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How again to become the child? Idea No. 1.

Would like to return you to the childhood again? Again to become the carefree child? At least for a while? At least for one day?

I would like. And periodically I come back. I want to share with you some ideas.

So, you were got at work, you were tired of this mad rhythm of life? Bothered you usual rest at the TV or at the computer?

Arrange nursery party. Allocate one day or evening again to become the child. Call on a visit the nurseries (school, institute, just good) friends. Prepare together what you ate when you were children that mother or the grandmother (as option prepared for you: milk porridge, your favourite " salad; from the childhood candies on a stick cockerels ) . Make cheerful sandwiches.

On a table lay a cheerful cloth. Hang up over a table a thread with candies and your favourite sweets. Inflate many balls, make of them some compositions (flowers, for example). And it is possible to inflate balls with helium, to start under a ceiling and to tie to them candies. Put on as the child: bows, a dress with a children`s coloring, it is possible diapers. Buy several pacifiers. Dream up!

It is possible to arrange this holiday nonalcoholic, it is possible alcoholic. But then on bottles with alcoholic beverages it is necessary to paste labels with the names " Lemonade; " Aerated water; generally, your favourite soft drinks.

When guests will gather, suggest them to change clothes in children . Remember the childhood, remember how you spent time what interesting stories were. Remember in what you played games. Played? Play them right now. Forget about all problems, become children.

Include children`s songs, your darlings, it is possible to sing them under a karaoke. Look at animated cartoons which were pleasant to you most of all.

For example, we in the childhood played such games:

Apanas . One leader, to him eyes are tied with a scarf. The others untwist it with words: Apanas, Apanas, catch cats, but not us also run up, the leader catches. When catches if guessed whom - means, caught and becomes the leader.

Crocodile . If many people, so everything are divided into two teams if is not present, then play just in turn. One person leaves, he will be a leader, the second thinks to it of the word. And the leader tries to represent this word without sounds. Who will guess, becomes the leader. If teams you play, then the team which guessed more than words wins. (We, for example, had such words: dawn, high-rise building, gluttony...)

Sculpture from plasticine, draw children`s drawings, play dolls and machines, collect puzzles, cubes, make what was done in the childhood! It is so simple! Buy

children`s souvenirs, please yourself and friends: children`s soap in the form of some small animal, children`s toys, books - a coloring.

Stage a contest: get up on a stool, sing a song or tell the poem, receive sweet, a souvenir and glory of the singer or singer for it among the others children .

Look at the children or children who are in your environment. As they play, than are engaged what they speak about. Learn at them to be same. Return to the childhood, and your holiday will take place very cheerfully! Believe, you will have a rest from all problems.