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What somersault history made on October 13, 1982? I do not know

Yet whether there is in our project a person who was born on October 13, 1982, but this day quarter of the century presented an interesting somersault back. And it is connected with two Olympic champions at once. It sounds as a fantasy, but they had the same surname. However, they were born with a difference in 94 years, one in XIX, another - in the 20th century. Also lived in different points of the planet: the USA first, second - in Australia. And, to the second as you understand, quarter of the century is executed just today. Many already, probably, guessed that it is about Jim also Iyene (Yane) Torpakh.

On October 13 Yang was born, and returned to Jim two of his Olympic gold medals which the American of an Indian origin won at the Olympic Games of 1912 in Stockholm. Jim Thorp did not live up to this celebration of justice not much a little - 29 years

But about everything one after another. Jim was born in 1888 and juice and Fox was a great-grandson of the leader of the Indian tribe, and it was admitted to government school for Indians in Karlayna, but in it first did not find special glory. In 16 years its growth made only 147 cm, and the weight of 52 kg. It was not necessary to expect to win in any sport. Thorp, to avoid sneers of schoolmates, undertook a needle and worked in a school sartorial workshop.

For team of tailors he also made a speech at the first competitions. And in 1907 it was asked to sweep at school stadium. Jim came with the broom and saw that the level in sector for high jumps is established at the height of 175 cm that only on 2 cm (Thorp " by then; grew up on 30 cm) conceded it to own growth.

- And what level so low? - fondly he took an interest at the trainer Warner.

- You joke, the guy? - the mentor was surprised. - Through this level today so nobody flew.

- I can try? - Jim asked. With these words he slipped out trousers, took off shoes and practically without running start jumped through a level that is called eyes got with

At the trainer on a forehead. But he quickly estimated the potential of the pupil and invited that to training. And here it turned out that to make it not so simply, Thorp already managed to register in basketball, a lacrosse, soccer, fight and boxing. And it not to mention that he nearly since the birth exclusively quickly swam and shot straight. The great-grandfather`s genes affected...

During Thorp`s training at a last year of Carlisle the track and field athletics match between " had to take place; Indians and Lafayette . Delegation led by the trainer Lafayette Went to meet by Harold Bruce the train by which allegedly there had to come the team of Carlisle. But of the car went out only Warner and Thorp. Bruce with surprise asked Warner: What happened? We waited for a track-and-field team of Carlisle . - Here it - Warner answered, carelessly specifying towards Thorp. - This guy will arrange all your national team . Whether it is necessary to say what equal to Thorp was not.

Jim got to an Olympic team of the USA thanks to Warner. But once the head of delegation found Thorp sleeping when he had to train. The chief attacked on Warner, and that smiled: Do not touch the guy, he just wanted to roll about on a hammock. He and so will make all with a large supply .

At the Olympic Games in Stockholm at once five pentathlonists and decathlon competitors improved a world record. But none of them even close could approach Thorp. When the king Gustav handed to Thorp a gold medal, could not constrain admiration: Sir, you the greatest athlete of the world . Thorp only nodded: I Thank you, the king .

But not for long music played. Upon return to the States Jim fell back into the old ways, that is for baseball. And one provincial journalist managed to get to the bottom of the fact that one of baseball teams paid for participation in matches to the guy 60 dollars a month. That is, Thorp automatically got from a rank of fans to a rank of professionals. The international track and field athletics union decided as it cut off: to select the Olympic awards! It happened in May, 1913. And only 60 years later, in 1973, the great athlete was rehabilitated the fan. And on October 13, 1982 the International Olympic Committee restored justice and returned two gold medals to Jim Thorp.

Also it that this day in far Australia, in Sydney, in a family of the gardener and teacher Jan James Thorp was born should have happened. He began to swim in 8 - summer age, and any more after a while nearly left a favourite sport when doctors found in it an allergy to chlorine. And therefore it was necessary to float with a clothespeg on a nose. But it did not stop persistent Jan. In 9 years it won the first gold medal in the championship of Australia, and in 14 years got to the national team of the country.

Yang won the first three gold and two silver medals in native Sydney, at the Olympic Games - 2000. And in 2004 he added to five Olympic medals in Athens two more gold, silver and bronze. And it apart from numerous awards in the World Cups. And Thorp equally surely felt at various distances just as his track and field athletics namesake.

Here to you and baker`s dozen!