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Whether it is possible to use the principles the fan - Shui in Russia?

are very popular in Russia the doctrine the fan Today - Shui. One attentively study books, do everything on written, others firmly and with confidence speak that the fan - Shui is applicable only in China, and in Russia absolutely other conditions, we should do everything in own way, in Russian. And whether so strongly actually the Chinese doctrine differs from the Russian customs?

Chinese consider as a basis all real two beginnings: female Yin and man`s Yang. If Yin and yang are harmonious, are in balance, - everything is all right. At Russians were the Father - the sky and Mother of cheese - the earth. Later, with arrival of Christianity there was a world celestial and the world tvarny which have to be in soul of the person in harmony, in balance too. Means, people are people everywhere, and life bases at all are identical. Let`s look in more detail.

On the fan - Shui is necessary that the house was in an environment of four sacred animals: green dragon, black turtle, white tiger and solar phoenix. Mountains and hills of which In China it is enough can act as all these animals. A dragon - overgrown with the wood the biggest in a house environment the mountain. A dragon - an animal strong, clever, but also dangerous. It is dangerous to put the house directly on the mountain, but also to let out it from a look too badly. Especially as as required strength of a dragon can use in the interests. Means, the mountain - the dragon has to be nearby, but not too. The same can be told also about a grief - a tiger. But the wise turtle will protect the house from all adverse effects. And the clear phoenix has to be ahead, light a way. So Chinese also build the houses: on the southern slope of the mountain - turtles that protected from norths, there has to be a dragon (so as if it is easier for them to operate), at the left on the right - a tiger, and in front of the house so that not to close a wonderful look, - a phoenix.

At Slavs no special sacred animals existed, except for totemic, but it not that. However, there was a dragon - Velez who can quite descend for a dragon, and a bird of paradise a finist. Than not a phoenix? Well, and where all these of Velesa - finist? And how to be with a tiger and a turtle? Let`s understand. It is not volume, we have a tiger or not. Matter in the general atmosphere which surrounds the house and is created by a landscape and people. Let`s present how our ancestor - the Slav chose the place for the house.

First of all, at the river or other reservoir, on the high coast. But on the top of the coastal hill, as a rule, did not get, strove to build the house on the southern slope that the sun was more. By log huts there passed the road, around the village - the field, in a distance the wood. On the hill on which slope log huts settled down the church was under construction sooner or later. Such hills and still remained today in the majority of settlements. They usually are called the Red hill if did not rename. Than this hill not a sacred Chinese turtle? Protects log huts from norths. The church gives a basis of all spiritual life as the wise turtle brought to Chinese on the back trigramma, fundamentals of all their philosophy.

the Wood in the distance reminds if not a dragon, then Velez - a snake. The white tiger at some schools the fan - Shui symbolizes the road. The road passes by each log hut, and from it are fenced off by a fence. And behind the village there is one more hill or a perceptible tree, a bosk from where the one who leaves it can look last time at a home. We know it too, Poklonnaya Gora is called. Probably, this mountain is also a tiger. It was necessary to find a phoenix - a finist. And what it to look for? It, on each yard goes, a bright bird with a red comb and a magnificent tail, a sun symbol at Slavs.

It turns out that Slavs purely intuitively came, in effect, besides, as Chinese with the cunning science. Means, the principles the fan - Shui nevertheless are applicable to us. Sceptics can tell that, time we and without science reached everything, why it is necessary to us? The matter is that we cannot build any more and where our ancestors built. Where were stuck, there and all right. Landscapes are spoiled, felled trees, bow bosks - tigers are opened. We do not feel the nature any more as our ancestors felt it. Of course, there are people with strongly developed intuition who really feel where it is necessary to do an entrance in the house, and where to dig the pool. If you like your house or the apartment if to you in it it is warm and cozy and you with pleasure come back to it from work, so everything is all right, to you the fan - Shui is not necessary. However most of people do not rely on the feelings, do everything according to magazines or invite designers who will do everything according to the representations and feelings. Therefore the majority nevertheless should be verified with the Chinese science.