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Speech parasitology or What is filler words?

On Otvetakh@mail. Ru the question was asked: What habit you consider the worst? . Along with smoking, laziness, a habit always to be late and gnaw nails the answer that the habit to use filler words in the speech is bad was one of the most frequent.

Filler words are words - the sheaves firmly fixed in a lexicon of the person, which tightly entered his informal conversation, which became a habit. These are absolutely mere, weed words. They force down a speech rhythm, stir it understanding. The person having filler words in the speech does not notice them. And the listener is tired, is exhausted.

Examples of these words are illustrated with the cheerful poem of E. Moshkovskaya:

Once upon a time there was this as it,

Well, so and that,

Lived this

With the mother.

Was one more odd fellow -

It generally means so,

I his beloved son-in-law. Called

the son-in-law

So to speak.

A the wife was called well called

A of the neighbor it

A his parents - whether

you See

I you see

A still some e - e - e

Lived on the top floor

I all of them were on friendly terms

Well that is, and in general.

Some of these words are used by many people. But to the place and it is not frequent. It is only possible to say that the person is accustomed to pronounce filler words when (or words) he squeezes the same word practically in each offer.

Filler words cling usually to that person who often does hitches in the speech, cannot quickly pick up a proper word. Also it is considered that the habit to pronounce filler words is a destiny of people with a small lexicon. But I would argue with it. I know the people with the richest lexicon who are accustomed to squeeze filler words in the speech. At institute the course Rhetoric and standard of speech we were taught by very lovely lady slightly for forty. Lectures, It is necessary to tell, were very interesting and sated with vitally useful information. Candidate of Philology taught us to speak correctly, being accustomed to finish at the same time the phrase with the filler word In - about - from! . And it was nasalized, drawlingly. But it did not do the speech of our instructor on rhetoric inconvenient for hearing and understanding, gave it some highlight rather.

Repeatedly heard how students, discussing the teachers, share figures - how many times for couple professor of mathematics told the word means so and professor of history of world civilizations - the phrase the matter is that . Conclusion: from parasites of the speech nobody is insured - either the botanist, or the mechanic.

Some people intentionally use parasites in the speech. A role of filler words in this case - tactical. If the person does not want to answer on inconvenient a question, and it is necessary to answer all - he tries to pull time. So far the person says drawlingly the whether you see you understand what business well as to tell you etc., he feverishly thinks over that as how to answer.

Especially often the person having in the active dictionary of parasites begins to use them when he worries or hurries to deliver the speech. In this case parasites say about psychological features of the person - that he nervous, uneasy, hasty.

The most widespread and often used filler words are abusive words. Existence in a lexicon of abusive filler words demonstrates low culture of the person. Not only that uses mats, so also in unlimited number, for a linking of words.

There are also sounds - parasites. Many people are accustomed, selecting a proper word, to pull - - e and - and - and or m - m - m . This habit usually very much irritates listeners.

In separate category it is possible to carry filler words on the letter Yo . It all known yoklmn yoprst fir-trees - sticks - mine yokarny woman yoshkin cat yoperny theater and even absolutely unclear yomase obtained from the speech of one of the participants who fell into oblivion immortal Houses - 2 . Most likely, these words on Yo - acceptable analog of the abusive word on the same letter. The word meaning (if that is) not that, and the same function - the word is used for a sheaf or in order that it is simple - naprosto to swear.

Happen at people of the address - parasites. Some are accustomed all passers - cross to call Pussycat Hare Kid and similar tender nicknames. Only when so addresses you close or at least well familiar person is one and when the first comer - from it can unpleasantly jar on. For example, called the author Hare the man - the gynecologist on reception. Not that the author took offense, but a nose of a pomorshchil.

There are also individual filler words characteristic of one concrete Goma the sapiens. For example, I am familiar with the person who is accustomed to pronounce the filler word ma . And uses it extremely often. When I only got acquainted with this original, it was strange to me to hear constant ma and it is unclear what it means. At first I thought that it is the reduced version of some rough abusive word. But all it was simpler: ma - this reduced from - m [a] yo .

There is an interesting theory that the filler word living in a lexicon of the person can tell about his nature, essence of thinking and vision of the world. If the person uses the filler word simply so he considers that in life all has to be simply, reasonably, is even banal also any difficulties! The using filler word actually wishes to open for people of an eye on facts of life - such fighter for truth. You understand - it is a classical example small the person - shy and it is constant before all apologizing. Well - the person is not located to communication, he does not love talk therefore he wants to reduce the speech. However from - for this infinite well the effect is reached the return.

At youth in the course a word as if . It means convention. The youth and lives - as if we will go, and as if and we will not go; as if we will be, and as if and we will not be. The youth is not burdened with responsibility, it affects also the speech.

Only is given to me that this theory is checked by nobody. Told me of it once my Russian teacher. Among your relatives or acquaintances there are people pronouncing such words? If is, you can easily find out whether this theory is right.

Filler words, undoubtedly, deserve to declare to them war. If someone from you, readers, has such habit, I advise you urgently to carry out general cleaning and disinfection of the speech. How to make it, read in the second part of article.