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What to do with money? Just I do not know

beggars Are blessed, they are waited by the Kingdom of Heaven. And here the rich buratina which saved which - what kapitalets, face an eternal problem: where to invest money. In a stocking? Under a mattress? In bank or in bank? And, really, where? In green ? It is only paper. Same as actions, bonds and vouchers.

History including our country, says that paper has property to depreciate. Real estate? How many refugees left the houses recently? Banks? How many they burst for the last decade? Now in general it is indecent to speak about the trust companies and financial pyramids. Where you, Lenya Golubkov?

What to do? And here that. Or to spend the money if they cannot be put into circulation for own needs, it is necessary to enclose in something, having eternal value, and is even better in that whose value not only does not decrease over time, but also increases.

It is quite limited circle of things among which there are works of art of the famous masters, antiques, jewelry, collections of coins, banknotes, brands, etc. These products are made in limited quantity, is frequent in the single copy, and their high, constantly growing cost is explained by it.

But the majority of such rarities is nontransportable, they should be stored in special conditions. They can be easily destroyed during natural disasters or, God forbid, war. Therefore other group of values about which the speech will go below is more attractive object for insertion of money, or as financiers speak, tezavration.

It is raw materials which value is that their quantity on the globe is limited, the need for them grows, and costs of their production everything increase. First of all, it is precious metals and stones, such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and t. the item, and jewelry from them.

And how to keep them?

It is better to store jewelry in the place closed from light and far away from batteries. You do not keep ornament in a bathroom, especially, of a product from silver at all. From - for high humidity they are oxidized.

Some jewels for improvement of their color artificially irradiate. Such stones should be protected from the sun especially. On bright to light they fade.

of the Product with jewels should wash with soap solution a soft brush, without applying abrasive structures. Especially it concerns products with soft stones: amber, corals, to disgraces, malachite.

Products from gold and silver can be washed with the same solution with addition of several drops of liquid ammonia. But here in case of cleaning of products from nielloed silver it is impossible to add liquid ammonia at all.

After careful washing of the cleared products in distilled or at least in boiled water, them it is necessary to wipe and dry up properly dry. Damp metal quickly is oxidized.

To return blueness to the grown dull turquoise, try to dig a stone for several days to the earth.

Paradoxically, but longer to save pearls from destruction, it should be carried on itself. Directly on a body. The increased humidity in close proximity at a body protects pearls from drying.

Pearls should be washed more often. It is the best of all to do it by soap water. Starch well deletes dirt and excess of moisture from pearls.

Harmfully affect pearls dirt, acids, cosmetics. It is necessary to protect jewelry from naked flame, heating devices, direct sunshine.