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Why to brains Mozart or How to increase the mental capacities?

that it is regularly necessary to train the brain all know. It is for this purpose offered to solve rebuses, crossword puzzles, puzzles, in mind to make mathematical operations with numbers, etc. For whom these problems do not make special work, it is necessary to be engaged in affairs more difficult - to learn a foreign language, to play chess and so on.

Scientists believe that similar warm-up will mobilize the hidden reserves of a brain nearly at the genetic level. But activity of a brain is positively influenced not only by intellectual, but also most usual physical exercises.

Similar researches were conducted at Salk`s institute in California (USA). It became clear that as a result of physical exercises new nervous cages grow. And loadings optional have to be ultraboundary. There are enough at least 3 times a week to go at fast speed for 30 minutes, and your brain will be always in a tone!

But the real sensation caused opening of researchers of Clevelend clinic (USA). They found the return reaction when from hard work of a brain muscles grew. Volunteers, lying on a sofa and not moving, mentally bent and unbent hands, representing at the same time that bicepses train. And in 12 weeks they at them grew up. However, not much more - for only 13 percent, - but the fact is important.

Activity of a brain is influenced also by music. About positive influence of music, in particular classical, on mental capacities of the person it is known long ago. And in 1993 at university of Wisconsin (USA) it was open so-called Mozart`s effect . Listening Sonatas for two pianos to a major within 15 - 20 minutes before performance of certain tasks improved mental capacities of students - they carried out tests better.

Then this opening caused disputes as it was unclear whether it is a consequence of just good mood which is created by a harmonious melody, or it is result of deeper physiological processes somehow connected with features of this music.

To clear a situation, one more series of experiments, but already on rats who would hardly estimate beauty of classical music was carried out. The situation repeated - ability of animals to perform test tasks increased. At rodents activity at least in three genes which are responsible for production of chemicals which transfer nervous impulses from one cells of a brain to others increased.

Important value for work of a brain plays food. The most important products are proteins, bread and salad. The most suitable proteins for increase of intelligence contain in haricot. Further eggs and meat follow. Bread is rich with the vitamin B increasing activity of the departments of a brain controlling information processing. And in a lettuce leaf it is full of the antioxidants preventing premature death of neurons.

The certain place in food of a brain is taken by fish, her especially fat grades (a mackerel, sardines, a tuna, a salmon). Fish is rich with so-called nonsaturated fatty acids. And the brain for 60% consists of fat therefore needs in to " greasing;. Therefore, those who at least three times a week eat fish, are engaged in prevention of weak-mindedness. By the way, it is necessary to have breakfast! It is proved: those who have breakfast in the morning think in the afternoon better.

And, at last, pleasant news to fans of computer games. If within 40 weeks daily to play computer games not less than 1 hour a day, the brain rejuvenates for 10 years.