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How to choose the health insurance? VHI.

Already for anybody not a secret what is VHI. Each employer respecting himself (and them, thank God, more and more) considers as a debt of honor to provide voluntary medical insurance as a part of social package.

At the same time health also citizens who in that social package (if it in general is) yet, alas, do not have that VHI care for the. What pay for, buying the policy of VHI?

1. Quality of service.

Personally I go to district clinic when hands - legs already fall off. Sitting in turns and communication with the doctor in a magic way cures all diseases, and for a long time. I sympathize with the fact that doctors have small salaries, but I - that am not guilty of it. There is a wish to receive not only normal treatment, but also the human relation.

2. Analyses, inspections, operations.

Yes, medicine at us free, but till a certain moment. Yes, clinical blood test to you will be made free of charge, but when business reaches serious researches (KT, YaMRT) or even more serious operations (a heart surgery, thoracic surgery etc.) it is necessary to pay money. Very big money. And here, having bought an insurance for 10 - 20 thousand rubles, we sleep peacefully, knowing that we are protected in a case God forbid that .

But how to orient in that huge choice of options what offer us insurance companies? Naturally, the first that is important for us - it is the price. And to what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of an insurance? It will be offensive, having paid blood (or not the, but it is all the same offensive), then to learn that received just beautiful piece of paper.


1. Insured sum.

It is a certain sum within which the insurer bears responsibility for insured. Be attentive: at the small insured sum at the responsible moment funds for serious inspection or operation can not be enough. Protection has to be inspiring. By the Russian legislation the insured sum has to be limited therefore the insurer is obliged to sound the concrete sum. Protection in 50 thousand rubles will not cover expenses.

2. List of policlinics.

In many insurance companies the price depends on the list of policlinics. It is possible to overpay and be treated in luxury clinic, and it is possible to take a standard package and to be treated in simpler, but not losing on quality.

3. List of medical manipulations and not insured events.

it is Specifically specified by b what doctors can be visited and what researches and operations are included into the program that in the course of treatment it did not become clear that primary visit of the doctor is paid by the insurer, and all the rest - insured. There are exceptions, the general for all companies - oncology, tuberculosis, diabetes, mental diseases. Payment of treatment of these diseases becomes covered by the federal program.

Alas, even healthy people are hospitalized. Generally, everyone decides - to protect for himself the health or not.

Be not ill! Health to you!