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What will turn out if to connect advertizing headings on the Internet? Found

in the " archives one; experiment carried out about one and a half years ago. Advertizing on the Internet is widely presented: a line behind a line, a line behind a line, sometimes without any font allocations. If to connect these lines with each other and to add only several words from itself such nonsense will turn out here: Ukraine began with

investigation concerning import of the Russian matches, likely, in revenge for gas diet : where there is no gas - to what a match?!

of Spasshiyeesya passengers declared that members of team threw the sinking vessel: it is visible, such future can be predicted also Georgia which is in a gas throwing.

Is created a belt for a big breast: in total - someone and will escape in general world turmoil!

of the Minicar is more dangerous than big cars - take into consideration, perhaps it is useful, and do not forget that it of Renault crossed a compartment to the versatile person as some airlines of passengers with the lost baggages, the poorest country of Europe as a result is called.

the Public beta - the IE7 version left with the most serious mistakes, and the world web epidemic of Nixem began not in time. At the same time Topalov was told by results of the analysis on AIDS, and Britney Spears learned that she expects the second baby.

Died the founder of feminism, in St. Petersburg the African is killed - learn the actual price, a dynamic leaf on spetspredlozheeniye...

Present to darling Rambler heart piece, and in Moscow from it will become warmer by spring.

Solve an ideal form of rest. Rounds for student`s vacation. Magnificent rest. Extreme. Death of the Al ferry - Salam.

the Pocket translator of MultiLex Assistant will help the admirers of foreign rest who got to trouble. The survivor - 4 couples of tickets in Nescafe Imax supermovie theater.

the Greatest chances of a victory in a literary competition have the illustrated, detailed and objective stories about an event. is not enough

I of what for Dutches for entire happiness? Computers and electronics. Perfumery and gifts. Mobile communication. Household appliances. Jewelry. And in Russia - doubles and speculators, loyal friends and a murder for a murder, and further game with continuation - and all are happy! Railroad... stole... The main thing that Russians will be able to buy the air ticket on tick now...

the Korean school students hunt foreigners. The best round to Korea with reliable tour operator. Ask our permits in any travel agency where appreciate quality and professionalism.

Americans released 50 Iraqi men instead of four women. Most the resort among sex - minorities is more popular. The favorable situation developed, thanks to adoption of the relevant amendments to the legislation, Gay reports. ru.

Escape who can - a black tag for human rights activists, but to gardeners a request not to worry - or call a space suit. Already trampled 66 people. Farewell became svergolevy.