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Whether the credit card is dangerous? Whether

Came up you against a situation when there is not enough money? I think, it with you was. From this situation there are two exits: to save the necessary sum necessary on purchase, or to borrow . To Borrow - this concept of the modern world is replaced on politically correct - the credit. In one of articles we found out, how much is the bank credit which is offered under enticing 0%. But there is still other type of crediting: credit card. About this rather fair depriving of money at the person now the speech will also go.

The credit card something is similar to debit. Only with only that difference that on the second your honestly earned money, and on the first " lies; not yours and those which the bank allowed to use. For the rest there are no special basic distinctions. The quantity of money on the account depends on amount of the papers confirming your real earnings. The more them will be, the it is more than money on the credit account. now from lyrics we will pass

A to physics and we will land from heaven on the earth. The majority of problems arises from - for a carelessness of the people signing credit contracts with bank. When signing the contract it is necessary to read ATTENTIVELY pieces of paper which are carefully palmed off on you by the bank worker. Forget about turns, about time and other various inconveniences: concentrate on papers and find out everything, up to commas. Believe better to spend hour - another, as a last resort day, than then to pay the mistakes from the pocket.

The main pleasant surprises when using a credit card:

1. Service of the card. It is often the fixed sum which is charged off an account. Trouble can be that, having received a credit card with the account, let us assume, 3 000 and at once having spent them, will find out later that service will all the same be written off. Only on the account there will be already minus a balance. And it is a penalty, and sometimes rather big.

2. It is unprofitable to cash money . It is unprofitable because at removal via the ATM a certain commission, as a rule, is paid 2 - 3%, however, depend on concrete bank. Removal via the ATMs belonging to the third-party bank organizations, raises the price money it is even more as the commission at the same time increases repeatedly.

3. In banks there is a period during which percent on the credit are not charged . As a rule, it is 50 days from the moment of the first purchase. It is quite slippery period. In brief its essence is as follows: having made a purchase of 1 date, you can quietly live to the 20th of the following, and percent will not be charged. At the same time, purchase perfect the 10th, taking into account purchases before or without, does not influence term in any way: it does not move, it does not develop. The five-ten-day report is kept from the first days. And the later purchase, the less days is taken away on repayment of the credit. However, it is better to specify ALL features of this mechanism at concrete bank, and better that they to you were presented in writing even if by hand.

4. Remember that the bank can change already high percent, about 22 - 24% per annum, at discretion . Up to even to the fact that he does not prove the reason. All announcements on change are taken out on stands and official if such is, the website, approximately in ten calendar days . So it is necessary to watch closely it.

5. It is better to repay the loan in the bank. Via ATMs the translation can take 2 - 3 days, there is a bank payment so much. It is also necessary to remember it.

The credit card helps at the difficult financial moments. But at same can tighten in deeper financial hole. For this reason it is necessary to approach a question of its use extremely carefully, a time penalties can make also 400%...