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Whether it is difficult to be in the right place in due time and in the necessary quality?

They say that it is simple. Methodologically false statement " is assumed as a basis; it is necessary just to be . And then reasonings that for success of the project it is necessary to enclose time of life of 5 - 10 years begin. And it, I ask you, simply ? In strategic planning as in chess, there is a concept wrong beginning . And so, this simplicity is that which is worse than theft. There is nothing simple. However all can try to be understood, investigated, studied. As Maupassant, " spoke; Life is not so simple as it is, but also is not so difficult as think of it . Let`s analyse point by point.

1. To be in the right place. The matter is that there is not a lot of places necessary to you on the earth. People, on the whole, have such self-conceit that mistakenly believe that without them, as without hands. The deepest dramatic delusion. People gathered in some necessary, from their point of view the place, baked pie and will perfectly eat it without you, you will not even get crumbs because it is their work, to their no - Hau, and nobody will share with competitors. Rules of business are that: everyone for. This the first, second - a team competition. To appear in the right place while gather in team, - the most rare chance, any person understands it 20 years are more senior.

Bright example. After the termination of university I was addressed: We Wish you to get to good laboratory where people are engaged in business . It did not develop, otherwise would be a physicist. Who could expect reorganization?! How many scientific destinies are broken, who considered? How many professionals emigrated? People do not leave team, the homeland unjustly, from good horses do not ransack.

2. In due time. Who was not in time - that was late. When the strategic plan is developed, everything is extremely confidential, you will not even hear about it. Money loves silence, big money - a complete silence. And when business is organized, shots are placed, everything goes, money, advertizing began to flow - all learned, but time is already missed. You came to the end of distribution, stand in the tail of social turn. At all the genius is not required to understand: career can be constructed only if you stand at the origins of business. When the company came to production capacity according to strategic plans, it is almost impossible to construct career in it because vertical rotation is extremely sluggish.

Example. Whatever you were ingenious, with supereducation and experience, the competent founder - the head will prefer the, checked person, but not visiting hussar . Always it is necessary to remember that there is a length of service. And besides it is necessary to have unhealthy self-conceit to consider that for the sake of you will move the person with whom work hard years. Therefore only truly silly person refuses the offer of cooperation whatever it was. We agree to everything, we will understand on the play " course; because competitors do not doze and time presses.

Business - a seminar with Moscow a top - managers. Phases of management of the project. Material extensive therefore it is heavy for assimilation. That to make occupations more actual, effective, I ask a question: on what question to put accent? And the hall exhaled: damned personnel question. Problem of each head: shots are necessary, but is concrete YOU is not. Dialectically opposite techniques shots solve everything and there are no irreplaceable say that the truth is in the middle, and it is necessary to look for this golden mean in each project, at each step of a scale of ranks, each working day. Some are lucky on - large. Find. For predisposition on success the system analysis and synthesis are necessary - the theory should be known. As heads throw networks, sift databases in search of a goldfish - subordinates, and goldfishes look for the heads, such is the requirement of team building. You mozhetebyt the great expert, but your time left, you are simply old for cooperation in the new large-scale project. Alas! Concept youth - an old age in direct ratio to the scale of strategic plans.

3. In the necessary quality. To convince people that it is necessary to be healthy, rich, happy - phenomenally silly occupation. You can be the great expert, but on this phase of development of the project your identity is not demanded and what to do? To wait for the necessary quality for years? And the world as far as we understand, is material, and money is necessary today, now and every day. And what, we repeat, to do? On a slang of heads refusal sounds: Did not grow together . Look at

what blamestorming sessions in big business begin when sharing pie. For hundred dollars to you all speakers of part of a body can cut off. You what you believe that the speech seriously goes only about some unfortunate hundred dollars? If we remember what time - money, then we will understand, people fight for life time, for the missed chance, for wasted working hours, as a result, the half-received profit, for non-performance of the taken obligations. Loss of one link in a chain of management leaves without salaries all team, their families. Time! Even gods, as we know, over it are not imperious. It will not forgive you. Here also think of yours business - image. At success there are a lot of nurses. Each your successful step - your asset, a puncture - your passive, their balance defines your place on a scale of ranks. In serious projects you will check up to the last hair. Also can quite be that you are not guilty that your previous project was not successful, it interests nobody, the main thing - you participated in it.

Now if we present that each of these three concepts is the plane of problems, in general the task becomes three-dimensional. And how many times on consultations, sorting a question why the project did not go, I faced the following. The expert assessment says that everything was made competently, the right time of entry into the market, the organization faultless is chosen, the casting is magnificent, technologies the most up-to-date, did not grow together with An - stars did not develop, the dollar fell lower than 25 points. Back mind, as we know, all are strong, and there will be a dolt shouting: It was necessary to know! . In Ilf and Petrov`s novel Gold calf on the question Who knew that there will be a revolution? Ostap answered also. And we understand that this satirical work, to us is ridiculous since it does not concern our private life. However the reality - show shows that the comedy is the delayed tragedy, and money is a stomach, life whether and life do not joke, here, know, not to laughter.

To get to team of professionals, the there are more founders, you have to have ideas, the investment capital, experience of management, specialized, demanded in this project, education, youth - a potentiality to work and creativity, pleasant appearance and many other.

And it must be said, such people set. But the chance, " did not drop out on destiny; stars did not meet . It is possible to sympathize and make a helpless gesture only. Behind others cheek, misters, tooth does not hurt. What do we see? Ideas will be amortized, the capital thaws in the eyes, experience becomes outdated, education is leveled. Show me that person who is puzzled with your problems? Who needs it? To the father, mother, uncle? Can be. And if they think nothing?

We read comments to articles: understood nothing, some nonsense! Let`s pay attention on prichinno - investigative communication. What the person does not understand for him is nonsense - perfectly. But think who will spend the time of life, the money, forces for explaining to the person what he there is a speech about that for it a certain project, a certain idea gained intelligence? You will not find such person, whatever beautiful eyes you had from the birth, give without illusions.

Make experiment: put before yourself a clean sheet of paper, take the handle, state something sensible and sound, at least before house, yours ingenious project. Each thesis means action, a resource, time, abilities so your idea of flight to Mars does not maintain any criticism. Speak, presentation - the best training.

So, remembering Ilf and Petrov`s brilliant novel, we will finish: rescue of drowning - work drowning. All, misters, the hands, brains, soul. You remember: the person appreciates only the work, and only the because from outside any work SEEMS trifling. Here when you put the heart and soul, reason, forces, here then you will respect work of others and will begin to appreciate chance when owing to specifics of the project address you with the offer on cooperation. Others mind you will not live. Everyone has to lay the bed and on it to sleep. It also is ethic, and cheap, conveniently, is practical. Good luck!