Spelling automatic spelling and grammars is put - you see gathered in Word - e the text with underlinings: red lines note problems spelling, green - grammatical. When pressing the F7 key you cause the " dialog box; Spelling in which to you on each problem point in your article the clever car provides the rule. In conclusion of work the program will give you an assessment of the text on the level of education, legibility, to harmony, quantity of compound sentences.

By the way, I quite so also checked this text. It`s a go: level of education of 7,8 of 20, ease of reading 78,4%, number of compound sentences of 3,8%, harmony of 92,2 of 100.

Such strict verification of the text not only will help you to find mistakes in the text. The most important - she will slow down to you work with the text, will make reading slow - so, and more attentive. This primitive editor will help you with independent editing your texts.

To save time, having released it both on creativity, and on editing of the text, it is possible on automation of routine operations.

For example, on procedure of scoping of the text. We find text volume in printed characters with gaps in the same " menu; " Service; " team; Statistics .

It is simple to bring this command to a toolbar. For what in the " menu; Look we find the " team; " Toolbars; in it - the " tab; " Control;. In categories we press on " service; and in " teams; we find Statistics - also we move it on a toolbar.

Now it is enough to enter the text, to press the " button; Recalculation - and you learn text volume (only once it is necessary to choose still characters with spaces . By the way, if you type the text with footnotes - in " Service; - Statistics it should be noted To Consider all footnotes ).

One more possibility of saving of time during the work on article - use of the " team; To Replace (in the " menu; Editing ) .

The matter is that except the printed signs there are also signs unprintable, but carrying out a certain function in the text. For example, pilcron, tabulation sign, sign of a rupture of a line... " team; To Replace offers to find and to replace on not only the printed signs, but also unprintable. To see them, press on the " tab; To Find and replace " button; Special .

The cursor at you costs in the field To Find and you among Special you choose pilcron . Having moved the cursor in the field To Replace on - choose pilcron twice. Also press the " button; To Replace everything .

It here in the way you exempt yourself from need for the end of each paragraph of ready article to press Enter - article by means of automatic replacement will get formatting, and in such look the text can be placed in the " editor; Schools of Life . It is also possible to eliminate excess gaps in the text.

Moreover, at desire it is quite simple to write a macro which will execute with the text these operations - elimination of excess gaps, replacement of one pilcron by two - one for another automatically, without demanding intermediate teams. But it is rather in detail told by Dmitry Shomin in the article " about it; How to get rid of routine during the work with the computer? .