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What to do if stole the cell phone from you? Heads of law enforcement agencies of all levels declare

a disturbing tendency of growth of the crimes committed for the sake of a taking by mobile phones. Today demand dictates the offer even in the criminal world. The mobile phone can be sold anywhere and to anyone. Their high liquidity in the shadow market outdid even precious metals. Over all country pawnshops accept devices as a deposit along with products from gold. It is even simpler to realize this means of communication on the street. It is enough to drive up to the railway station or metro station. The sign " will inevitably catch sight to you; Buying up of phones / at .

Epidemic mobile crimes literally overflowed Russia. Danger to fall a victim of the pickpocket or to be attacked is highest in public transport and on the street in a night-time. The technique of plunders is various. Phones select, steal from bags, cut with the razor laces for carrying the device on a neck. In higher education institutions of the pilferer pretend to be students and reap a crop directly from tables careless fellow students . Thus, it is the market with a multi-billion potential. And this money rotates in a shadow turn, feeds criminal environment.

How to arrive if to you there was such trouble how theft of the mobile phone?

First of all, submitting the application to the militia, you remember several simple rules:

1. At theft of the cell phone it is necessary to contact in the shortest possible time your mobile operator. It is necessary in order that your stolen together with SIM phone - the card was blocked and the malefactor could not use the means lying on your account.

2. The following step is submission of the written statement in militia. And, the application will be submitted quicker, the militia will work more successfully. It is necessary to give it in the scene. Remember that now you can submit the application not necessarily in a control room of the Department of Internal Affairs. The local police inspector, a post of traffic police, department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and even a fire brigade will approach. Everywhere your statement is obliged to adopt. File the check for phone (if is) and demand to find your mobile phone.

3. In details describe the malefactor. Indications on the subject it in a black jacket and a knitted " cap; your chances of return of property will not be increased. Remember distinctive signs: growth, hair color and eye, shape of a face. To special signs - special attention: tattoos, earrings in eyebrows or just perceptible scars quite often help to find your offender in a quarter from the scene. If it did not happen, patiently wait. If phone stolen from you was handed over to inspectors as a rule they would hang out the announcements of buying up of cell phones / at near subway, radio markets, at detection of phone by police officers on the identification marks stated below, will surely return it to you.

There is one more way of protection of mobile phones against uninvited guests. So, telephone sets of the leading global manufacturers it is already universal support the IMEI function in the GSM standard. Each of them has own identification number (IMEI) consisting of 15 figures. If you now in a pocket have a mobile phone, take a favourite toy in hand and gather *#06#

On the screen it will be highlighted 15 - a-place code, it also is IMEI - fingerprints of your phone. And yours, by the way, too. Now your location in relation to the closest base station of cellular communication becomes property of the head computer of the company of mobile communication. Thus, technical capabilities of devices of mobile communication allow to identify you as lawful user. Hardly you insert into the new device the SIM - the map, your data of the subscriber which are contained on the card, and the IMEI code of your device become property of the database of the cellular company. You have to understand, one of the principles of mobile communication: incessant control of your location. It is the come true fact, and it is necessary only to reconcile to it. But there is more to come.

The IMEI code allows to program rigidly all phones of a network on interesting function. Hardly in your phone others SIM - the card is established, your device reads out data of the burglar (that is, his subscriber number) and sends them to the SMS - the message to the special database. At obvious control of movements of object it is possible to catch the thief.

It is necessary only to thank vigilant developers for care of future subscribers.