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Whether it is worth being afraid of transgenes? Part 2.

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under a sight of the most fashionable of the science which was " now; selling maid of imperialism - geneticists, got bananas. The American virologist Robert Rose suggested to struggle with their help with diseases, sexually transmitted. Well, not as you thought. Not to pick up any muck, it is necessary to eat the vaccinated banana only. Agree that bananas are more tasty than tablets and it is more pleasant than inoculations.

Why banana? Yes just because it is the most widespread fruit in the world, it is eaten everywhere, especially in Africa which teems with various diseases such. Besides it seldom causes an allergy. But how to enter a vaccine into banana? Rose suggested to use genetically changed bananas into which molecular structure the appropriate vaccine is entered. Medicine will directly grow on a plantation. What will allow to reduce, by Rouz`s calculations, number of diseases at least twice. And it only for Africa will make figure about ten million cases a year.

You are frightened by genetic engineering? Us too. But already millions of people use the drugs received this way. It is insulin, interferon, a hepatitis B vaccine. So far everything is normal. In the USA several vaccines for children are registered. Are received in banana.

Geneticists try to create long ago vaccines which the person would not need to prick. It turned out that genetically modified tomatoes and potatoes as well as possible are suitable for a bezinjektsionny way of delivery of vaccines in an organism. To deliver medicine at the destination without pricks sometimes happens very difficult - getting to an organism, it is exposed to destructive effect of digestive enzymes. How to avoid it?

Here scientists resorted to cunning. At a disease of cholera the toxins capable to avoid effect of enzymes are formed. It also causes a disease. But in this case all on the contrary - such ability helps to struggle with an illness. For the gene introduced in potatoes except the vaccine sites of cholera toxin were taken. And gastric juice could not to digest valuable medicine.

Except cholera toxin fragments of proteins of two other pathogenic microbes - a rotavirus and a pathogenic strain of a bacterium of E. coli were used. Tests on mice showed that the animals who swallowed a potato vaccine had antibodies to all microbes which fragments were imparted to potatoes. Moreover, some immunity was kept also by their posterity.

And suddenly? All this

it is good, and well as will enter there a gene from which it will go hard if not to us, so to our children and grandsons? Genetics - business dark. Goodness knows, as will turn. Here convinced us convinced that nuclear power plants are quite safe, reactors placed in the cities with the million population, and after Chernobyl " peaceful atom; entered each house.

And how many was medicines which consequences of application were deadly? To take at least harmless talidomid which application led in 60 - x years to the birth of mass of freaks. Whether we will let out that genie from a bottle?

Alas, already let out, and it will be possible to tire out it back hardly. Neither bans, nor protests, nor fight as they did not help to stop accumulation of the nuclear weapon, environmental pollution and terrorism will help. Well, will forbid it officially, at once there will be those who will do it illegally. Whether it is better to organize large-scale researches for identification of all possible consequences?

Perhaps, here and there is nothing to be afraid, and threat will be imaginary as a doomsday from the Sun eclipse in 1999 or general computer failure in 2000. That such transgene plant? It is the same potato, tomato or banana, but received not by selection, and more progressive method. If at usual selection it is necessary to try to obtain long firmness, then at gene modifying put necessary properties at once.

In the nature there are a lot of uncontrollable mutagen factors. Earlier selectors were engaged in the fact that allocated useful mutants and tried to fix their properties in posterity. Removal of new grades took in such way decades of laborious work. Now there was an opportunity not to catch casual emergence of the necessary genes, and to directly enter them into plant DNA. Well, than it is bad?

We eat foreign genes

By the way, we only also do that that we eat foreign genes - at breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. And if you consider that genetically changed products can do much harm to you, then there is no guarantee that precisely so to you will not damage the casual mutants formed for the natural reasons. And why you think that usual potatoes so are useful to us? It contains a lot of starch that promotes development of diabetes while similar klubneobrazuyushchy plants - sweet potato, the yam and a container of diabetes do not cause.

Eventually if genetically changed potatoes are fatally harmful, the mankind will not be simple to eat it as does not eat other representatives of the same solanaceous - a belladonna, a dope, a henbane. Or to overwork as it is enough - an eggplant poisonous in the raw - the same representative solanaceous.

To whom it is unprofitable?

Why the opinion on harm of transgene food so strongly gained confidence of mankind? And it is very simple. It is constantly fed with those to whom transgenes are not favorable. Very often new was given a hostile reception only because led to sharp decrease in profit of those who built the wellbeing on old bases. Luddites broke cars, laughed at Pasteur, to Edison suggested to invent the brush for an electrobulb clearing from within.

And here. To the agrarian countries at all not favourably sharp reduction in cost of production. EU countries in a root do not agree with a dumping of cheap American potatoes or soy. Also will proceed so for a long time. But all the time will place in the places. And to us from transgene food not to get to anywhere.