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What the illness such - workaholism is?

At the successful people diligence are esteemed for virtue: if you diligently work, you by all means will achieve the objectives. And if you work even more diligent, then will reach bigger. But whether always this maxim is true?

Perhaps, some grain of truth in it is. Nevertheless, fair this statement can be considered, perhaps, only partly. Excessive workaholism can cost to you long-awaited promotion. To do much harm your private life. And even to turn some of your friends into opponents (it is good, if not all). It is difficult to avoid so not palatable prospect, but it is possible. Psychologists recommend to begin, first of all, with a self-assessment.

That, in their opinion, has to be based on five key factors. Formulated in the form of questions, they sound approximately as follows:

1. What you the person - active or, on the contrary, unorganized?

2. You charge business by another or concentrate it in the hands?

3. You constantly alcht work or do not aspire to it?

4. Do you have friends? And, so to speak, bewitched friends ?

5. You work to live, or live for the sake of work?

Depending on answers, it is possible to depict defined self-portrait . Let`s try?

So -

1. You constantly come to office before the others, and leave the last, and at the same time productivity of your work remains same, as well as at other colleagues?

If is thus, then your chief, perhaps, can come to a conclusion that you work inefficiently. And even it is careless. Among those who belong to the high social class and are considered successful there are people who take great pleasure, carrying out large volume of work, - the instructor of the American consulting firm " notes ; Athena Coaching who specializes in area of human resources, David Chen . - But here quality of this work at all not necessarily turns out excellent .

It is quite clear that you concentrate the efforts on execution of the assignment given you and on achievement of the end result. If you are exacting and pedantic, or you have problems with rational use of working hours, ask the supervisor to help to decide on priorities. It is important to develop in itself some kind of algorithm - when to start performance of a task and to spend what is the time for this work. Because to work long - yet does not mean to work well.

2. You prefer to entrust affairs by another or, on the contrary, seek to tidy up everything to the hands.

If you differ in aspiration to plunge completely into administrative cares, to you, perhaps, it is worth learning to delegate part of powers to colleagues. Do not forget: the main thing - to perform a task in time. And if on this way you feel that to one to you not to cope - better to connect still somebody even if to you will have the luck to derive pleasure from that work which should be distributed and on other

Try to concentrate on faultlessness and final quality. Also be rather generous - give the chance to flash also to colleagues.

3. You lack something eternally, or you were already sated?

If in your establishment you have already strongly a reputation for the rested workaholic, then one fine day you can find out that when there is a chance to work over the project of which you dreamed long ago it is quite possible that you in this work will not be involved. Why? It is not excluded that your management believes that yours capacity decreased, and you are not capable to undertake something new any more.

Therefore you do not make impression of the worker exhausted with loadings, always maintain in yourself readiness to sustain new tasks. If you are capable to refuse something - it gives you freedom to agree to something other - D. Chen reminds.

4. Do you have friends or bewitched friends ?

your addiction to continuous work can avert from you some of those, to whom you appreciate acquaintance. Besides standard grumbles of type: To us it is so inconvenient: you all stick, and we idle colleagues can just be frightened to cooperate with you within any project.

In this regard it is desirable to avoid excessive pedantry. Do not wait that colleagues will follow your example and will begin to be on service with roosters, and to leave after midnight.

5. You work to live, or live for the sake of work?

the Best workers are the harmoniously developed professionals leading full-fledged life (as in establishment, so behind its walls). Annually there are new researches proving importance of holidays, hobbies, full leisure and rest much. Whether you listen to these recommendations?

Understand that your family and your friends will exist in your life slightly longer than that time which you devote to work. Besides, fully using the leisure, you gain strength and energy which will be not so superfluous for further career development.

Anyway, everyone, of course, is free to choose that niche which work will occupy in his life. You want to undertake additional work - your business. If agree to it, then, I hope, then you will live until when you regret that agreed - not without sarcasm David Chen summarizes.

Generally - keep, friends, be not overstrained, puny strength still will be necessary!

Source: The High Cost of Being a Workaholic