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How to congratulate darling? There is no money - dream!

, How many them - faceless knickknacks in your house? Figurines, brelochka, soft toys bought hurriedly and on cheap stuff.

When you want to make to darling pleasant, lack of money - not an obstacle. It is possible to save on a gift, but you should not save on attention for darlings! Just be not afraid to dream!

Reasons for a joint holiday are always birthdays, St. Valentine`s Day much, anniversary of a meeting, a wedding, new year not to list everything. We, for example, celebrate the day of our meeting monthly - and we call the holiday mesyachina . And during all the time any gift was not simply gift each of them - the whole show.

To let to feel the real knight.

B one of mesyachin he was forced to go to other city for a week. And, seeing off him at the station, I handed it a small box. In a box there was nothing expensive. There only the ringlet of my hair lay. Left so that last time I cut hair some days before our meeting. Thus, I presented it length of our relations in centimeters. According to darling, he felt the knight leaving for long travel with a ringlet of the medieval beauty in the bosom.

Round-the-world travel in one day.

Once I suggested darling to fly on the next mesyachina to circumnavigation, fixed time of a meeting and the place - near the station, and itself began thorough training. Planned a pedestrian city route from the railway station - on the central streets - to the embankment of the River station . Planned the most interesting places. Unpacked fragments of the map of the city with a mark of places and hid them in control points. By the rules which are thought up by me he had to spend me along a route, finding and using the next cards.

Directly from the station we went to our first point - it was Mexico (a small statue - a cactus in the downtown), then we flew by by Brazil (very serial Brazilian cafe) and by Africa (the name of beauty shop). Then we visited Holland (a city bed), Niagara Falls (the fountain in park), walked across Venice (embankment), saw St. Petersburg (the bridge through the river), Switzerland (the branch of the bank which is under electronic street clock) and visited the Brandenburg gate (an arch of an office building). At the end of travel of darling waited for an A4 format congratulation on a city bulletin board and, of course, shveytsarsko - German - the African kiss. Time was spent greatly!

Telephone pozitifff.

On birthday parents presented to darling the fashionable cell phone. And I promised to present feature for its new thing without which any normal cellular cannot do! Some days before a holiday I rang round all the acquaintances and friends from the different cities with a request for the help

day of X Here came - and I presented it with own hand made certificate on pumping of phone positive . And since the morning phone began to be pumped over - it was called and written by my friends from the different cities, he was congratulated, to it sang songs, sent it smilies. The whole day was filled with smiles and good mood.

The story for it. one of mesyachin I thought up

B plain comic rasskazik about our relations and began to tell it since the morning according to offers. The first offer was sent it by SMS - which, the second to it on a leaflet was given by my acquaintance who works with it in one place, the third to it by phone was told by my best friend, I sent the fourth to it on ICQ etc. Ways of transfer there was a weight. And, at last, I told the termination to it, in the evening at a meeting.

I carried out some examples of how it is possible to organize a surprise and to give an unusual gift - note and you impart experience. The main thing - be not afraid to dream !