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What do you know about children???

Each woman waits for this long-awaited and concerning event - the birth of the kid. But here, at last, 9 months of toxicosis, back pains, analyses and hypostases passed. I congratulate, you became a MOTHER!

What to do is farther?! How to bring up the healthy, kind and clever person? It is very difficult to answer these questions - to each child the approach is necessary. One is affected by tender words for obedience, and others should slightly - be scolded slightly.

Ya would like to write about some simple truth which perhaps, will warn and will help young mother, or those who only wants to bring the peanut.

1) Children are not an accessory, not a fashionable thing which and wants to brag to the girlfriend. The child is a new person who is crapped, pisatsya from time to time and shouts at night. All this should be taken for granted, and at all does not become angry about the child.

2) you Should not be upset strongly concerning each scratch and the cone - not to avoid it. Them still will be much. The main thing should be not allowed serious injuries.

3) Children take almost all free time. So on itself remains absolutely slightly - slightly. (But not in which case it is impossible to forget about himself, it is better to refuse an hour of a dream).

Can be spoken much about children, to discuss their pluses and minuses of stay in our life. But never to change the most important - The Child is a MIRACLE!

When it appears, the house comes to life, is filled with love. And, despite all fatigue, you do not represent yourself without it. And when he becomes more senior, and can show the feelings, life becomes just the fairy tale. Only one his smile is capable to fill with forces and energy when it already seems impossible. Its embraces are capable to dement - the breast is filled with warmth, and in eyes there are happiness tears. What can be more wonderful?!! It is YOUR child.

Each new event in his life turns into the real holiday: holds a head, turns over, smiles, laughs, sits, the first steps, the first words and a lot of things are many other things.

In his eyes - the whole world. Love

, give birth and protect the friend - the friend!


Author: Koltsova Elena