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About an exclusivity of the International School Solar Way.

O. Yuntunen

Ob of an exclusivity of the International School Solar Way.

What has to be modern school to what and how to learn, by what methods what teacher has to work at it whether first of all it has to form or bring up, - many and many questions are looked for worthy answers, and, above all, the complex stable embodiment. Because not only their future, but also our future, the future of their parents, and also the whole world in general depends on how our children directly will be raised and educated.

I all of us perfectly know a formula that education of children begins with education of parents. The same equally can be told also about education. The pedagogical theory claims that the most important, i.e. a core - morally - the moral principles, decency, nobility, commitment, generosity, etc. - future personality, it is put in a family and till 7 years, it then it is possible to string on it any rings. But if parents have no core, what they will be able to transfer to the child? And from where to it at them to undertake if primogenitors did not have it? Vicious circle.

for the purpose of the universal and complex solution of all these tasks also arose the School the Solar Way relying on philosophical base of the ethical Doctrine the Solar Way and urged to transfer to broad masses its basic theoretical provisions and practical techniques directed to harmonization of the human person, her trinity (a body, soul, reason), the relations of the internal and external worlds, on solutions of the main problems concerning the person among which there is a material security, lack of conflict situations, a peace of mind and other questions is moral - world outlook character and the interpersonal relations, i.e. on formation of that main internal core of the personality giving the chance to worthy life and full realization of calling.

the Doctrine of the joint venture claims that the person can and has to change, self-improve if it feels and understands that the existing way of life does not suit it, and all process begins only with its inner world, with its personal properties and qualities, and only then gradually passes into the external relations. And everything is possible in this life, impossible practically does not exist, it is only important to deal with the one who you are and that you are actually and for what was born on this light. Being trained in MShSP, you will be able to answer not only these questions, but also to seize the practical techniques allowing to change not only the life, but also life of your relatives, to turn it in happy, healthy, interesting and necessary to much, to find the future. And it will be made in a full consent with universal harmony of Life.

On light exists a set of the systems, schools, the technologies calling and giving opportunities to self-improvement of the personality from elementary techniques of improvement of an organism to integral philosophical concepts of the relation to life and to the world such as, for example, Christianity or the Buddhism. The same comprehensive school is too one of ways to perfection where, generally there is purely intellectual development. The main difference of MShSP - universality and superuniversality of the offered knowledge and techniques which are true at the same time for all and for everyone and are independent neither of time, nor of the place nor from any other conditions of acquaintance to them and their use. They are uniform and eternal. Techniques of the joint venture consider need of each identity and all mankind in general, they are capable to resolve everything (we will not be afraid of this definition) pressing problems of the person in a complex and consistently, at the same time without tearing off it from real life and without making sharp and painful changes. One of mottoes of the Manoeuvers of JV That everything it was good!

Thanks to the fact that the MShSP ideological base is the ethical Doctrine the Solar Way as synthesis filosofsko - moral thought of the previous generations and as the Uniform Theory of Mankind of the third millennium, it is possible with sufficient degree of confidence to claim that MShSP is in vanguard of the modern requirements imposed to pedagogics in general and to self-improvement techniques especially. The doctrine of the joint venture lays the future pedagogics foundation. As for technological process of teaching in MShSP, it just completely corresponds to the modern moment. MShSP offers three types of training at choice depending on opportunities and desire of listeners: internal, correspondence and remote. Process is adjusted from the point of view of the maximum convenience of pupils and necessary learning efficiency. And as the optimization of life of the individual and mankind in general provided by the Doctrine of the joint venture naturally influences ALL processes of activity, therefore, it exerts the positive impact and on system of teaching in MShSP, turning her face to the pupil, to his problems and needs.

the Doctrine of the joint venture - rather young direction of development filosofsko - ethical thought. He is a little more than 25 years old during which the main attention of developers was directed to the description of basic concepts Practical philosophy and Art to Live and their approbations in real life. Therefore at the moment, unfortunately, it is possible to note that from - for a lack of time, material and human resources it is difficult to speak about strict scientific generalization of all directions of the Doctrine because it covers all spheres of human activity in literal sense, but with confidence it is possible to speak not only about its universality, but superuniversality, about its width and depth of approach to problems of reality and about the revealing prospects. In development plans for the Manoeuvers of the joint venture opening of Academy of Shchelkonogov which has to be engaged in detailed scientific development of the latest concepts of all directions of scientific activity on the basis of the Doctrine of the joint venture. The system of teaching and pedagogical requirements in MShSP completely answer the traditional principles of pedagogics (consciousness, presentation, systematicity, sequence, availability, scientific character etc.) treated, however, from the point of view of filosofsko - the ethical Doctrine of the joint venture in many respects in a new way. We developed plus on the basis of the Doctrine and entered exclusive techniques as into the sphere of the relations between the teacher and pupils, and into a teaching technique (The theory of the Relations, the Law of Love, an individual approach, a personal responsibility, etc.) . The founder and the theorist of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture - M. N. Shchelkonogov, and the majority of theoretical provisions and practical techniques - fruits of his personal creativity. He is the first person approving provisions of the Doctrine in everyday life. He is the head of MShSP which is completely building the work on the principles of the Doctrine.

Uniqueness of MShSP consists already only that it is a conductor to the world of the Idea which does not have analogs in world practice. Most of the theorist - practical provisions of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture have character to no - Hau (for example, the Law of Love, the Theory of the Relations, identity formation tactics, Strategy of development of humanity and many other things). Right there it is necessary to call three main exclusive moments of MShSP as pedagogical system (you will not find a similar combination in one school of the world): integrated approach to each personality, since birth and taking into account its future, an individual approach to each pupil, a personal responsibility of the teacher for process of training of each pupil. Undoubted pluses of School - interest of the process of training, presentation of results and versatility of the gained knowledge since at the present stage of development emergence new is possible first of all on a joint of sciences.

Ideology and the MShSP technology as you could already notice, in many respects is based on the traditional provisions adopted in philosophy and pedagogics at the same time in many respects them disproving. The doctrine of the joint venture as synthesis previous filosofsko - ethical currents keeps and leans on all the most valuable, acquired by mankind for the millennia of evolution and as the Uniform Theory of Mankind of the third millennium, providing the latest information, sets new tasks for it and makes new demands. The School combines the principles and methods of traditional classical and innovative pedagogics, and also introduces the innovations generated by requirements filosofsko - the ethical Doctrine of the joint venture.

All Doctrine of the joint venture is directed to education of harmoniously developed personality working for the benefit of the family and society in general. According to the theory of the joint venture each person plays a set of roles in this life: businessman, politician, teacher; the husband, the father, the owner (by analogy: wife, mother, hostess); leader etc. All this has to be sgarmonizirovano and is counterbalanced in a whole. Whether formation of harmoniously developed, socialized personality by means of distance learning in MShSP is the solution of educational tasks? Agree that yes. Being trained in MShSP, you not only gain latest, checked for the validity, knowledge, but also form the skills necessary for everyone in everyday life (for example, the Principle Firm Yes, morally - the moral filter, technology of communication, etc.) . Therefore one more distinctive feature of MShSP: all information provided to pupils is true which main property - speed and durability of assimilation. The training material is remembered, one may say, instantly and without additional efforts. Difficulty is made by its practical approbation and mastering. But the system of examinations and additional questions provided by the schedule of training, and also reading additional literature, viewing of educational video movies, participation in the Master - classes, Forums, communication with teachers of School and especially daily possibility of application of the gained knowledge in life will help you with overcoming of difficulties. The individual approach to the pupil and a personal responsibility of the teacher assumes care of mental well-being and prevalence of positive emotions at the pupil in the course of training.

Within work of School are provided also optimum opportunities for training process stimulation. Requirements of the program of self-improvement of MShSP (Law of Love, Theory of the Relations, Theory of the Choice, Theory of the Right, Theory of Management, etc.) - the universal stimulating factors in training and in development of each pupil. And rules of training and its schedule are made taking into account need of stimulation. Also the system of encouragement for progress in study, in particular the system of competitions and prizes realized on the MShSP Portal is thought over.

Training in MShSP allows to increase number `Yes - reactions`. One of the basic principles of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture - Principle Firm Yes . One name of this principle forces to answer this question positively. Application of techniques of the joint venture in the course of training in MShSP allows to state substantial increase of interest of pupils in the offered material eventually, and positive changes in their life - an occasion to emergence of positive reactions in general.

of MShSP undoubtedly promotes development of partnership between people. The basic theory of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture - the Theory of the Relations, therefore one of the main problems of all training - building relations between people and as the main objective of the personality - work and creativity, partnership will prevail. Finding of common language and finding of full mutual understanding between the teacher and the pupil - the main objective of an initial course in MShSP. It is promoted by techniques of School. Training at older years of School assumes partnership in general as the persons, unique for further improvement.

Training at School automatically forms `a success resource`. One of the main tasks of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture - disclosure of internal reserves of the personality and finding of an opportunity to use them in everyday life, in work and in creativity. Any training has to be naturally ready for success, otherwise it becomes senseless. Increase of motivation and the pupil`s self-assessment - one of the main reasons for progress in further training. you learn to balance with

in the course of training rational and emotional components in the daily activity. The basic equation of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture, Shchelkonogov`s equation of ET=AS speaks about this balance. And it can be fully applied to any sphere of human activity including to any of the directions of works of MShSP.

Being improved and opening before itself all new and new horizons, each pupil, one may say, is forced to expand own purposes. According to the Doctrine of the joint venture a task of each personality - continuous self-improvement. Continuous development assumes continuous change of the purposes: one are reached - the following is put. And it concerns all trinity of the person and all areas of his activity. All work of MShSP is directed to it.

Calling pupils for self-improvement, the Doctrine of the joint venture is constantly developing and improved organism naturally involving all systems and the areas of work of School. MShSP as the conductor of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture in society meets all requirements of the potential listener and consequently, sensitively reacts to spirits of the times, considers technical novelties, fashion, constantly improving quality of the provided services. But all - despite all this, MShSP gives preference to result, but not process. According to the basic law of the Manoeuvers of JV Zakonu Shchelkonogova ET = AS the result at the same time is a consequence of process and the strategy defining movement tactics therefore all is important. Only by means of competently adjusted process the pupil comes to necessary result. The doctrine of the joint venture defines strategy and develops tactics. The theory of the Right places accents of importance, choosing this or that technique in each case. Each of Theories of the joint venture plays the role in the course of training, conducting the pupil to the result determined by strategy. It is considered that the good teacher has to lean on the pupil`s opportunities, but any process of improvement something, including and self-improvement, begins with what is today, and seeks for increase in opportunities. MShSP does not lean, and considers more likely, takes into account. We always demand from pupils bigger, otherwise in what then training process consists? Demand impossible - you will receive maximum. Possibilities of the person are boundless. But anyway the individual approach remains. At the same time all work of School is based on well designed activity. The doctrine of the joint venture - the strict scientific concept including harmonous system of Norms, Theories, Laws, the Principles and private techniques. Activity of MShSP is accurately regulated the theorist - practical provisions of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture, the Charter of MShSP, protocols of meetings of administration and teachers` meetings of MShSP.

To start training in MShSP is important existence of need, really reasonable interest in the offered material and desire to self-improve. MShSP does not demand creation of additional new conditions of training. It is enough to have before itself the computer and Internet connection, or to be ready to communicate by means of ordinary electronic correspondence. One of the main methods of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture - sequence and gradualness in obtaining information and in transformation of life. Cardinal transformations are not recommended in connection with physiology of a human body and with requirements of quality of training. Within work of MShSP no additional independent testings are provided. The main criterion of the validity and practical need of the offered information - everyday life of pupils. It - that is also the main learning efficiency test. All necessary testings and examinations take place within the MShSP program. Teachers have the unlimited right for additional questions to pupils. And though comprehension of science of the joint venture and mastering of the theorist - practical material demands from WuchangIk enough serious expenses as intellectual, so physical, and spiritual, process of training in MShSP does not involve big capital investments.

is Extremely important also the fact that upon termination of School anyone can construct career both in the School, and in friendly to us the organizations, or to apply the gained knowledge on the workplace.