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Let`s approach reflection. What good is born to us by the person - a mirror?

Having got acquainted with people - mirrors earlier here, you already could will (be) able to draw for yourself conclusions. For certain they are consolatory for you because only the correct conclusion sounds so: it is not necessary to be afraid of them . But things seldom happen neutral. Having decided to read this article, perhaps, together with previous, you chose a way of unindifference to people - to mirrors. I will add only that the type of people described here practically corresponds to sotsionichesky type of Geksli.

Unlike the previous article the story will be sent to a bit different course. Possessing some, at first sight, negative qualities, people - mirrors nevertheless are capable to bring huge benefit to both certain people, and mankind in general. Too loudly? Not especially. Such people not so are rare in order that total effect of their impact, say, on society, had frankly weak, fluctuation character. Arguing a little consumer concepts, but only for relief of perception, we will find out what benefit people - mirrors can bring us.

Let it reflects only your internal light, without giving the. You receive it back already refined, cleared of all negative. Think of how it is important to receive to you pure, native light, without pollution shadow doubt, disbelief, annoyance yes you never know exists negative feelings! Don`t be afraid: the person - mirrors has methods of utilization of pollution which settle in it. Better for you not to know them about an essence. And hardly it will allow you it.

Let it is broken off between two fires, keeping at the same time the positive relation from the vast majority of people around. You can use it as uncommon diplomat in the solution of the most complex problems. Be sure: well interested person - a mirror is capable of a lot of things. With an invariable smile upon the face he will perform the task seeming to you absolutely excessive.

Let he considers himself as the psychologist, and you reveal before it as a chrysanthemum flower. It is valid to listen to ability it is inherent in the little. It with greed absorbs information, and, perhaps, you will never find more grateful listener, than the person - a mirror.

Let he seldom creates. But it possesses other remarkable property. Well of information, experience, wisdom. And even if all this is not systematized, the advantage for you is indisputable. You do not need the mass of efforts for obtaining the answer to a question which concerned you for years. You can not believe what simple was the decision or as there can be a problem insignificant at all to come to naught.

Let he demands praises and worship. But let it and is not always lawful, possible, this expectation of response to what he, even not always from your permission, creates for you. On the other hand, judge: the mirror has to reflect something! Warmly your praises and pokloneniye it will for certain be returned a hundredfold to you.

Let they attach you to themselves and, apparently, they are psychologically independent. But if you manage to attach them to yourself, then again be surprised. It will appear, in many respects they are the same people, as well as you. Perhaps, they have a mass of internal contradictions and problems, or nearly the most romantic nature from all people whom you met. And, having presented to such person a bed of virtual tulips 4444444444444 perhaps, in a year you unexpectedly learn how he constantly looked after them and as these tulips miss you.

Now you are familiar with the concept the person - a mirror . With it what the author of this article sees it. And to you to solve, to despise such people, to worship them, to derive benefit or to indifferently avoid them. Only the fact that main of parts of the compound name of this concept nevertheless is a word " is firm; person .