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How many a lie in network marketing?

This article will be useful also to those who want to be engaged in MLM - business, and those who else doubts whom this business frightens.

I in network marketing since 1996 when it just appeared, gold time of Herbalife and MMM (chur, me). God was merciful, I avoided similar " networks;. But passed a heap of other MLM. Dug a lot of money, time, forces and abilities on network field .

But experience now - the sea! Here, I want to share.

Yes, there is in this business good - experience of communication and sales, organization and check of on leadership. Training of will and patience, ability to understand people, to make contact, overcoming the fear and uncertainty.

But there is a lot of lies and clogging of brains propaganda. You want all this to avoid - read and think.! In life very much it is useful.

The biggest lie - that everyone is capable to achieve success in MLM!

Think why in all network structures sign with packs of people?

Look for hardworking. Many leave as the promised gold mountains of everything for 1 - 2 hour of work are not received. There is no easy bread. It is necessary to plow in network business as the Cinderella - all night long. It is in this situation important that this process was pleasant to the person, differently it is penal servitude.

Why to them it? Thousands of new distributors will buy production, and points for the sold goods will go on a network. Here and answer: that gained income firm and higher directors. And then they will show you the big checks. You can safely divide their income on 2, and even on 3. They invest part of money in production (receive not money).

Think here of what. Studying of novelties of production, lecture and seminars, creation of a network, control over development of a network is an infinite process. All leaders are engaged in recruiting. Only the very best stars live carefree, but it is difficult to reach stars. This occupation has to become your work, rest, religion and life. You want to devote yourself to it is forward!

Here on points all truth, with nuances - that gives you network marketing.

1. Purchase of qualitative goods. to

Yes, you buy the goods made at plants of this firm, but not in some cellar. But you, anyway, WILL always buy production of this firm:

- that to study it and to have an opportunity to tell about the feelings (it sometimes pleasantly, sometimes disappoints);

- to gain more income (percent charge for production volume);

- that quick-selling goods was always near at hand as the buyer can change the mind, and in office will reach so far until you order, can not be in a warehouse.

You will begin to use that did not manage to sell, and/or will give to acquaintances. Firms often sell with discounts goods with the coming to an end expiration date.

2. Economy on purchases at the distributor prices.

Learn to count and count, how much is the same shampoo in a booth. I assure you - as much how many in MLM - firms at a discount. Add expenses on catalogs, advertizing and demonstration materials, motany on the city, etc.

LEARN to CONSIDER trips on paid seminars!

3. You receive free special training. As will carry

. If you go to free actions - receive a heap of different, is more often than semiregular, inconsistent information which needs to manage to be digested and applied. The main thing - experience. How many seminars were taken place, and leave in people and each new person - a new question, objection etc. All the same it is necessary to study therein. Prepare for failures - it is experience.

Here paid seminars - are already more valuable. There are people who achieved success, is accurate and available, frequent with humour and striking examples, tell about the experience. It is simpler to work with such baggage, more and more - it is less classified - take and use.

But all the same it is necessary to invent something special. Constantly! LEARN to THINK!

Recommendation: if you are not sure of yourself and have no experience of sales, but decided to go to MLM - subscribe under the highest leader (where you will reach), at it though you will accumulate experience.

4. You will have a source of the additional income.

If additional, then at most 30 - 50 c.u., sometimes to 100 c.u. on holidays. It is not enough? Then give up work / study - and run to sell and recruit. There is no other way to MLM.

5. You will travel at the expense of the company.

Yes! In about 5 years Well, in the different companies it is differently called.

Read their reklamk and plans of success. Work month three and estimate how many it is necessary to work still to become this and to go on the world free of charge . to

Oh, believe - you to firm already pay back everything during this time.

6. You will expand a circle of acquaintances. Yes, but you will begin

with the old acquaintances and friends. On whom else to practice? They will ask from you the catalog, a sampler soon or to jump aside with words: I have no money! - or - Do not tell Current to me about network marketing . otherwise you success will not achieve


New acquaintances will be colleagues or clients. Colleagues will tell you about sales, disobedient distributors and novelties of your network, ridiculous cases at sales that is useful for beginners. Or will begin to pull you in other, even more abrupt networks where you already tomorrow (at most the day after tomorrow) will become a millionaire. There is spare cash - safely put!

7. You will try out as the businessman, learn to process the case.

you learn communication, learn new information on goods, will try to operate people, to employ them, perhaps, learn to count the income and expenses. But business

of MLM is a same hired work, only price-work. What you can change in yours MLM - firm? There is an accurate scheme of success, any deviation - or failure, or it is illegal. Only having received shares of the company, you become her partner. And somebody said to you that shares can be taken, without being engaged in network marketing?

And why to the employer (is the one who created the company) to you to give experience of the business when to it it is important that you worked for ITS business.

Try! Work in MLM few months, get the experience and wonder: It is pleasant to me? And then think whether it is worth upakhivatsya so on some uncle, let and well-known. Perhaps it is better to try to create the business and to work for ITSELF?