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Why also half a century later Cranes " Fly; remain a film masterpiece?

on October 12, 1957, exactly half a century back, began the screen life the only Soviet movie which received the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival - Cranes " Fly;. The simple history stated in Victor Rozov`s play Eternally live performed by Mikhail Kalatozov got so bright sounding that still shakes attitude of people: young and elderly, still feeling Soviet, and never in life happening in the Soviet Union and Russia. When this year the movie was shown in Cannes, the audience right after the movie in a uniform rush jumped from the places and long - long applauded.

This movie Mikhail Konstantinovich Kalatozov as if summed up nearly 30 - summer director`s destiny. It came to the Tbilisi film studio modest 20 - the summer fellow, and five years later became already the director. This present generation of Russians not always knows that else to Cranes Mikhail Konstantinovich became cult the director, having removed such loud movies as Valery Chkalov and Loyal friends . But tape Cranes " Fly; became hour of triumph for the director.

However, not only for it one. Film critics by right estimated camerawork of Sergey Urusevsky who, according to one of judges of the Cannes Film Festival, the moments as if put a movie camera in inside heart and soul of heroes. Work of the film actress Tatyana Samoylova who played a leading role in a picture was recognized brilliant. For the first time the Soviet actress received the whole series of awards at once: special diploma of jury and prize Orange tree the Big award of the French academy of cinema for the best execution of a female role in the non French movie, an award of the French academy of cinematography Crystal star and prize To the Live legend of Cannes .

And unless less stridently Alexey Batalov played in the movie? In many respects thanks to the fact that at the time of shootings he endured rough passion to the circus equestrian Gitana Leontenko. They got acquainted in 1954 and began to meet secretly. Secretly from - that Gitana was Gipsy, and her numerous relatives, having learned that the girl meets Russian, at first long pressed it, and then they found for her beloved at all and made a row. It ended quite predictably: romala assured Batalov that if he does not leave alone Gitana, then they him it is banal will kill. But Alexey Vladimirovich was not frightened of threats. However, there passed many years from the moment of their acquaintance until to young people allowed to get married. However it is possible to present as far as nerves at Batalov were naked during shootings.

Than the movie " bribed the audience; Cranes " Fly;? First of all, violence of feelings. Tragedy of the first love who was fated to become eternal. Impossibility to connect to hearts in love which could not step through sharp as the razor, a war side. And still the fact that the hope for luck does not die even then when only heart in love refuses to trust in the tragic end. And if to consider that practically at all the first love thaws as the snowflake on the sun, comes for it, at best, the second, and most often, the third, fourth etc. - it is sincerely a pity for those whose love is destroyed by not subjective, but objective circumstances.

It is one of sides. But there is also another. The movie was taken so very much to heart also because in it nearly for the first time in the Soviet cinema heroes turned out not correct as there were earlier, and more likely human. Let`s take Veronika. On the one hand it had to become the real ideal, a popular print to the poem Wait for me and I will return . But instead she betrays Boris`s love and marries his stepbrother Mark still before learns about death of the groom. And the intelligent pianist Mark who, in principle, has to be correct used that the girl fainted for fear, and actually acted as the tyrant.

And after that Veronika not only does not push away Mark, but also becomes his wife though in soul continues to love Boris. Though then justice triumphs. Veronika leaves the husband, and at the Belarusian station where meet trains with the winners who are coming back from the front appears in a white dress of the bride. By then it is already clear that Boris, most likely, will never arrive. But here - that also works a formula: Wait for me, and I will return! .

However, I do not apply for truth. How many people, are so much also opinions. It is necessary to add that Mikhail Kalatozov after Cranes shot three more pictures: Undispatched letter I am Cuba and Red tent . He died in Moscow on March 29, 1973. Sergey Pavlovich Urusevsky endured the director of a picture for one and a half years and died in Moscow on November 12, 1974. Alexey Vladimirovich Batalov lives now and is well in the capital

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Tatyana Evgenyevna Samoylova died in the night of May 5, 2014, in the intensive care unit of Botkin hospital. On May 4 she was 80 years old. Farewell to the actress will take place on May 7 in the Moscow House of Cinema.