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how to find the competent doctor of

Seldom who manages to live without address to doctors in this or that occasion.

it is possible to Envy only the Siberian anchoress Agafya Lykova who did not see a century any wizard in a white dressing gown.

We get livelihood not on hunting or fishing, we live not on a zaimka, and is sometimes necessary to us the sick-list, the reference from a psikhdispanser (suddenly you will take the wheel own car), a rage inoculation (suddenly stray dogs will attack if on foot you hang around).

The long and thorny road where you a lot of things will lose is necessary to the same who comes to be treated, but you will find a little.

In - the first, prepare for expenses which are in advance difficult for foreseeing. Hippocrates in the manuals advised

to the pupil,“ that paid attention and to abundance of means (at the patient) and to their moderation, and sometimes would treat also for nothing …“ Now quotations are identical

to all, it is possible also for nothing if, as they say, the result is not important.

Where you will definitely not find the good expert?

District clinic

Despite powerful financial feed of the state, a skill level and abilities in primary link did not raise. The only thing of what it was succeeded to get rid, so it of the obvious and hidden requisitions.

Obvious - a long explanation as it is hard to live for a scanty salary as loading at the same time etc. of

Hidden is high - I to you will write out the recipe, only buy miracle dietary supplement or the most effective psychotropic drug for your grandmother right now (it is ideal from dotage).

The new perfectly equipped diagnostic center

Here in cozy kabinetika very young specialists whose relatives were by mere chance not the latest people in the city were dug round. Newly appeared doctors periodically broadcast

from screens of TVs about high technologies in medicine, about training in the best clinics of Europe, strenuously wrinkle narrow foreheads, representing a brainwork. in such establishments the cool expert can Sometimes earn additionally

, but it is not always possible to contact him.

The abroad will help us?

Not the fact. Even the famous and rather well-to-do people after treatment in the best Swiss clinics receive such complications what you will not often meet even in our TsRB.

Where to find the third?

One Syrian doctor in an extreme antiquity spoke to the patients: “Look, us three - I, you, an illness“ …

Now even more often we remain alone with the illnesses, and it is harder and harder to find this the third which would help to master an indisposition.

Difficult, does not mean, it is impossible. To sit and wait when the silent wave of the everyday sea splashes out you directly under legs to the wonderful healer, it is unreasonable and unpromising.

Only active purposeful search will lead to the treasured purpose, i.e. to the person after communication with whom it will become easier for you.

All know: who possesses information, owns the world.

Get on particles invaluable data at colleagues and relatives, friends and acquaintances, talk to forums, you watch news on the medical websites, look through materials of domestic and international conferences, symposiums and the congresses on the problem interesting you.

So, for example, my personal months-long search of the necessary expert recently successfully came to the end. It turned out that the best in this area, really helping all sufferers, lives and works in Tyumen.

In case of emergency help out hospitals with good long-term reputation where most often and talented, competent, high quality professionals work. It is gold fund of our distressful medicine.

is Not always adequately paid their work, these people work very hard, seldom leave a profession, on them and for them patients pray.

The young specialists, as a rule, with scientific degrees who defended dissertations on others materials meet and here.

Most often they become consultants, but cannot write the written conclusion without mistakes. Work by the principle:“ There are patients who cannot be helped, but is not present such which cannot do much harm“.

Today also the state attended to health of the nation, amazing the population with grandness of projects. Though for some reason the president, showing fine physical shape, with a soft smile advises to put emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and sports activities.

And the money saved from visits to the doctor it is possible to spend for winter rest in Courchevel, spend summer at coast of Sardinia.

Tell, in the Alps curative air, and sea bathings in this part of the Mediterranean Sea work real miracles.