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How to be late at new work?

In each large company exist the domestic policy of management, and in this article we will consider typical mistakes which instead of the expected growth of career can lead to a failure or even dismissal.

Expression " is familiar to you; Clever likes to study, and the fool to learn ?

to me happened to meet more than once young people who literally from the first day of revenues to new work, probably, inspired with successful interviewing, begin to establish the charter in others monastery. They very quickly begin to find defects in the existing system of management and to bring innovations with an excessive initiative which, as we know, is punishable.

Of course, my sarcasm can seem to those who seeks for creation of successful career very strange, qualities of the leader at us habitually are associated with creativity, identity and ability to defend the point of opinion. Yes, it so, but whether it is worth beating the breast so zealously in the first days of revenues to the new place? Whether will be more reasonable to pay the attention to more careful and deep studying of specifics of the company, to learn in more detail, hu from hu instead of declaring oneself also the outstanding abilities which at each of us, certainly, a huge set.

As it was already told above, excessively initiative often punish and quite often dismiss. Aggressiveness on the new place can not be pleasant to the higher administration and to be apprehended as infringement of occupation of others place. Therefore, not superfluous will be to remind one more saying: more haste less speed . It is necessary to declare itself in the company gradually - step by step.

Be trained in all skills of work at the higher head and let it know that are interested in adopting his experience. Even if your boss is not with what person you would dream to while away labor everyday life, remember that business is business and one of the key moments is establishing contacts with the higher official on which the salary, duration of the working day and in general tone of work in the organization depends.

It is natural that at work nobody expects love and attachment, and here respect is always welcomed and rewarded. Try to use always a special accent and intonation at a pronunciation of a name of your boss especially in the presence of strangers - guests of the company. Even if yesterday you played a joint golf game or billiards, in the company - the boss is the boss.

Try to avoid discussions of the head with other employees: the one who attentively listened today and knowingly assented, tomorrow can assent also sympathetically in an office of the boss at discussion you.

Do not behave so as if around you the Universe spins. Even if qualities of the leader and idea splash from you the fountain, it is at first better to behave more modestly to very few people society of the upstart is pleasant even if the upstart with five higher educations. After you cease to be an eyesore workers the novelty, or, in other words, will get used to collective, there will come time to draw the conclusions, to bring a contribution and to show an initiative. Well, and I need to lishpozhelat all of progress in work and advances on a career ladder.