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Whether it is expedient to build in the winter?

With arrival of winter construction of buildings from a metalwork do not fade in one point of the globe. Even in such winter the countries as Norway, Sweden, Finland - construction of new shopping centers, warehouses etc., does not stop during the winter period. Why then in Russia among many Customers of construction works still there is an opinion that it is not necessary to build in the winter? These stereotypes, in - the first, developed historically when life on considerable part of year from - for severe frosts and snow in Russia just faded, and in - the second, mistrust to construction is connected with problems and restrictions on CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS of winter inhabited construction in the winter.

The norms and rules according to which it is possible to perform not all construction works in the winter, and even what is possible in limited volumes extend to construction of houses. Constructions of industrial buildings from a metalwork these restrictions do not concern. In modern Russia use of new progressive construction technologies and existence of staff of highly skilled professionals allow to realize qualitatively projects of construction of non-residential premises from a metalwork for a long time at all seasons of the year.

The main reason for which Customers are afraid to build in the winter is theoretically possible deformation of building constructions in the spring. But now, it can occur only if during the device of the base of the building in winter time all necessary rules and rules were not followed. Base works in the usual mode on CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS can be performed at a temperature to - 5 C. At lower temperatures in construction apply various ways which promote hardening of concrete at low temperatures.

In - the first, the method of heating of concrete by means of allocation of heat can be applied by the solution made with use warmed to 90 C of water or couple. The second method is an application of the warmed timbering with the device from above of a protective layer or thermos method . Also for fast hardening of concrete apply electrode warming up or having warmed up infrared sources. At electrode warming up use heat allocated when passing electric current through concrete, warming up by infrared sources carry out quartz tubular radiators, ceramic rod radiators Ø 6 - 50 mm and 1 - 10 kW, etc. Necessary temperature condition of hardening of concrete can be provided by concreting in the thermoactive or heating timbering. In concrete solution for fast hardening of concrete also special additives which allow to reduce solution freezing temperature so that concrete manages to gain durability are put. This most economically and technically effective method is the most widespread today. Thus, modern technologies and developments in construction branch allow to build the base not only in a warm season, but also in a frost, without prejudice to physical and mechanical properties of building constructions. Therefore if base works are performed correctly, then the possibility of a distortion of the building when ground waters rise in the spring, or dyeing of the base from - for its uneven structure, is eliminated.

besides, the device of access roads to the place of building it is much easier to carry out in the winter, than in the summer. Rains and slush can become serious problems in supply of construction materials and an entrance of construction equipment on a building site. Snow drifts can become a small obstacle, but they easily are eliminated by means of snow-removing equipment.

Further it is necessary to specify a number of obvious advantages to the Customer of which very few people think:

Terms of construction of the fast-built buildings considerably differ in the winter from summer. In spite of the fact that the extra time on the preparation of the platform connected with weather conditions leaves, development of the project and production of designs considerably accelerate from - for decrease in total number of Customers in the construction companies wishing to build in the winter.

in the Winter an opportunity exists in more detail, creatively, without hurrying to approach development of the individual project, the Customer has an opportunity to change and consider the project in the course of its development.

the Beginning of winter - time of preparation of the comprehensive program of development of the organization for next year and effective planning business - processes. Due to the natural growth of business, summer of the company additional warehouse, floor spaces therefore planners should think of rational realization of strategy in the winter can be required.

Usually by the end of the year in many companies there is free money, and the competent manager always looks for ways of their favorable investment to the business. Construction of new production shops, warehouse terminals, malls - allows to invest favourably already now the money in new investment projects.

always observe increase in prices for metal in the Spring, therefore, the prices of a metalwork increase, also the cost of construction of the fast-built buildings increases from here. It is caused by the environment which developed in the market. The prices of construction materials do not fall, and grow for 20% - 40% a year. Therefore if there is already a question of construction, then for economy of money, it is necessary to start construction current winter.

All know that before opening the business, it is necessary to answer three main issues of any business: What to do? How to do? and When to do? Before building of object for development of this business it is also necessary to answer himself similar questions: What to build? How to build? and When to build? Most important and difficult to make the decision on the beginning of construction of the most suitable project, to estimate its expediency. And answers to the questions How and when to build it is simply obvious. Modern technologies allow to build economically and quickly buildings from a metalwork at all seasons of the year, at the same time winter construction possesses even a number of advantages in comparison with summer!