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Than rest in off-season is good?

What to do if holiday fell on November? The prospect to stay in the rainy city especially does not seduce. And it is not necessary to do it at all. It is possible to have a rest well and in off-season. Such rest has many advantages.

In - the first, already the prices of accommodation in hotels therefore there is an opportunity to have a rest in cool hotel at reasonable price sharply fall from the middle of September at once. In Turkey, for example, accommodation cost with food on the " system; all inclusive in hotel of level 5 * about 15 - 20 dollars a day fall. In the sea to swim, of course, already cold if you not a walrus, but to breathe sea air, to get warm under the tender, not scorching sun, to make walk by a ship, to listen to noise of a surf alive but not on the cartridge in the psychotherapist`s office - all this well strengthens the loosened nerves of residents of big cities. Besides, in hotels SPA - the centers, pools, restaurants, excursion bureaus work. And of course, what Turkey without shopping? It is possible to do shopping quickly, well and nearly twice cheaper.

The contingent can only be the only minus if you are not forty years old yet. In off-season neighbors will become the European pensioners who move from the cities closer to the sea practically for half a year, removing apartments or living in chetyrekhzvedochny hotels. But all this trifles.

It is possible to go also to the opposite side - to mountains. For the present snow did not drop out, hotels cost not much, and locals will accept you as most dear visitor. Beauty of autumn mountains is indescribable, and fresh air will provide a healthy flush.

In - the second, rest plus in off-season is that in resorts there are no crowds of the people which are scurrying about forward - back, it is not necessary to stand in queues, to long wait when waiters serve at small restaurant, it is possible to walk quietly on streets and nobody will flash before eyes. The intense rhythm of the cities burdens fragile human mentality therefore sometimes it is necessary to give to the nerves small rest and to behold the types more pleasant to a look.

In - the third, rest during not season is good for people who hardly transfer a heat. This time is ideal for those who want to restore the health in sanatorium. Besides medical procedures, each sanatorium offers the excursion program for nearby sights and not only. Having a rest, for example, in Zakarpatye, it is possible to go for two days to Hungary or Slovakia, main not to forget the international passport and at once after arrival to register in a trip in excursion bureau that managed to open for you the visa. If finance allows, it is possible to be shipped outward. Thermal resorts in the European countries offer the services all the year round.

In - the fourth, it is possible to order Europe bus tour. The problem usually consists in search of the fellow traveler as all relatives and friends are engaged at work or study. But why not to go most? You will be not the only traveler who went alone therefore there is a fine chance to get new acquaintances, and to home bring a heap of new impressions. One my acquaintance who was constantly sighing and gasping with the fact that something hurts her and liking to tell about the diseases without having found couple, all - one decided to go.

After arrival all saw absolutely other woman who with the burning eyes and delight told how she fell in love with Prague. She with pride declared that, despite gastritis and food with no drink, it was not hurt by a stomach at all. Weather can become the only minus of such travel - the fall can load with a rain, but from dampness it is possible to hide in cozy cafe or a pub, and behind a cup of coffee or a glass of beer to argue about meaning of life or to look at a football match.

In - the fifth, it is possible to spend holidays, combining business with pleasure, having shipped outward to learn language. You will return for work with the grown stout knowledge base and who knows, maybe, prospects in career development will open.

So if holiday is the share of fall - it is yet not an occasion to aimlessly lose few days of precious rest. It is just an occasion to banish an autumn depression and melancholy.