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Novosibirsk - the city of contrasts and contradictions?

you sometime in the childhood froze language to the door handle? Warm language to the cold handle? And then through pain and tears tore off the frozen language? If yes, you me understand that. Only rather hot can freeze to really ice. Precisely and I the warm heart forever froze to this cold city.

Novosibirsk is the city of contrasts, it is the city of contradictions. It is the city of continuous fight and eternal collisions. Day without collisions: collisions of cultures, fashionable tendencies, scientific hypotheses, local domestic authorities and minibuses on not ruled carriageway.

It is the city of prospects, the city of youth, the city of students. City of talents and improbable discoveries. It is the city where itself can find work to liking where there is an opportunity to realize themselves. It is the city where still there were unoccupied places in the sun and unsubdued tops. This young city has still a set of the courses and openings, light spots which you can fill with the ideas, initiatives and inventions. It is the city where it is possible to break through by own forces. It is the city where there is a place for all.

It is the city of the brightest contrasts, the city of extremes. City of ill-matched inhabitants. Here a little gray, is black and white more often here. A half of passengers of trolleybuses during a trip reads to Goethe and thinks about high, the second half - chews sunflower seeds or abusively quarrels. The third is not given.

It is the city where it is just impossible to make something inappropriate. It is the multiformat city. Sports pants under unpeeled boots - norm, a beautiful well-groomed manicured marigold with graceful heels - too norm, blue hair and piercing in a nose - again norm, the worn-out jeans from a flea market - do not worry, you in a format. Two higher educations and the head full of ideas - in the nature of things, unfinished initial and total absence on the person any signs of intelligence - anything unusual. What you did what thought of how you put on - you anyway fit into a city format. Whatever was your intellectual level, moral shape, a focus of interest. Whoever you were on religion and a nationality, than you lived - you will find adherents in this city, you will be in a city format.

It is the city of bright identity and the thinking people. It is the city of the Higher education and development of science. City of ultraboundary I.Q., city of active cultural development.

Novosibirsk - the city - accident during a rainy season. In the center smart foreign cars park in dirt, the border between passable and the passerby part is erased finally. Muddy water gathers in hollows of asphalt and stands there to the first cold weather because it is not enough drains on the city and what is, are cleaned infrequently. It is the city of conscious citizens who carefully lay on the center of a pool a saving brick or even the saving bridge from a board.

You sometime saw dirt? No, if you were not in Novosibirsk, then you did not see dirt. In this city in the fall it everywhere. Even in the downtown on each side the path which is laid out by a red tile. Dirt real, perfect - a different consistence, different shades, different structure. Dirt untouched or with traces of cars, or someone`s massive boots, or utykanny openings from ten-centimetric hairpins. Dirt so many that on the street it has already not enough place, and it gets into the apartment sticky lumps on a footwear sole, the dried-up spots on trousers. And all this against is yellow - in scarlet - zelenovato - a brown autumn set of paints. Autumn Novosibirsk - the beautiful city.

And you sometime saw the Russian winter? No, if were not in this city. In the city, where all really. Here if winter, -30, if summer, +30, if a snowdrift - up to a neck, if a pool - knee-deep. Here everything is done with all the heart: do business, make a declaration of love, are on friendly terms, quarrel, step on legs in public transport.

This city - jewel. It shines and poured, attracts and captivates, attracts the mysteriousness and a nepoznannost, sometimes pushes away the Siberian simplicity and inurbanity. This city - the beautiful and brilliant diamond which is not facetted and unpolished. Diamond, but not diamond.

It is different. It light and sad, it lovely and kind, it angry and aggressive. It is many-sided.

It cannot be understood up to the end. With it it is impossible to live. But also without it it is impossible to live already. Also you realize it when you go by train from Europe to Asia, and Siberia meets you fluffy fir-trees nothing covered with the chipped smile and streets which are hastily powdered with a snowball. Also you understand that you go here last time. Also you understand that froze heart. Siberia, I am your eternal captive.