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How to please itself? I Want to specify

at once: to please, but not to indulge. Of course, when we go to shop and we buy everything that we only see, the mood becomes better. But let`s change installation, at least we will for a while distract from material benefits, sincere harmony is not less important!

So, several councils which will bring joy in your life.

Splash out emotions. If you were already tired to persuade to be strong, do not hesitate - close a door, cry, and it will become easier for you. Sometimes tears help to reduce stress.

If all - it is impossible to cry to you, then sing something aloud. And it is not important what voice at you. All secret that with a sound we get rid of unnecessary ballast of experiences we become quiet and balanced. there is no

U of whom time to go to the gym, dance houses under music.

Sort the clothes. Be exempted from all unnecessary, and to the place of old new will come. Besides, ordinary arrangement of shelves, boxes and cases can present feeling of orderliness in soul.

Do not clash. Shouts and abuse take away from us many vital forces, and on something useful there is no they left any more. Therefore if you feel that now will begin try to constrain the emotions; then you will be proud of it. By the way, the smile very well disarms - is checked!

Use wholly a lunch break. Try not only to manage to be supported, but also to have a rest. Do not play solitaire on the computer, and walk better. Result will be: attractive flush and even second wind for more productive work.

Read classics. it is possible, at school you did not love it, but we change also our tastes too. Reading books, you understand that classical literature is actual more than ever today, and the solution of many personal problems - here it, on pages.

Plan. Stay at home one, sit down in a favourite chair and listen to yourself, to the desires. Think what could improve quality of your life and as to receive it. For example, plan a trip for rest. And let those at whom with finance it is not absolutely fine yet, will not consider it for mockery. The thought is material, and it is much easier to try to obtain something when you know what.

Communicate. you do not keep in yourself alarm and experience. Tell about them to relatives for you to people and ask them. Support and who will be able to give you it how not relatives and the family is necessary for each of us? And your attention will be very pleasant to them.

Invite guests, but do not complain them of life and of the difficulties, and discuss novelties of cinema, music, share culinary recipes, and the good mood is provided to all. there is no

If such friends or you cannot just tell them everything, then find the pen friend. The Internet - the interlocutor whom you never saw personally will help to look at your problem from a different angle and, perhaps, will give a practical advice.

Begin to study. Undertake a foreign language or just learn favourite verses. It perfectly exercises memory and will make you very interesting interlocutor. And language skills can open for you the new horizons both in career, and in private life.

Get enough sleep. the Healthy sleep provides inflow of forces and gives beautiful complexion. In a dream solutions of problems can come, often our subconsciousness continues to work when our body has already a rest.

You praise yourself. Write the list of the talents and achievements. And when self-confidence vanishes, glance in this list and do not despond.

Find favourite aroma. Smells possess surprising property to revive the pleasant moments in our memory. Remember that it was - holiday by the sea, night aroma of jasmine bushes or New Year`s holidays in the childhood which are associated at many with tangerines, and at a difficult moment inhale aroma of happiness .

And the last. Just fall in love with yourself! In the beginning it will be difficult, and then you will get used.