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How to become the competent reader?

Are quite regular in ShZh lead the conversation that it is necessary to enter supposedly an assessment of articles on several indicators. Relevance of a subject, extent of its disclosure, showiness of heading, literacy, style, and also everyones ephemerality - existence or absence spark enthusiasm and gloss .

Discussion breaks out - and dies away from arguments against . And the subject leaves in " archive; - until, when the next not indifferent person once again will not think of how it is unfair for everything in article to give the one and only mark.

Meanwhile there is other way of accumulation of justice, than complication of system of an assessment. More simply, and it is more favorable to all - to acquire skill of competent reading. Then notorious units and the five will find new sense and value.

We will try to analyse the reader`s relations with the text and to find the scheme of reading accepted by .

To this or that article on To School of Life you come for one of several reasons:

1) you were attracted by heading,

2) you were attracted by a name of the author,

3) you are interested in a subject.

Anyway it is better to read the text not in one step. It will be more useful both to you, and to the author if at first you fluently check article, estimate it on clothes . This jog will define for you - whether it is worth spending time for the text in general. In general it is possible to call a method screening.

I. Screening of texts

At fluent, sifting viewing of texts you note the following:

1) you estimate compliance of registration to rules.

the Text as many know, has to be broken into the paragraphs separated from each other in the probelny line. Paragraphs should not be big, the optimum size - 2 - 3 - 4 offers. Commas, points, question and exclamation marks, colons, dots, semicolons, the closed brackets and quotes are put without gaps at the left; the opening brackets, should have no quotes of gaps on the right.

2) you estimate literacy of the author and the text. to Some people at the first view of the text it becomes opposite to

from abundance of spelling errors. Such or at once put the two and leave from the text, or leave the angry comment in this respect. The main thing - they stop being readers of this text and, most likely, this author.

It is necessary to be competent. Without references to a lack of time, that fingers on keys do not get. If the author spreads the text abounding with spelling errors - it testifies it the disrespect for readers.

3) you estimate structuring the text.

Even at fluent viewing becomes obvious: in the text there is an introduction, the developed main part, the conclusion. Or - there is no all this, and so-called article - just a certain remark on a certain subject, a sketch.

Meaning these three points, you can already create the relation to the text. And - to formulate it in the comment. Even if this comment will be short, it seems: Break the text into paragraphs Subtract the text before spreading on the website - the author already has to be to you, to the reader, is grateful. As for the author who is especially beginning such councils have character concrete and help to acquire quickly rules which he, perhaps, and read, but as he - did not apprehend the theory.

It is possible to give a mark on the basis of such superficial acquaintance, of course. However to give a mark - not the main thing. The main thing - to draw a conclusion: whether this text of your close attention is worthy?

It will be better if you, at all shortcomings of the text, find forces to re-read it once again - more attentively. In - the first, you can find data, for you new and interesting there. In - the second - you will train yourself in mastering reader`s skill once again.

II. Specification of the diagnosis

Repeated reading - attentive and thoughtful. Now you will be able fully to apprehend the text, to estimate style of the author, relevance of a subject and extent of its disclosure, clearness and beauty of the argument (or - lack of all this), degree of readiness of the text.

Comments in these directions will be, perhaps, are not so accurately formulated. It is difficult for Not philologists to express in special language and it is difficult to readers to be guided sometimes in terminology. But it is simple to notice and specify a style strip farming, misuse of words, insufficiency of the argument, use as a source of information of doubtful and inconsistent data.

Of course, such comments can cause in the author as reaction not gratitude at all. But already business of the author - to perceive criticism structurally or to take offense to death.

At the beginning of article I wrote that competent approach to reading someone else`s articles - is simpler and more favorable. Benefit is that the reader, improving skills of reading and the analysis of someone else`s text, not only increases the erudition, but gradually begins to belong more exactingly to texts own. In fact, it trains in itself(himself) the editor.