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What reduces life to your automobile accumulator? Part 1

Buying the lead starterny accumulator, each motorist dreams of the reliable and durable assistant. The accumulator helps to recover the car before it, humming and letting out a smoke, will start at way. Reliability of this assistant depends on many factors among which, of course, conscientiousness of control and observance of the modes of technological process by the producer, conditions and periods of storage of the accumulator until its sale and others, not depending on the consumer.

But there are factors depending on the consumer which directly influence life expectancy of the accumulator. Not so it is not enough of them. About them the speech will go now. At once I want to tell that the device of lead accumulators for the last decades did not undergo cardinal changes in a design. Today they became more more beautiful design, the chemical composition of a lattice of plates changed, the compounding of active mass of plates is verified to subtleties, plates of one of signs in each can are wrapped up by a separator in the form of an envelope.

Among other technical innovations, practically in all types of modern accumulators the possibility of their repair is excluded: all six (three in motorcycle) cans are put into the integral case called by a monoblock, from above which the cover is welded. Removal of a cover leads to irreversible violation of tightness after which the accumulator is subject to replacement. So, it is good or it is bad, but from internal operations only the right of measurement of density of electrolyte is left to the consumer.

What influences service life of your accumulator? Grant

, the main: the accumulator has to correspond on nominal capacity to your car. Installation of the accumulator of small capacity on the car with large volume of the engine, especially if it also diesel is absolutely inadmissible. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the situation is aggravated additional mouths demanding power supply, established in your car (climate - control, etc.) . Also installation of the high-capacity accumulator on minicars is undesirable.

In both cases of discrepancy of parameters of the car of capacity of the accumulator the modes of operation lead to a constant recharge or a nedozaryad of the accumulator which sharply reduce life term, gradually reducing its capacity as a result of decrease in number of active weight in plates. And, if in the second case the situation still can be corrected somehow, periodically recharging the accumulator by means of the special charger, then to fight against a recharge very difficult.

How to choose the accumulator corresponding on capacity to your car? This issue is resolved long ago by serious producers which issued catalogs with tables of correspondence of the accumulators and cars of all brands which are almost let in in the world released by them. If there is no such catalog in the place of sale of accumulators, then upon purchase tell the seller the main characteristics of your car. It surely will help you to orient with the choice.

Some of accumulators are supplied with a charge indicator. In fact magic peephole as it was christened by some producers, is the simplest indicator of level and density of electrolyte in one of cans. Other banks at the same time remain without supervision and their state can differ from big-eyed . How to be in such situation?

There are several exits. You can find in sale and establish on each of cans suitable traffic jams with the built-in indicator. Then your accumulator will become multiocular. However at obvious pluses (a possibility of instant current control of density and level of electrolyte), installation of similar eyes considerably will cost a pretty penny of the ordinary consumer. Acquisition of the special areometer in the form of a pipette giving the chance to measure electrolyte density serially in each can can become other convenient exit.

About what has to be electrolyte density, and also it will be a question of other subtleties prolonging life to your accumulator in the following article. For now I wish that good luck on roads did not abandon you.